JOACHIM BARTOLL: “Arnold Schwarzenegger Shills About the Staged and Fake War — All by the Numbers”

Arnold made an Instagram video about the fake war in Ukraine on March 17, exactly three weeks, or 21 days, after it began on February 24. Why wait three weeks? Because he’s a freemason and a shill for the Jesuits and it’s all about the numbers and their rituals.

Arnold was born on July 30, 1947. This video he made was posted on March 17, which was 231 days after his last birthday. 231 is the 21st Triangular number. 21 as in ‘War’ and ‘Jesuit.’

Jesuit = 21

War = 21 (what this is about)

As for exactly ‘three’ weeks, ‘three’ spelled out is of high importance, as it sums to their beloved hoax code of ’56.’  

Three = 56 (as in three weeks)

Society of Jesus = 56 (The Jesuit Order, the order writing the scripts)

And, of course, 231 days is exactly 33 weeks on the day. 33, as in the number of degrees within Scottish Rite Freemasonry, the most telling number of all Freemasonic codes. And March 17, 2022 can be written as 3/17/22, which is 3 + 1 + 7 + (22) = 33. Also, fittingly ‘Hollywood’ is ’33.’

Also, ‘33’ is ‘21’ in the Hexadecimal system. Such beautiful synchronicity. Also, 231 is the Octal value of 153, and when using the Reverse Ordinal cipher, ‘Jesuit Order’ sums to 153.

But that is not all. They are very clever when it comes to these dates. On March 17th, it was also exactly 4 months and 2 weeks to Arnold’s upcoming birthday!

42 is the second most important number in this staged and fake war together with its reflection 24! Incredible smart coding.

War = 42 (what this is about, also coded with ‘21’)

World War = 42 (what media is calling the fake war)

Zionism = 42 (Jewish supremacy out of fake Israel, Arnold is an Israel lover)

Freemason = 42 (Arnold is a Freemason)

February = 42 (when it started, February 24, the reflection of 42)

#StopPutin = 42 (previous viral hashtag)

Hollywood = 42 (the war is a ‘Hollywood’ production and Arnold is a Hollywood actor)

Jesuit = 42 (also coded with ‘21’)

March 17, 2022 = 3/17/22 = 3 + 17 + 22 = 42

And guess what? 4 months and 2 weeks is 136 days.

The Jesuits = 136

And speaking of 42 and the reflection 24, the date this begun, February 24. One of the ‘disinformation’ bits Arnold is addressing, is ‘Nazis,’ a common theme with Arnold.

Nazis = 24

Also, Arnold was the governor of California, which the media abbreviates to “California Gov.,” in the coverage of this story.

California Gov. = 69

Russian Invasion = 69 (what it was about)

The Jesuit Order = 69

Nazis = 69

Also, another thing that makes Arnold such a perfect propaganda tool for this fake war is the fact that between the start of this staged war on February 24 and until his birthday, is a span of 5 months and 6 days, as in their big hoax code ’56,’ as we decoded at the start of this article.

Another big reason is his name, as it sums to 223, which you should be familiar with at this point.

Arnold Schwarzenegger = 223

223 is the 48th prime number. The number ‘48’ has been all over this staged and fake war. So, of course they will use Arnold to play both sides and strengthen the illusion of a real war going on.

Russia = 48 (the ‘villain’ in this scripted production)

World War = 48 (again!)

Propaganda = 48 (what Arnold is used for)

Hollywood = 48 (again!)

March 17th was the 76th day of the year, and Arnold’s message was about “disinformation,” which was funny because that was what he delivered, just pure propaganda, trying to make the war look real.

Disinformation = 76

Arnold Schwarzenegger = 76

His message above the video reads, “I love the Russian people. That is why I have to tell you the truth. Please watch and share.”

That is exactly 71 letters.

The Society of Jesus = 71 (original name of the Jesuit Order)

The Jesuits = 71

March 17, as written in the US, is 3/17, or 317.

Arnold Schwarzenegger = 317

Another perfect match for Arnold doing an appearance on this day. And also, 317 is the 66th prime number!

Number of the Beast = 66

Remember, Vladimir Putin has been called ‘The Beast’ and ‘Satan’ in the media during this staged and fake war. See my full post about Putin and 66 here. But this also goes back to it being a Freemasonic ritual, as ‘Thirty-Three’ is also ‘66’ in Full Reduction gematria.

Also, notice the abbreviation of Attention, ie., “attn” at the top of his video. ‘Attn’ sums to ’55’ same as ‘Satan.’

