MARYAM HENEIN: “Astroworld: Open Your Eyes To A Whole New Wicked Universe”

Was performer Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival a Luciferian sacrificial blood ritual and successful test run? Before I explain how graphene oxide in the dangerous jabs very well might have played a significant role in this November 5th experiment, let me state that I realize how insane a determination of devil worship sounds.

Yet consider that Pharmaceia (sorcery) has indirectly killed millions since Rockefeller medicine was instituted post-Flexner Report. It is estimated the U.S. sees more than 987,000 medically-caused (iatrogenic) deaths every year, surpassing even heart disease and cancer as the leading cause of death.

Meanwhile, how about the myriad examples of orchestrated evil in this entire plandemic, e.g. the myth of the masks, knowingly upping the cycle threshold (CT value) on the nondiagnostic PCR “test” non-test to accumulate tons of false positives and scare people with big numbers; incentivizing doctors $39k a pop to abandon the Hippocratic Oath in lieu of deadly ventilators; and consciously telling people that aspirin suddenly can’t be used as a non-coagulating agent:

“Let their blood clot!”

Welcome To Whole New (Wicked) Universe

“We was like in fucken hell bro, it was like we were in a concert in hell. We couldn’t breathe,” an attendee said in a now highly-circulated video. He saw at least 100 people passed out, ‘turning black and blue.’ “That was some demonic shit.”

He claimed he personally saw at least 10 people who had died.

The media, however, told us that there were hundreds of injuries and that only eight to 11 of the 50,000 attendees had their hearts stop due to being crushed by the crowd, including a nine-year-old boy. But did you know that Astroworld’s team of 70 medics stated they had the “impossible job” of treating 11 cardiac arrests at once?

Eleven SIMULTANEOUS heart attacks? Can we sit with the oddity of such an occurrence?  And those are just the deaths we know about. Is this a new normal? More than 125 fans have filed $750 million lawsuits against Travis Scott over the Astroworld tragedy. Most causes of death have yet to be confirmed; and by the time of this writing, autopsies are still being conducted.

Meanwhile, during a press conference, Houston police chief Troy Finner said, that according to medical staff that treated a security officer, “he was reaching over to restrain or grab a citizen & he felt a prick in his neck.” He was then administered Narcan.

Finner said no stones would be left unturned. Let’s see about that.

Given the abundance of tries (truth plus lies) that the media injects, not to mention their omissions, what if there was more than meets the eye?

“Open your eyes to a whole new universe,” was the festival’s motto. What if graphene oxide in the vaccines interacted with thousands of cell-phone-carrying vaccinated participants being held in a massive metal cage?

As Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and others have outlined, the mechanisms of injury of these so-called vaccines are numerous, but here we explore how graphene oxide parlays with sound, hormones, and electricity.

Graphene oxide is not explicitly listed in these jabs but that’s because it’s a secret proprietary ingredient. You won’t find it labeled on the package insert, so don’t bother looking for it. Just like KFC doesn’t have to share its special recipe, neither does Big Pharma, which already operates with reckless impunity.

You’ve got to wonder why they have worked so hard to conceal the presence of graphene oxide.

Despite denials and even suspending my own Twitter account for suggesting graphene oxide is ‘the secret sauce,’ that will connect us to the Internet of Things, there is a study on how functionalized graphene oxide serves as a novel vaccine nano-adjuvant for “robust stimulation of cellular immunity.”

Arguably, graphene oxide was already included as an adjuvant in flu shots in 2019. For instance, here is proof that graphene oxide gives a boost to a new intranasal flu vaccine.

With its multitude of astonishing properties, graphene oxide, actually discovered in 1859, earned the title of a “wonder material.” It is a one-atom-thick layer of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal lattice. It is the building block of Graphite (which is used, among other things, in pencil tips), but graphene is a remarkable substance on its own.

Graphene oxide is not only 150 times stronger than steel, it’s actually the strongest material ever measured. It’s also 1,000 times more conductive than copper, which means it uses less friction and produces less destructive heat than traditional wires.

G.O. also blocks detoxification in the body by blocking glutathione. It can also be activated by 5G frequencies, passes thru the blood-brain barrier, is magnetic and  toxic.

