LISA RENEE: “Belial Sun Annunaki Agenda”

“What are the primary goals and methods used by the NAA and Power Elite in their quest to fulfill the Luciferian Covenant and install the New World Order, a totalitarian and dystopian nightmare of consciousness enslavement? Many people still believe that the current state of world suffering, poverty, disease and violence was created accidentally, and that what we see today in the globalscape was the organic evolution of humanity since the industrial age. This is inaccurate. The Power elite families have methodically and patiently grown their global agenda through specific objectives, which they sought to create through the use of social engineering and hidden technological mind control, along with gaining surveillance over our every move. Every action you take to educate yourself, any action that is taken to help educate others on these topics, no matter how small, helps to bring an end to slavery and human suffering from servitude. Ask yourself the Questions: Who is benefiting from the enslavement of human beings on planet earth? Who is benefiting by having sex with our children? Together, if we can understand what is happening on the earth and open our eyes to actually see these hidden agendas of Satanism and Luciferianism, across all paths, we can unite to end human slavery for the future generations. This is the true purpose of the Guardian host Christos mission to support planetary ascension and the liberation of humanity from the oppressors.”

~Lisa Renee

Let’s review a brief summation of these goals:

  1. Before and during World War II, the Black Suns promoted German idealism into Mind Control via their Social Engineering experiments designed by their German academic counterparts that were the most revered and famous philosophers during that time. These guys were Black Suns connected to the Bavarian illuminati and were used to infiltrate the most prestigious academic institutions worldwide with deliberate misinformation that would eventually be spread as the standard curriculum in most colleges. Many of these social engineering programs got their start from the Institute for Social Research, Frankfurt School, which was used by the Black Suns and practicing Satanists to endorse and spread a faux communist ideology that was really designed as a Eugenics program. This Black Sun flavor of social engineering experimentation is being used aggressively today to target prestigious academic institutions throughout the United States, with the hidden agenda to attempt to destroy the American Constitution in favor of socialism or Communism, in order to rapidly enforce the globalist agenda for instituting the New World Order.
  2. Intentionally directing Social Engineering and mind control programming to dehumanize and demoralize the earth population, by denying them their basic rights to fundamental human needs and to generate depravity through increasing criminal behaviors, traumatic addiction, suicides and growing the homeless population. This includes propaganda to spread spiritually abusive behaviors as socially acceptable in the death culture, like legalized drugs, killing others, pornography and prostitution that are distractions from becoming aware that the earth is being used as a prison farm for creating more loosh for the predatorial parasites.
  3. Promote spiritual abuse and the rejection of God by spreading the anti-soul or anti-Christ religions and their related practices that destroy the inner spirit or inner Christ connection, that exists inside every angelic human being that is incarnated on the planet. Spread violent religions, and replace the ancient Christos Essene Gnostic teachings and call it Luciferianism.
  4. Control the weather and climate by intentionally poisoning and polluting the earth and natural resources through hidden technology and secret military agendas, in order to make these resources as scarce as possible, while spreading misinformation in the mainstream about environmentalism and climate changes. Use people’s genuine concern about the environment as a way to manipulate the unaware population into approval for directing tax payer’s dollars and massive funding into the Controller’s inverted systems, via their organized institutions to launder money into approved projects like chemtrailing and gang stalking. These schemes are designed to profit a few in order to protect the major industrial conglomerates, while actually enforcing and promoting policies that destroy the environment, rather than protect the earth’s environment.
  5. Systematic globalization agenda and economic terrorism used to eventually collapse the global economies in order to generate chaos and world-wide humanitarian crisis. To achieve this goal, the Controllers must patiently orchestrate their covert agenda to infiltrate all world governments, divide and conquer independent nations by destroying them from within their own country, carried out by their own people. The first stages of this agenda are to fully exploit cheap labor by forcing indentured servitude in the impoverished populations of less developed nations, while cultivating more debt slaves in the first world nations, in order to destroy the economic stability and financial power, to collapse the autonomy of that nation. This is designed to force economic, political and societal collapse in order to force all nations into dependence and collusion with the One World Order agenda.