Thirty-Three = 66

And speaking of ‘33’ and using Instagram as a platform for this video.

Instagram = 141, 60

Thirty-Three = 141, 60

And in Arnold’s video, he mentions Russian weight-lifter Yuri Vlasov as his teenage hero. Yuri Vlasov reduces to the Freemasonic 47, just as Arnold was born on July 30, the 211th day of the year, which is the 47th prime number. And Yuri Vlaslov share the gematric value of 106 and 61 with Arnold’s full name. Also, Arnold said, “and he smiled at me,” which also reduces to 61. Most of his speech in this video was coded as well. Totally scripted. Once an actor…

Damn, Arnold. Your Jesuit handlers really thought this one through. And it’s a shame to see you constantly bend your knee to these powers. The price to pay for being a ‘star’ and part of the brotherhood and the Kennedy’s, one of the 13 families. And for the rest of us, learn symbolism, numerology and gematria and you can spot these shills and their lies miles away.

The truth about the war:

Reality Check – The Staged Pandemic and Russia-Ukraine War

Although I’ve touched on this in several articles, I see the need for a short and simple summary, as the sheep are totally unaware and even diet-woke and lukewarm truthers are falling into disinformation traps set by controlled opposition and shills. The world we live in has always been controlled by the same lineage of people. Today they are known as the 13 families. They are tightly connected, trough marriage and business, with most … Continue reading

Reality Check – The Staged Pandemic and Russia-Ukraine War

And all my decodes showing it’s all by the numbers:

via Joachim Bartoll Official

JOACHIM BARTOLL: “The March 4 Volodymyr Zelenskyy Actor-Hollywood Ritual”

And there we go, I predicted on February 28 that something should happen or involve Zelenskyy and his acting career on March 4. And here we are with the silliest piece of crap from CNN, “Volodymyr Zelensky’s acting career prepared him for the world stage.”

Of course, it did. Because the public presidents and prime ministers are ALL actors controlled by the hidden hand, the 13 families and the Jesuit Order.

My full decoding of this ritual and March 4 is here:

The Month of March, Skull and Bones, and March 4 and Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Tomorrow will be March 1st, and it will be the third month of the year ’22, as in 3/22 or 322. As many of you know, 322 is the number associated with Order 322, or Skull and Bones, the Elite Fraternity out of Yale University, the Freemasonic HQ for Northern America. The symbolism of Skull and Bones comes from an ‘ossuary’, which has a Gematria of 911, as in 9/11, the psy-op by the … Continue reading

The Month of March, Skull and Bones, and March 4 and Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Now, to add on to that decode from this article, the silly headline actually sums to ‘666’ in Jewish Ordinal.

Volodymyr Zelensky’s acting career prepared him for the world stage = 666

And the first line in the article says, “It makes sense that Hollywood has rallied around Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.”

Remember, on March 4, it was exactly 333 weeks since Zelenskyy’s show “Servant of the People” was released world-wide on October 16, 2015. In Masonic lore, the compasses in their logo signifies the motto, “circumscribe our desires and keep our passions within due bounds”. Appropriately, the motto sums to 666 and reduces to 333. This also ties in with the fact that the Zionist nation of Israel was recognized by the United Nations on November 29,1947, the 333rd day of the year and with 33 votes in favor. And it is well-known that it is the Zionists who control Hollywood, and Hollywood is ‘33’ in reverse reduction gematria.

Zionism = 84 (the movement of the false Jewish supremacy)

The Jesuit Order = 84 (the order writing the script)

Servant of the People = 84 (Zelenskyy’s comedy show and his political party)

And we have the 42-number that has been extremely important in this staged and fake war between Russia and Ukraine.

Zionism = 42

Freemason = 42

Hollywood = 42

Jesuit = 42

And the article mentions that Zelenskyy got praised during the “Screen Actors Guild Awards.” Remember, on March 4 it was 222 weeks since Zelenskyy founded his political party on December 2, 2017. And also 2 months, 2 weeks, and 2 days, as in 222, before the anniversary of the day Zelenskyy took office on May 20.

Screen Actors Guild Awards = 146

146 is the Octal (8-base counting) of 222.

Servant of the People = 222

And, of course, this is also pure mockery of the sleeping masses, as the headline states, “prepared him for the World Stage.” Indeed, the world is a stage, they are ALL actors.