Touted as an extremely diverse material, G.O. can be combined with other elements (including gases and metals) to produce different materials with various superior properties. Researchers all over the world continue to constantly investigate and patent graphene to learn its various properties and possible applications, which include:

▪ batteries

▪ transistors

▪ computer chips

▪ energy generation

▪ supercapacitors

▪ DNA sequencing

▪ water filters

▪ antennas

▪ touchscreens (for LCD or OLED displays)

▪ solar cells

▪ Spintronics-related products

▪ electrochemical devices

▪ energy storage

▪ catalysis

▪ adsorption of enzyme

▪ cell imaging and drug delivery

▪ Biosensors

▪ graphene oxide-incorporated hydrogels for biomedical applications.

G.O. has been used by companies like Apple, HP, Sony, and Microsoft. Are you a piece of hardware? Why are they putting graphene oxide in our bodies? Is it because graphene circulates in the blood, and basically forms antennas? Is this part of their transhumanist agenda to connect us with the Internet Of Things (I.O.T.)?

Before we dive deeper, let’s go back, way back to the beginning of this Plandemic, now almost two years ago.

Wuhan, 5G & Charles Lieber

In late January 2020 when I started seeing videos of people literally dropping dead in Wuhan, I wondered if this was fear porn manufactured in Taiwan. While this is partially a wise crack, the footage was creepy, like a scene out of the film Contagion – a Hollywood flick that was in part admittedly commissioned by Larry Brilliant (WHO, GOOGLE, Fauci Friend). The script also outlined a virus released in a wet market in China. What a coinkidink. Do you remember the images of Chinese people spitting in elevators in a zombie daze?

Interestingly, the capital of central China’s Hubei Province was the first 5G demonstration zone in the Central Business District (CBD), according to a 5G cooperation agreement signed between China Mobile and local authorities on September 3, 2019.

So they piloted 5G services in Wuhan. I lived across from an AT&T tower and dealt with mold, which is how I learned from the genius Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt that Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) excites bacteria, fungus, and parasites.

In late February 2020, I theorized that perhaps something injected in mandatory vaccines was “parlaying” with 5G.

Incidentally, in 2017, in a study out of Italy, looking at adjuvants, they found that 44 types of 15 traditional vaccines — manufactured by leading global companies — contained a very troubling and previously unreported fact:

The vaccines were “heavily contaminated with a variety of nanoparticles.”

By this time, I also came across Charles Lieber, who the Department of Justice (DOJ) arrested on January 28th, 2020. They announced that the Chair of Harvard University’s Chemistry and Chemical Biology Department, along with two Chinese nationals had been charged in connection with aiding the People’s Republic of China.

Federal authorities arrested Lieber on charges that he’d made false statements to officials investigating his funding sources. According to the government, Lieber lied to the Defense Department and the National Institutes of Health about his alleged ties to China’s Thousand Talents Plan, a talent recruitment program.

In June 2020, a federal grand jury indicted Lieber on two counts of making false statements. Later that summer, he was additionally indicted on four related tax offenses for allegedly failing to report income he received from the Wuhan University of Technology.

Lieber had to relinquish his passport. On March 10th, 2020, the governor of MA declared a state of emergency. The very next day, Lieber asked to amend the conditions of his release. By the 12th the judge granted him the ability to travel from PA & NJ for personal reasons. He got to circumvent the lockdowns.

In the end, the prized NanoTech King with his pages of nano-related patents, not to mention ties to China, Israel, Epstein, Harvard, and Billy Boy Gates was kept out of the mainstream narrative. He later sued Harvard that owns part of his home, over legal fees.  Several scientists published a public letter defending him and his global participation with China.

Lieber will head to trial this December to fight six felony charges.

Regarding his nano innovations in specific biosensors, Lieber stated:

“This innovation is important because it indicates that when a man-made structure is as small as a virus or bacteria, it can behave the way biological structures do.” 

“See You On the Other Side”

Before I outline how Astroworld could have been used to incite a human sacrifice ritual, consider a few odd details that no one else reported.

First off, this event featured ‘magic money.’ No cash or cards were allowed – the only way to participate in the event was via “an electronic credit system.”

Interesting given the social credit system we know is coming.

Meanwhile, the FAQ also emphatically stated that no vitamins or supplements of any kind were permitted. No vitamin C, but you could bring prescribed ‘controlled substances’?

Huh. Have you EVER heard of such a restriction?

Devilish details aside, let’s further examine how graphene oxide will play a role in bridging the brain with bots. If you think this is impossible read this article from DARPA titled Bridging the Bio-Electronic Divide.

“A new DARPA program aims to develop an implantable neural interface able to provide unprecedented signal resolution and data-transfer bandwidth between the human brain and the digital world.”   

G.O. will arguably be able to decode brain signals into medical solutions that can interact with electronic devices.