  6. Control the Bio-neurology of the human population through electromagnetic signals, prescription drugs, medical devices, GMOs, and an assortment of toxins and poisons placed in the air, water and food supply, that generate many human diseases, while ensuring that the knowledge to cure these diseases is made unavailable to the masses.
  7. Promote disinformation and suppression of accurate knowledge within the hard sciences, academia, inventions, and advanced technologies with the exception of those that are approved to promote the death culture objectives of the NAA and Controller groups.
  8. Consistently control the mass perception of reality to be created in terrorism, cataclysm and pestilence fear programming that is carried out through the beliefs held in the biblical revelations, through an artificial mind control program known as Armageddon Software. Armageddon programs are designed to trigger subconscious memories in the collective consciousness, of previously hidden timelines of traumatic devastation that was caused by the NAA, such as the warring events that took place during the Luciferian Rebellion and Atlantian Cataclysm. This keeps people in a constant state of survival and poverty consciousness, unable to develop the personal strength required to cultivate self-determination and personal sovereignty.
  9. The use of inverted systems in the non-profit organizations and religious institutions that are set up as storefronts used for international money laundering or criminal activities under the guise of humanitarian causes or charities, when the funds are collected for the express purposes to continue to enforce human misery and human suffering.
  10. Transhumanism and Transgenderism are used to further promote the death culture’s intended agenda to destroy the heart and Soul, the compassionate and empathic divine human being, through the intended annihilation of the true essence of both the Masculine and Feminine. In order to disrupt or destroy the unifying potential of the androgynous lightbody in the DNA of the human being, the first directive would be to attack the inner and outer gender principle in all ways possible. The NAA promote counterfeit creations through inciting confusion in the death process, obliterate the knowledge of the Lightbody and Soul, spin confusion in sexual conduct and concepts of marriage and children, instill gender confusion in expected roles, and then start to blend human bodies with animals and machines.
  11. Child Abuse and Child Sacrifice is an Archontic Deception Strategy of the NAA. The NAA and Satanists prefer to use children as targets in order to harvest negative emotional energy or Loosh, and as a result, child abuse, child sex slavery, child porn, child organ harvesting and child sacrifice are immensely profitable for those in the criminal network.
  12. The mind control used for gender reversal distortions are the most traumatizing, from painful memories existing between men and women being forced to abuse each other, over and over. These gender distortions have been used to propagate some of the deepest levels of spiritual abuse, Sexual Misery and personal torture that could occur to a race of beings. True spiritual marriage as a part of natural biological spiritual Ascension was stolen from humanity through the NAA alien invasion, and the pain of that theft and the emotional abuse has damaged many people’s hearts.
  13. Human Trafficking is the sale or barter for humans into slavery by other humans and non-humans. This is a massive epidemic on planet earth, and it also exists off planet earth and is referred to as Galactic Human Slavery. Generally, a person is culled for certain purposes and then abducted, captured from their families and sold or bartered for many purposes including manual slave labor, sex trade, engineering, and manufacturing. The person is mind controlled under a system of threats, intimidation and torture to remain compliant and submissive to the acts they are forced to perform for their handlers, who may be human or non-human entities. In poverty stricken third world countries, or during mass migration of refugees, children are grabbed from inattentive parents or offered a few hundred dollars to take their child. This level of human trafficking brings in many hundreds of thousands of people per year into the slave trade both on and off planet.


  1. Mainstreaming of Satanism and Luciferianism

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~via Main Goals of the Power Elite

JAMES CORBETT w/ JAMES EVAN PILATO ~ New World Next Week: “Build Back Butter”

Welcome to New World Next Week the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:


“Why are ‘Smart Cities’ inhabited by stupid people?
I can’t watch this anymore. We are fucked. I get it. Enjoy every day.”

