DR. ROBERT YOUNG: “COVID Jabs are NOT Vaccines but Witches’ Brews of Graphene Oxide, Aluminum, Nanoparticles, Polyethylenes, GMOs, Aborted Human Fetuses & Parasites Leading to Blood Clots, Oxygen Deprivation, Hypoxia & Then Death by Suffocation”

“The Pfizer, Moderna, Astrazeneca and Janssen drugs are NOT ‘vaccines’ but complexed Graphene Oxide nano particulate aggregates of varying nano elements attached to genetically modified nucleic acids of mRNA from animal or vero cells and aborted human fetal cells… The name ‘vaccine’ is likely to be an escamotage (trickery) used for bureaucratic and technocratic reasons in order to receive an urgent approval, ignoring all the normal rules necessary for new drugs, especially for those involving novel nanotechnological mechanisms which have never been developed nor experienced by humans any where, at any time in the history of World. Once again the ingredients in these so-called vaccines are highly magneticotoxic, cytotoxic and genotoxic to plant, insect, bird, animal and human cell membranes and their genetics which already has lead to serious injuries estimated at over 500 million and/or eventual death estimated at over 35 million. Remember… DON’T LET ANYONE TAKE AWAY YOUR HEALTH FREEDOM! It is YOUR Body, YOUR Life and YOUR Choice! Knowledge is power. And it’s the key to understanding why the experimental CoV-19 vaccines are so dangerous — despite the corporate media’s official narrative that suppresses and censors anyone who dares to speak out. You are in control of your own health. Don’t fall victim to global governments and bureaucrats that are pushing everyone to get vaccinated. There is NO CORONA VIRUS and NEVER HAS BEEN!”

~Dr. Robert Young

Figure 1 is a Micrograph of a Carbon Cluster of Reduced Graphene Oxide (rGO) Viewed in the Live Unstained Human Blood with pHase Contrast Microscopy at 1500x. Note that the Red Blood Cells are Clotting in and Around the rGO Crystal in a Condition Known as Rouleau! A French Word Which Means to Chain.

Figure 25 Shows “The Corona Effect” and the the Endogenous Birth of S1 Protein Spikes Caused by Radiation and Chemical Poisoning or What I Call The “Protein Spiking Effect”


~via TruthComesToLight.com

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