By the way, in 2007, there was a Japanese anime based in the future, called Vexville (Vaxville). That is also the year that Lieber got many of his creations patented.

“It’s 2077, the disease was created by Daiwa and the ‘vaccine’ was used as an excuse for Daiwa (DARPA) to begin testing experimental nanotechnology … Essentially turning us into machines from the inside out.” 

Frequencies & Soundwaves

In 2008, a year after Lieber filed several of his nano-related patents, an article was published, titled New Way to Kill Viruses: Shake Them to Death.

Wow. How does this all shake out in the end? Have we passed a point of no RETURN?  

The article reads,

“All objects have resonant frequencies at which they naturally oscillate. Pluck a guitar string and it will vibrate at a resonant frequency….But resonating can get out of control.”

Pluck a human made of electricity and water and what do you get? 

Many at Astroworld reported a low hum; and then there were the times where Scott sounded more satanic than supercilious. The wonder material known as graphene oxide can reorient itself with feedback oscillations. Yes, graphene oxide can react to sound waves. G.O. is also stimulated and can be controlled by EMFs.

Researchers in the fields of nanotechnology and acoustics have been studying how to control graphene at a distance by the use of sound waves. In fact there was a paper in Nature in November that explored the effects of sound waves on graphene. Imagine standing freshly boosted next to the loudspeakers. Speakers propagate soundwaves.

Hormone of Fear

Adrenaline is a hormone that is released into the bloodstream and increases your heart rate, blood pressure, and energy source. It is released when your body is in an excited, stressful, and emergency situation.

They love their adrenaline, I thought to myself. Given all these athletes collapsing on the field, could it possibly be that adrenaline also communicates with graphene oxide?

I couldn’t believe what I found.

An NIH study illustrated that oxide nanoparticles grafted graphene shows “excellent selective sensing ability towards Adrenaline and Tyrosine.”

A Veritible Attack On The Heart

Did you know that the resonance field of the heart outweighs that of the brain by 100 times and can be detected up to three feet away from the body, in all directions? In fact, the heart is the “most powerful source of electromagnetic energy in the human body, producing the largest rhythmic electromagnetic field of any of the body’s organs.”

Additionally, the magnetic fields produced by the heart are involved in energetic cross-talk, which is referred to as “cardio-electromagnetic communication.” The magnetic signals generated by the heart have the capacity to affect individuals around us. Thankfully we’re being kept six feet apart for good measure.

I think it’s fair to say that there is a veritable attack on our hearts – literally, energetically, and physically. By targeting our hearts located in the trunk region of our bodies, they disconnect our energetic flow, strip us of our humanity. We’re stuck in our heads, disembodied under perpetual lockdowns, primed for a metaverse a la Ready Player One. Meanwhile, we operate in fight-or-flight mode, scared and traumatized, entertaining lower-level base needs, unable to ever reach the highest levels of self-actualization while being poisoned and dumbed down.

As far as the toxin graphene oxide, there are several others who have independently concluded that it’s at the heart of what happened at Astroworld. Unless you got a saline shot, all those jabbed have been graphenated. And since graphene oxide naturally is broken down and detoxed by the liver, we can count on Big Pharma to boost us again and again.

In this post-Covid world, we are the lab rats. The question remains, how many more have to die of jab-related cardiac attacks before this evil madness stops?

“By 2030, we are going to be hybrids.”

~Ray Kurzweil, Director of Google Engineering 

“Graphene has moved so much money, so many billions of euros that it is normal that it has been able to buy people. In this sense, it is clear to me that people have already swallowed, communicated, and lost any kind of conscience, even though they know that this is really going to provoke. What it is going to provoke, surely, is a hecatomb or an authentic genocide, which is what it intends. Somehow they have seen it as a golden opportunity for the Sustainable Development Goals of Agenda 2030.”

~Ricardo Delgado

For a Deeper Dive on Graphene Oxide:

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Vaccines contain graphene oxide.

La Quinta Columna: ‘Graphene oxide has its absorption band in 5G

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Maryam Henein is an investigative journalist, and founder and editor-in-chief of HoneyColony. She is also the director of the award-winning documentary film Vanishing of the Bees, narrated by Elliot Page. Follow her on Gab: @ladybee. Email her:


BRIAN SHILHAVY on “666 Cases of Heart Disease in 12 to 17-Year-Olds After COVID Shots — Devastated Parents Warn How the Jab Has Killed or Crippled Their Children”

“If adults want to be stupid enough to believe this nonsense and risk taking a COVID-19 shot, that is their choice. But minor children are subject to the choices of their parents, so please do NOT give your child a COVID-19 shot! Heed the warning from these parents who now regret their children getting one of these shots because their child is now dead, or suffering with heart disease . . .”