~Comment from the thread


LISA RENEE: “Avalon Implant”

  • Solar to Earth Implant or Avalon Implant: distortion in the 11D Buddhic layers to interfere with the 10D communication from the Avatar self to be unable to ground into their 12D field hub or earth based chakra interface. Troubles with 12D Shielding, connecting crown to feet in vertical channel, and AI hologram spin outs of Negative Form should check for the Solar to Earth Implant or Avalon Implant.

“Whoever controls the Mind controls the body, mind and Soul. Alien Implants are used to Mind Control the masses to form socially acceptable belief systems and shape anti-human value systems which are used to condition humanity to accept spiritual abuse from the Negative Aliens and to self enforce their thought systems of hierarchical enslavement and fear. This is a divide and conquer strategy of the planet and humanity. Since most of humanity has been unable to activate the higher heart complex and connect the 4th DNA strand during adolescence and into adulthood, over the length of time the chemicals distort patterns in DNA that accumulate Miasmatic overlays on core emotional issues and physical imbalances. This is not natural. If a human being cannot activate their heart and access their 4th strand of DNA, they are unable to activate their Soul identity. Thus, they are unaware of why they they incarnated on the earth, what their higher purpose is, and cannot connect to or listen to their Higher Self, because they have not activated Higher Sensory Perception abilities.”

~Lisa Renee

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~via Ascension Glossary

JAMES CORBETT: “The Weaponization of Social Media”

Now openly admitted, governments and militaries around the world employ armies of keyboard warriors to spread propaganda and disrupt their online opposition. Their goal? To shape public discourse around global events in a way favourable to their standing military and geopolitical objectives. Their method? The Weaponization of Social Media.

It didn’t take long from the birth of the world wide web for the public to start using this new medium to transmit, collect and analyze information in ways never before imagined. The first message boards and clunky “Web 1.0” websites soon gave way to “the blogosphere.” The arrival of social media was the next step in this evolution, allowing for the formation of communities of interest to share information in real time about events happening anywhere on the globe.

But as quickly as communities began to form around these new platforms, governments and militaries were even quicker in recognizing the potential to use this new medium to more effectively spread their own propaganda.

Their goal? To shape public discourse around global events in a way favourable to their standing military and geopolitical objectives.

Their method? The Weaponization of Social Media. This is The Corbett Report.



‘YOU’LL OWN NOTHING. AND YOU’LL BE HAPPY.’ ~ Joachim Bartoll: “What Exactly Is Agenda 2030, The Great Reset, The New World Order?”

“Mind control is a terrible thing to taste…”

A lot of people seem to have difficulties with grasping the entire concept of what is written in plain sight in Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 – what is also referred to as The Fourth Industrial Revolution, The Great Reset, and The New World Order.

When mentioning buzz words such as ‘Digital ID,’ ‘One World Currency,’ ‘Social Credit Score,’ and ‘Universal Basic Income,’ most sheep seem oblivious to what impact it will actually have in real life. So, in this article I will break it down and give a few examples of how life will be before we reach the year 2030 unless we start to say NO.

“You’ll own nothing. And you’ll be happy.”

That phrase was one of the slogans the World Economic Forum used it their campaigns a few years back. It sets the tone for their vision of our future, a future that will be in place by 2030. What it actually means is that owning your own property, your own home, your own car, and pretty much anything will be forbidden. The state will own everything to ‘lessen the carbon footprint’ and citizens will share and rent what they need. If you need to go somewhere where public transport is not available, you’ll have to rent a car from a car pool and it will self-navigate to your destination while you are tracked to prevent prohibited routes and areas.

