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And that was a part of what the reptilian threat was and a part of a timeline that we have now overridden, which was the Armageddon Software pole shift plan, which would be to clear the entire planet. That plan was coming from the change of the sun’s relationship to the earth. So they had control over this and we haven’t gotten a lot of information about it. But we’re understanding how this came to be in terms of their various agendas of trying to take over this planet, as a source of control and dominion of the energies. And whatever they want with it at the various levels, to take. So they were planning at one point, because as weird as the sounds, adjusting the trajectory of the planet’s relationship to the sun at the smallest degree, to obliterate life down here. So this was a part of this game that they were playing.

Now we are understanding that the sun and the moon have a relationship with earth, and a relationship with each other, as stellar body relationships that represent masculine and feminine principle. So when these distortions happen, meaning structures were used artificially to siphon and move energy fields in non-organic, inorganic directions. When this was achieved at certain levels, the harnessing of forces of energy beyond the earth meaning somehow solar energy harness lunar energy harness, and the effect of those fields upon planet earth. The sun is about the solar wind that actually brings protons into the Magnetosphere, which we understand is the logos of planet Earth.

So it’s like saying they were controlling the solar winds and that was about the magnetic field change. Because if the magnetic field was operating at a certain circumference and a certain radius and a certain aspect ratio, whatever that is, is allowing it to be brought through the core of the planet. Because what I’m seeing is a radius from the inner iron core going out into the magnetosphere, these were levels of the magnetic field that were being monitored or controlled within a certain parameter. And this was how they changed or were able to hijack the Planetary Logos.

When we understand the seventh dimension of the ultraviolet plane is the Magnetosphere, and beyond the stratosphere of our planet is the magnetosphere. And the magnetosphere is responsible for the collection of solar wind, which then generates proton to electron ratios. Meaning if there’s lots of solar wind generated I guess from certain activity of the sun itself, it’s captured within the magnetosphere and the ratio of proton electron is actually changed. And we know that the ratio of proton and electron is what creates a neutron. So it’s like saying something there was being capped off at a level where the magnetic field was being used as a basis of holding architecture like the NRG grid in place.

Because what we’re understanding is these grids are only in place artificially by what they have superimposed on it. The first level is understanding that they created this AI architecture. What we didn’t understand is how did they implant it? How did they come to our planet and actually implant this false level of architecture? Because again this is like saying our planet is a computer and had a computer program that was organic to creation. The natural creation had a Blueprint. How were they able to come in and hijack the blueprint? Now we are learning a little bit more about this. Because the AI architecture they had to create to override the planetary software, they had to find a way to stick it in there. How would something inorganic merge into something that was alive? And apparently the way this was done was the manipulation or the use of solar fields and lunar fields.

We are understanding today for the first time that solar fields and lunar fields have been used as the basis, to anchor into the planet’s body inorganic artificial structures. Because these mind control structures are more than just thought forms that are being propagated, in terms of using a scalar wave with a thought form is being projected. These are intricate circulatory systems that have been placed on top of the planet to usurp the planet or override the planet, into a siphoning of energy and a redirection of the organic life force of the planet for their use in different ways. How did they do this? How do they get an architecture to do this through the sun and the moon? Okay so through the sun and the moon, in the manipulation of these fields at a higher level, what we understand is this is also impacting male and female. Because the Sun is representing a solar force of the male and the lunar is representing the female force. So the electron proton electromagnetic forces were being controlled through the sun and the moon. What we’re understanding today is that there were pieces of that information that were a part of your lifetime’s mission, to bring into completion and wholeness through the micro-macro relationship. [1] Transcript by Paige.



  1. LR Client Sessions – June 2011

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“Pole Shift Ballerina Overriding Catastrophe”

LISA RENEE (Time Shift Blog): “Solar Body Consciousness”

The main Solar Body that is our visible Sun, is undergoing an evolution in that its magnetic pole is reversing, which further alters the solar ray transmissions to the Earth and to other planets in our Solar System. Planet Earth’s local Sun is a star called Sol. Our Sun is a Stargate and it is possible for certain craft to be used to go in and out of the portal to reach the outer rings of the Solar System. Recently, many neighbors in our Solar System became aware of the changes happening with our Sun, as a result of the rebirthing of the Solar Logos in the 10-11-12th dimensional layers. The 4th dimensional Solar Stargate on the earth is located in Giza, Egypt and this is the main opening into the Astral Plane which also opens further into the other Solar Gates. This stargate access is where the trajectory between the Sun, Earth and Moon are interconnected through geometric fields of instruction sets that are based on the grouping of light codes. These may appear as platonic solids, and are the building blocks of matter that arrange the blueprint layers that form into the timelines in the Universal Time Matrix. The Annunaki Hybrid Fallen Angelics had taken control of this area of the planet over 22,000 years ago, in order to gain control over the Sun and Solar Gates. As a result of recent grid wars they have lost control over the Solar Gate through the rebirthing of the Solar Logos for Earth, Tara and Gaia. The Sun is related to activating the human DNA template for spiritual ascension potentials. Each Sun and Star in the Universe are interconnected through the instruction sets of the morphogenetic fields, or plasma filaments that create the webbing that interconnects all of the stars and stellar bodies together.