~Brian Shilhavy


~from the article:

666 Cases of Heart Disease in 12 to 17-Year-Olds After COVID Shots – Less than 2 Cases Per Year Following All Vaccines for Past 30+ Years


BRIAN SHILHAVY: “Proud to be an Anti-Vaxxer!”

If you have been following the Alternative Media for any period of time now, seeking for the truth to combat the deception and lies that are coming from the pharma-funded corporate news media, you have undoubtedly heard testimonies from victims of the COVID-19 shots begin their testimony with the assertion: “I am not an anti-vaxxer.” The presupposition that most of these people have, whether doctors or members of the public who were fooled into taking one of the COVID-19 gene-alerting shots, is that vaccines are generally safe and effective, but the COVID-19 shots are not, and should not even be called “vaccines” because they don’t meet the historical definition of a “vaccine.” For example, a recent post by a medical doctor who confessed that they had never bothered to really research the vaccine issue in the past, and has come to realize that there is no science at all behind the COVID-19 shots, and has been banned on specific social media platforms for daring to question the COVID-19 vaccine narrative, wrote this:

“Please, let me be clear: I am not commenting here on the safety or effectiveness of any vaccines, nor whether I think it’s smart or otherwise to get yourself or your children vaccinated. Of course, being vaccinated with a product that is safe in and of itself and effective at preventing an infection that can cause you long-term damage, is a very good thing. It’s a miracle. There is basically no-one on earth arguing otherwise, I promise you.

Well, that is a false promise, because myself and many others have exposed the false narrative of the entire vaccine industry for decades now. Science has never been on the side of the vaccine peddlers. They have never been proven to be either safe, or effective. Since I have covered this issue for over a decade now, I am going to summarize in this article why those of us who have put in the long hours of research over the many years on just how evil the vaccine industry is, feel like vomiting or screaming at our computer monitors, every time someone wants to complain about how bad the COVID-19 shots are but feels compelled to begin their testimonies with the phrase “I am not an anti-vaxxer.”

Well I AM an anti-vaxxer, and I am PROUD to wear that label, and not ashamed.

READ the full article HERE!


BRIAN SHILHAVY: “More than 50% of ALL Vaccine Adverse Reactions Reported in 30+ Years Have Occurred the Past 11 Months Since the ‘COVID-19’ Jabs Began”

November 30, 2021

The latest data dump into the U.S. Government’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) happened late yesterday afternoon (11/29/21) and covers data through 11/19/21.

The VAERS database was mandated by Congress over 30 years ago, beginning in 1990, and is maintained by the U.S. CDC and FDA.

As of yesterday’s update, there are now a total of 1,765,262 cases of adverse events following all vaccines for the past 30+ years, including the experimental COVID-19 shots that have been issued emergency use authorization and are not yet approved by the FDA (source).

(Note: The FDA did approve one of the Pfizer shots, but the one they approved is not in circulation within the U.S. at this time.)

Of those 1,765,262 cases of adverse events following all vaccines for the past 30+ years, 913,268 of them (52%) have been reported during the past 11 months following COVID-19 shots (source).

68% of ALL Recorded Deaths Following Vaccines for the Past 30+ Years: COVID-19 Shots from the Past 11 Months

For the past 30+ years there have been 28,379 deaths recorded in VAERS following all vaccines, including the COVID-19 EUA shots.

68% of those deaths, 19,249, have followed COVID-19 shots in the past 11 months. (Same sources as above.)

61% of ALL Recorded Life Threatening Events Following Vaccines for the Past 30+ Years: COVID-19 Shots from the Past 11 Months

For the past 30+ years there have been 35,524 life threatening events recorded in VAERS following all vaccines, including the COVID-19 EUA shots.

61% of those life threatening events, 21,582, have followed COVID-19 shots in the past 11 months. (Same sources as above.)

60% of ALL Recorded Permanent Disabilities Following Vaccines for the Past 30+ Years: COVID-19 Shots from the Past 11 Months

For the past 30+ years there have been 51,231 permanent disabilities recorded in VAERS following all vaccines, including the COVID-19 EUA shots.

60% of those permanent disabilities, 30,967, have followed COVID-19 shots in the past 11 months. (Same sources as above.)