All this will be tied into your Digital ID – something that is slowly being introduced at various places as you read this. A digital ID is the first step towards total identity control, as in biometric tattoos and microchip implants. Actually, they will not have to ‘chip’ you as they do cattle. They can introduce nano-technology by vaccines and by food, that once activated in your body it generates an identity-code based on your biology and that is picked up by your mobile phone and your Digital ID. You’ll be chipped and marked without even realizing it.

If you understand our real law, natural law, we are all free human beings and the ‘state’ or ‘government’ and all its evil institutions should be there to assist and serve us, to keep ‘society’ running. However, our world is now a big corporation and your name and your security number is a statement of ownership. The second you identify yourself with your ‘lawful’ name or your government-administered security number, you admit and consent to being a property of the state – a slave – and thus you accept their man-made and false laws.
Until now, if you understand Natural Law, you can navigate all this by refusing to play their games, by not giving your consent, by standing your ground. But a digital ID is issued by the state, it has your name, your security number, your medical history, your assets, and so on. Everything about you is stored in their databases and linked to that ID. And in order to do anything in society, you have to identify yourself with that ID, and that mean that every time you do that, you consent to their laws and governance. When you use it, you give up your freedom, your rights, and you enter a contract with them where you are at the bottom of the pyramid.

In their vision, and this is already happening, you will have to identify yourself for any little task and service imaginable. And these Digital ID’s will be online 24/7 and transmitting to the cloud wherever you go. Everything you do will be tracked. You want to visit a grocery store? Your ID will be scanned as you enter, and by entering you consent to their rules and regulations. You need to contact someone online or sign-up for something? You’ll have to identify yourself and bam, you enter yet another contract for that service. And if you don’t play by their rules, you will lose the ‘right’ to use that service.

And this is where the Social Credit System comes in. This is already up and running in some capacity in China, Ukraine, and some other countries. This system is simply a point-based rating system, the same way as you received grades in school. If you do things that are encouraged by the state (your slave masters,) you receive points. If you do things that are deemed bad, points are extracted. And there will be points for different areas of society, such as electricity, travel, services on the internet, medical care, entertainment, and so on.

If you read Agenda 2030, there are many things that are deemed ‘bad’ for the environment and the impact on society. One thing is something as natural and wonderful as having pets. They do not want any animals in their New World Order. If you want a pet, you will be fined with a reduction of your Social Credit Score, something you’ll have to make up for in other areas.

So, to simplify, you start out with a baseline, a weighted score of points that allow you access to everything you need in society. Now, as they continue with the virus and contagion lie, maiming and sterilizing vaccinations will become a requisite for your credit balance. If you refuse the shot, your credit score will drop and you will be cut-off from, for example, using public transport, from renting that car, and from entering businesses and buildings that has a high capacity for visitors, since you are now deemed a possible carrier of disease, and thus a threat to society.

If you happen to be upset about this and complain on social media, you will be flagged for ‘hate speech,’ and your score will drop again, shutting you off from using the Internet until you can improve your score by, for example, doing charity work, donating blood, or allowing people to use your home while you’re not home.

Tied into all this will be the new One World Currency. Today’s FIAT currency and economic model has been in band-aid since at least 2012. The economic crash is looming and they want to replace all current currencies with a One World Government controlled digital currency. For them, this means that they can control and trace every transaction. And it also means that they can cut your funds within seconds if you are deemed a terrorist or extremist by your social credit score.

This is also where the Universal Basic Income comes into play. Everyone will get a basic income to cover ‘essential needs’ – but only if your social score allows for it. If you don’t want to eat plant-based kibble full of toxins and fake lab-grown meat, or take your yearly dumbing-down and sterilizing ‘vaccine’ shots, there will be no monetary assistance for you. And adding to that, your low social score will limit your movement and ability to be part of the society as described earlier.

This is their vision for a New World Order. A complete slave society where you and your actions are tracked 24/7. They will say that it is for your protection; to end crime and wars. They will say it’s for the environment, and therefore everything will be rationed and you will own nothing and you will be happy. But will you?

~via Joachim Bartoll Official