World Stage = 56

Society of Jesus = 56

…and another political Hollywood actor many Americans are in Don-ial about… 👹

~via Joachim Bartoll Official

JOACHIM BARTOLL: “Donald Trump’s 2017 ‘Calm Before the Storm’ Remark Was About the Staged and Fake Coronavirus Pandemic”

“There is so much connecting Trump to the planned and fake pandemic. And this is only one of hundreds of evidences that the staged and fake pandemic was planned many, many years in advance. The ultimate proof that it is fake! And as for Trump, he is a puppet, simply following the script.”

~Joachim Bartoll


First, a big thanks to Zachary of Gematria News for finding this gem of a connection. I was severely sick in late 2017 with tumors and organ failure and had forgotten all about this.

“You guys know what this represents?” Trump said to a group of reporters while photos were being taken, according a pool report.

“Maybe it’s the calm before the storm.”

When asked what he meant, Trump replied, “You’ll find out.”

This remark by Trump was during a Military meeting on October 5, 2017. That was, exactly on the day, 888 days before the declaration of the Coronavirus Pandemic by WHO.

And we know that 888 is very important to Donald Trump as his book, “The Art of the Deal” sums to 888, as well as his name “Donald J. Trump” he put on that cover.

The Art of the Deal = 888

Donald J. Trump = 888

This also correlates with Trump’s trade deal with China that he made on the same day as the fake coronavirus supposedly showed up in the United States – the first “confirmed” case in the world outside of China.

Donald Trump was born on June 14, 1946. So, this remark came 16 weeks and 1 day after his birthday, as in 161.

“Maybe it’s the calm before the storm” = 161

16 weeks and 1 day is exactly, on the day, the same thing as 3 months and 3 weeks. 33 is the Freemasonic code, and we know that Trump has very tight connections with Israel and Zionism, which in turn is closely connected with Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.

Also, this time-span of 16 week and 1 day, or 3 months and 3 weeks, is exactly 113 days. 113 is the ‘number of dishonesty,’ which is very relevant to the whole fake pandemic. I have covered it in depth here:

The Whole Fake Pandemic in One Number, The Number for Dishonesty – 113

Today’s numerology and gematria lesson – the number for dishonesty, 113. In the Talmud, there is a very specific verse numbered Baba Kamma 113a. This verse tells the Jew that it is okay for Jews to lie to goyim as long as it is in a legal setting, which is pretty much everywhere, because we are entangled by laws anywhere we go. That verse from the Talmud is as follows: Baba Kamma 113a: “Jews may … Continue reading

The Whole Fake Pandemic in One Number, The Number for Dishonesty – 113

Joachim Bartoll Official

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The Whole Fake Pandemic in One Number, The Number for Dishonesty – 113

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113, as in 11/3, or March 11, is also the date of the declaration of the fake pandemic by WHO.

Coronavirus Pandemic = 113

113 is also the 30th prime number.

Corona = 30

Planned = 30

Outbreak = 30

Vaccine = 30

Drumpf = 30 (what his family name was before they change it to ‘Trump’)

Also, notice how Drumpf line up with both ‘planned’ and ‘corona’ with 30 and 33 – yes, 33 again…

Even more revealing is the fact that the Pandemic was declared exactly 5 months and 6 days after the anniversary of Trumps “Maybe it’s the calm before the storm,” remark. That is 56,’ the infamous pandemic code that was heavily used all through 2020 and is still in play in many news stories – including his deal with China, as “Trump’s China Deal” is 56 in Septenary.

And, if you remember, in 2020, Donald Trump tweeted that he had tested positive for Covid-19. That was on October 2, three days before the anniversary of his remark back in 2017. Three sums to 56.

Coronavirus = 56

Covid Vaccine = 56

Trump’s China Deal = 56

Three = 56

Society of Jesus = 56 (Trump’s controllers, the Jesuit Order)

Remember John Hopkins and Bill Gate’s Pandemic Simulation “Event 201” back in October 2019? Event 201 was held on the day leaving 74-days in the year.

“Trump’s China Deal” = 74

And speaking of the very important number 201, did you notice the headline from the Jesuit-owned Time Magazine? It says “President Trump Warns of ‘the Calm Before the Storm’.”

President Trump Warns of ‘the Calm Before the Storm’ = 201

The Jesuit Order = 201

Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry = 201

Bat to Human Virus = 201 (the fake story they first ran with, explaining Covid)

Time Magazine = 201 (the Jesuit-owned magazine writing this headline)

On May 15, 2020, Donald Trump initiated ‘Operation Warp Speed’ to get the vaccines out as quickly as possible, so the depopulation agenda could start. This was exactly 953 days after his comment on October 5, 2017. 953 is the 162nd prime number.