This shift in the Solar body principle in our time matrix appears to alter the functions of the Ursa Major or Great Bear constellation, in which its seven main stars are sequentially merging forces with their counterparts, the seven sister stars located in the Pleiades. The resulting alchemical merge of these constellations of stars is manifesting new expressions of gender creation principle in the higher cosmic planes that change light reflection as it is broadcast into the lower densities. This merging of Solar bodies into the Galactic Core and further into the Andromedan Core, is also referred to as the Seven Sacred Suns in the One. Each of the Seven Sacred Suns have a cosmic solar principle that broadcasts a spectrum of plasma frequency waves through its ray body which is currently emanating new light codes into the planetary body.

This is vastly significant as it marks the astrological resolution of levels of the fallen angelic miasma contained in many of the karmic imprints that were in the planetary core manifestation template. This was the result of the historical timelines that are in the stellar and cellular memory record that directly relate to the NAA invasion and the moon chain entities impact upon the earth. This is similar to say that there is a clearing of the magnetic field imprints in the planetary akashic record that relates to some of the Galactic Wars that resulted in karmic cause and effect throughout the timelines, and that some of these events were carried out with the cooperation of the human race for resolving the polarity experiment. This is a cosmic convergence between the spiritual source of Solar bodies that exist within the 360 Universes, along with the local stellar bodies that interconnect with the matter world, as all of creation undergoes a new embodiment cycle, referred to as morphogenesis. Karmic patterns of what may be called cosmic evil and cosmic rage stemming from multiple planetary histories that connect to the lunar forces, moon chain entities, and black hole entities are surfacing in order to come into final resolution within the past timelines of artificial control and technological abuse.

This phase unites the Seven Sacred Suns and the Omniversal Paliadorian Solar Consciousness to reunite again through the neutron window that opens into the 360 Universes, as one interconnected Solar Consciousness body to transmit the Cosmic Spiritual Sun plasma waves of the Solar King. The Solar King, or Cosmic Christ Consciousness has rebuilt the complete triadic identity of the Solar Logos, which is the original light source field that builds the eternal Christos-Sophia Diamond Sun body or Krystallah. The Omniversal Paliadorian Solar Consciousness are also referred to as the progenitors of the many Krystic Dragon races, which are eternal light Solar bodies that shapeshift and transmigrate anywhere, and source somewhere in the God worlds that are one of the 360 Universes. Currently, most of the Dragon races from the Paliadorian Solar Consciousness that are entering our Universal system to support the Christos reclamation and Guardian Host mission, are from the Andromedan God worlds.

Additionally, a cosmic triad of energy has formed with our Sun, Pleiades and the planet Uranus to ignite the unity consciousness blueprint for the planetary logos. Uranus, as per its recent alignment to its astrological influence, is the major planetary body which transmits the qualities of the 7D Violet Ray to the Earth. When astrological alignments occur through major conjunctions between planetary and stellar bodies there are forces of alchemy that blend together, which alter frequency current and manifest new potential creations. The cosmic alignment changes the stellar architecture of how the Sun transmits the violet ray current throughout our Solar System. The violet ray is the 7D current which creates the ultraviolet magnetosphere and holds the magnetic instruction set for the planetary brain, otherwise called the planetary logos. Clearly, this is significant to the embodiment evolution directly related to expanding our personal spiritual centers, the crown chakra, third eye and pineal, heart, physical brain and the quality of our vibrational thought forms.

The Sun hides an etheric planet or orb, which during Ascension cycles, is an entrance leading to the Cosmic Spiritual Sun, which holds within itself the first principle of the emanation of the Holy Father’s Eternal Light, the Solar King. The Holy Father principle manifests within the Cosmic Spiritual Sun and is what gives light to all things in the Universe. The awakening Holy Father in the Universal Logos is heralding the reappearance of the Cosmic Christos Solar principle throughout our Solar System.