55% of ALL Recorded Hospitalizations Following Vaccines for the Past 30+ Years: COVID-19 Shots from the Past 11 Months

For the past 30+ years there have been 178,383 hospitalizations recorded in VAERS following all vaccines, including the COVID-19 EUA shots.

55% of those hospitalizations, 97,561, have followed COVID-19 shots in the past 11 months. (Same sources as above.)

20% of ALL Recorded ER Visits Following Vaccines for the Past 30+ Years: COVID-19 Shots from the Past 11 Months

For the past 30+ years there have been 507,064 ER visits recorded in VAERS following all vaccines, including the COVID-19 EUA shots.

20% of those ER visits, 101,373, have followed COVID-19 shots in the past 11 months. (Same sources as above.)

(Note: It is well-reported that there have been a shortage of hospital workers this year, with some ERs even closing completely, so it is very likely that this percentage of ER visits following COVID-19 shots would be even higher if the nation’s hospitals were working at full staffing as in past years.)

Conclusion: The Government’s own Data Shows that COVID-19 Experimental Shots are NOT Safe!

After reviewing this data supplied by the U.S. Government, how can anyone conclude that the experimental COVID-19 shots are safe?

With all the boosters being rolled out now, one might be tempted to think that there have been exponentially more COVID-19 shots administered than in previous years to account for these large numbers.

But we are talking about 11 months of data for ONE single class of “vaccine” compared to ALL vaccines for the past 30+ years!

It would probably take considerable time to research how many doses of every kind of vaccine have been distributed for the past 30+ years since 1990, but we do have totals supplied by the CDC for one of the classes vaccines, the annual flu shot.

According to the CDC, from 1990 through 2021, there have been over 3 billion flu shots (3,104,500,000) distributed in the U.S. (Source.) The 2020-2021 flu season alone distributed about 194 million flu doses. (Source.)

In comparison, according to the CDC, for the three currently authorized COVID-19 shots, there have been 459 million doses distributed in the U.S. through November 30, 2021. (Source.)

So just for one vaccine, the flu shot, there have been 6X more shots given for the past 30+ years, and that does not include the many dozens of other vaccines given over the past 30+ years, mostly to children.

These COVID-19 shots are not safe. They are deadly.

And when we discuss children, this whole vaccination eugenics program turns very dark, and very evil.

When we search for all the recorded deaths following FDA-approved vaccines for the past 30+ years, about 50% of those deaths have been recorded for children under the age of 3. (Source.)

The COVID-19 EUA shots have not yet been approved for this age group, although Moderna and Pfizer are currently conducting trials on children between the ages of 6 months old and 4 years old, and Anthony Fauci has promised us that these shots will be authorized for this age group after the first of the year (2022).

So while 68% of ALL deaths following injections have occurred in the past 11 months following COVID-19 shots, 19,249, only 4 of those deaths have been recorded so far in children under the age of 3. (Source.)

One of those cases appears to be an error (death by suicide; 12/26/20, self inflicted gun shot wound), one was a “5 month old breastfed infant,” one was a fetal death in the first trimester, and the other one may be a death from the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine trials for this age group, where the infant had a seizure.

What are these numbers going to look like when they start injecting these fragile babies with these killer COVID-19 shots?

Well, given how many unborn children are dying in the womb of their pregnant mother who received one of these shots, and the historical data that young children are the most susceptible to deaths following vaccination, we should literally expect a massacre.

From the data released into VAERS yesterday, we have found 2,732 fetal deaths, which includes ectopic pregnancies, which is when a fertilized egg grows outside a woman’s uterus, and then the fetus has to be surgically or chemically removed. (Source.)

We have previously reported that ectopic pregnancies following COVID-19 shots have been reported at 50 X more than reported following ALL vaccines for the past 30+ years. See:

VAERS Data Reveals 50 X More Ectopic Pregnancies Following COVID Shots than Following ALL Vaccines for Past 30 Years

Using this same exact search in VAERS to determine fetal deaths following COVID-19 shots for the past 11 months, which found 2,732 fetal deaths, we applied it to ALL vaccines that are non-COVID for the past 30+ years, and it returned 2,163 deaths. (Source.)

That’s an average of about 72 fetal deaths per year following all FDA-approved vaccines for the past 30+ years, compared to what is on pace to be 2980 fetal deaths in 1 year following COVID-19 shots.

• FDA-approved vaccines: 72 fetal deaths per year

• COVID-19 EUA shots: 2980 fetal deaths per year

Here is a screen shot from a Social Media thread just recently posted.