This was the start of vaccinations which then lead to fascism such as vaccination mandates and the controlled opposition protest against mandates to lure in the “anti-vaxxers.”

The Great Culling = 162 (the depopulation agenda, using vaccines)

Forced Vaccination = 162 (what vaccine mandates are about)

Robert F. Kennedy = 162 (instrumental shill for the globalist elites against mandates)

Two Six Six = 162 (as in 266, see below)

Operation Warp Speed = 266 (you can’t make this up, cleverly coded)

Controlled Opposition = 266 (Both Trump and RFK Jr)

Orthocoronavirinae = 266 (Coronavirus)

Iesus Hominum Salvator = 266 (IHS, the Jesuit motto on their logo)

I could go on and on. There is so much connecting Trump to the planned and fake pandemic. And this is only one of hundreds of evidences that the staged and fake pandemic was planned many, many years in advance. The ultimate proof that it is fake! And as for Trump, he is a puppet, simply following the script.

~via Joachim Bartoll Official

LISA RENEE on “Orchestrated Coup d’etat”

“There are armies of funded activists and fake journalists from many interrelated organizations that are strategically working together with the deep pockets of globalist funding to destroy individual human freedoms within all democratic nations that use the template of this living document. This year they pulled the trigger on their long awaited and meticulous plan for activating a multipronged Ideological Subversion in the western nations, with millions of people being subjected to unprecedented restrictions on their personal freedoms, human rights and free speech, which has forced radical changes and limitations be made in their ability to freely carry out their personal and professional lives. Upon closer examination of the current crisis events and using some Critical Thinking, we can follow the money back to non-government organizations and globalist institutions who seem to have a penchant for False Flags and bad actors. Then we can ask who and what is actually benefiting from all of this orchestrated plandemic, economic terrorism, division and upheaval, subversion of Western democracy while fanning the flames of anarchy in the streets? This is a well-orchestrated coup attempt happening on physical and metaphysical fronts, and the rabbit hole goes deeper than most people can digest. The orchestration of the plandemic along with the economic devastation of Americans, the utter destruction and anarchy in major cities, informs us of the intended direction of the current globalist agenda. Which is to destroy the American Constitution through spreading hatred and continue to demoralize its citizens in any way that they can, in order to attempt to stage their coup d’état.”

~Lisa Renee

~via Ascension Glossary

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“A FINE CLONEMANCE” ~ Starring ‘Old Clonies’ Donald Trump & Vladimir Putin

“Putin is a genius. He’s wonderful. I know him very well. Very, very well.”

~Donald Trump, 2-23-2022

It is widely rumored that Donald Trump, after a 1980s visit with Vladimir Putin, returned to the U.S. as a clone. So just how many DJT clones are there or were there? Who knows. Well-known cloning center whistleblower Donald Marshall can’t stand any version of him, claims he stole an invention of his and fired a gun at him in attempts to kill him. Ah yes, the wonderful sold-out Illuminati born-and-bred controlled-opposition agent/political puppet Donald Trump. His wife Melania had allegedly come from similar shady origins, as a child-trafficked young “model” then MK-Ultra Beta sex slave. It has been mentioned through many sources that Donald actually met Melania through the trafficking sex ring services of none other than Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. As for Vladimir Putin, he was apparently killed in a plot by the CIA and MI6 and replaced with a body double who still leads Russia. His former wife Lyudmila Putin said this to a German newspaper in 2015:

“Unfortunately, my husband has been dead for a long time. I have to admit this publicly, because I can no longer see what is happening on his behalf. And then he completely disappeared. At night some people came to our house — I knew some of them, I saw some for the first time. They dug everything upside down, reviewed all the papers, knocked on all the walls in the house. They told me only one thing: “If you want to live, be silent.” All questions about my husband were briefly answered that he would come soon, that he had an important visiting conference and that in the interests of national security I should not discuss this with anyone. A few days later, his first body double appeared. Later I found out that the murder of Vladimir was being prepared ahead of time, he was eliminated when the first double was almost ready to take his place. Outwardly, of course, he was very similar to Putin — I was amazed. But this was a completely different person. These are terrible people. They will stop at nothing. I am afraid that now they will kill me and my daughters just as they killed him.”

~Lyudmila Putin

Read the full article here:

LYUDMILA PUTIN: “My Husband Has Been Dead For A Long Time” — Did The CIA (Central Israeli Agency) Kill Vladimir Putin And Replace Him With This ‘Chabad-Lubavitz’ Supremacy Cult Clone?

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