Here is a video we produced in October showing some of the effects of these shots on unborn children.

This is Not About Science or Public Health – This is a Religious-like Vaccine Cult

Faced with this data that comes directly from the U.S. Governments own VAERS database, which is vastly under-reported as so many medical professionals have now come forward as whistleblowers to reveal how much pressure is being put on them NOT to report these deaths injuries to VAERS (Watch: COVID Vaccine Injuries & Deaths COVER-UP! Nurse Whistleblowers Speak Out on Pressure to NOT Report), why are people still lining up to get these killer shots, and even worse, allowing their children to be injected with them?

We only covered the U.S. Government data in this article so far showing that these experimental shots are very clearly dangerous, but not only are they killer shots, they also don’t work for the main purpose that people have been convinced to take them: to stop the spread of COVID-19 so we can all return to a “normal life.”

This is biggest lie that the pharma-owned corporate media has broadcast to the public, as we have a record of WHO director Tedros Adhanom recently telling Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro that the vaccines are not even designed to stop transmission, only to prevent serious illness and death. See:

Brazilian President tells WHO Director “People are Dying” After COVID Shots – Pleads with WHO to Publicly NOT Recommend it for Children

Even Bill Gates stated in a recent interview that “we need a new way of doing the vaccines” because they don’t do a good job of stopping transmission. See:

Bill Gates: mRNA Vaccines Don’t Stop Transmission – We Need a New Way of Doing Vaccines

And according to official public data, COVID deaths in 2021 after almost a half billion doses of COVID-19 EUA shots are HIGHER than 2020 COVID deaths when there was no COVID-19 “vaccine.”


And yet, now that we are almost 1 year into the experimental “vaccines,” and we have all this data to show that they are neither safe nor effective, if you present this data to those who are still pro-COVID-19 “vaccines,” it will not convince most of them.

It is a political and ideological issue to them, the facts be damned.

This is the classic definition of a “cult.”

I prefer to use “The Free Dictionary” to look up definitions of English words as opposed to the Merriam Webster dictionary, which is owned by a Jewish Swiss financier, and has changed the definition of “vaccine” several times this year, and even recently named “vaccine” as “Top Word of the Year.” (Source.) See:

The Evolving Definition of “Vaccine” in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary for 2021

The Free Dictionary website, which uses the more traditional “American Heritage Dictionary,” defines “cult” as:

cult (kŭlt)


1. a. A religion or religious sect generally considered to be extremist or false, with its followers often living in an unconventional manner under the guidance of an authoritarian, charismatic leader.

b. The followers of such a religion or sect.

2. A system or community of religious worship and ritual.

3. The formal means of expressing religious reverence; religious ceremony and ritual.

4. A usually nonscientific method or regimen claimed by its originator to have exclusive or exceptional power in curing a particular disease.

5. a. Obsessive, especially faddish, devotion to or veneration for a person, principle, or thing.

b. The object of such devotion.

6. An exclusive group of persons sharing an esoteric, usually artistic or intellectual interest.

Cult members are usually referred to as “deceived” and “brain washed.”

This is clearly what we are dealing with today, all in the name of “science.”

The Bible refers to it as a “delusion.”

The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with the work of Satan displayed in all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders, and in every sort of evil that deceives those who are perishing.


LISA RENEE on “The Structure That Wants to Herd the Cattle of Sleeping Masses Straight Into the Slaughterhouse”

“As a race of people that are purposely hypnotized by survival and poverty consciousness, we look to those assigned with authority and with the supposed expertise to protect us, when in the larger scheme they are actually a part of the structure that wants to kill us off. The point is the masses are not told the truth in any way, shape or form. How are the World Leaders chosen and how do they remain in power? The laws are designed for those at the highest echelons of power who run the black magic money system and rule the economy, by pushing through and manipulating the most cash flow, in both legal and illegal ways. Sexual energy harvested in anti-sex reversals are especially used to further spread the satanic forces to take power and control on the earth. Thus, in order to gain full access to siphon the planetary consciousness energies, as well as the human soul energies, they have set up global misogyny and sexual misery programs, like pedophilia. Republican-Democrat, Trump-Hillary, they are all interchangeable images projecting the lie of the Hero-Enemy that the public has wanted to hear in a lullaby to stay asleep. A system built on Archontic Deception Strategy and manipulation in order to herd the cattle of sleeping masses straight into the slaughterhouse.”

~Lisa Renee – 11/15/2016 and 1/9/2017


Poverty Consciousness

Increasing Sentience

Reeducation of Human Values