They were beyond our reach in previous timelines because of a ring–pass–not around the Solar System from the earth coordinates while travelling in the lowest density of creation. During the Ascension Cycle, now is the time the Holy Father and Solar Logos may return to activity with the earth plane to spiritually transform humanity. The release of the Solar Cross implant, the ring pass not, is tantamount to the related initiation of the planetary logos to the Solar Logos, and supports the positive future evolution of collective humanity to become spiritually free.

This new solar activity is changing the masculine principle archetypes through the alteration of the seven ray particle structure that is primarily made through the alignment of the planetary staff to the staff in the Andromedan Galaxy. This modification also directly impacts the elemental particles of matter to become less dense or more fluid. This shift is dismantling the architecture of the archontic masculine archetype, the False King of Tyranny in the planetary logos that is used to enslave humanity, which is to be replaced and eventually healed with the Christos mind, as directed by the Solar King that follows the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One.

Seven Sacred Planets

There are Seven Sacred Planets which have acted similarly as consciousness prototypes for manifesting creation, as well as supplying the raw materials, light, sound, and electrotonal code for the builders and architects of the planet earth. The Seven Sacred Planets are also comprised of living spiritual light, which circulates throughout and beyond our Solar System, while the other five planets have historically remained spiritually stagnant or dormant in their organizational principle. They have future applications which have yet to reach their evolutionary potential for the solar system. These seven planets are spiritually initiating in order to circulate the combined plasma waves of the Cosmic Spiritual Suns throughout the Solar System. These inhabited planets have human and other life forms, which exist in other timelines and dimensions that are also undergoing stages of the ascension process. One such sacred planet closely related to the earth as a sister planet enduring the ascension process in its higher dimensions, is Venus. Venus is providing to the earth body a transmission for an ascending race prototype for all twelve human tribes, from its original Mother principle. The planet Venus holds the matriarchal history of the Solar Female Christ for the angelic human race. During this phase, the hidden history of the matriarchal lines of the eternal Solar Feminine Christ principle begins to transmit its blueprint from the Holy Mother aspect, and that mother code is gradually restoring energetic balance through the corrected feminine principle which brings gender balance back to the laws of creation.

All of these twelve planetoids in our Solar System represent the total energetic body of what remains from our 5D earth in the next harmonic universe. This future earth has been called Terra or Tara and it is also deeply related to the female phantom body of Tiamat, another sister planet that exploded from a cataclysmic war. It is some of these planetary remnants that have produced traumatized and unhealed mental bodies that are the negative source of miasma and karmic superimposition that was exploited upon the 3D earth plane by the refugee races. One such quarantine architecture was installed, the Solar Cross implant was placed in the heart centers of the 4D astral body and the 8D body of the earth and humanity, generating a one way access into the 8th portal of the Orion gateway that housed the Yahweh Matrix. The spiritual stagnation of the inhabitants of multiple planets and their warring mind logos is what combined the strength of the enforcement of the Solar Cross as a dimensional blockage to stop access in and out of this quarantined system, and further limited access by any entities to go beyond the consciousness of the Solar System, unless they are embodied as Solar Consciousness. Black hole entities, moon chain beings are of the lunar consciousness groups, and they are battling to find ways to exit out of the Solar Gates and Solar quarantines, without success. The history of explosion of planetary bodies and the rampant destruction it creates upon the races involved, is why the Solar Cross quarantine was put in place on the Earth, to remove access of lunar and black hole entities beyond our Solar System. This is one reason of what formed a quarantine fence around the earth, as well as another frequency fence that is enforced by the NAA technological nets, of which they are currently retaliating with the another AI control strategy. The repeated explosion of other planets in our Universal Time Matrix is the primary reason why there have been multiple invasion histories upon the earth, these explosions weaken the integrity of the time matrix. These invasions are from many lines of the Fallen Angelic races that are based in lunar or black hole forms. As a result of the invasion histories, there is a tremendous amount of karmic imbalances to play out and resolve between several planetary logos and their race lines that exist in the Solar System.

Each of these planets, its astrological blueprint and their race lines are undergoing stages of spiritual evolution through the reabsorption of their main egoic ray that existed within its closed energy system. The main mental body ray produces a theme of consciousness experience for that race line, and the experience never evolves when the consciousness energy is consistently depleted and not organically replenished. This was the consciousness state of the lunar forces, on a one way trajectory of de-evolution towards ever-increasing fragmentation. The collective race psychic impression and its ego-personality influencers begin to shift during the Solar System Initiation, plasma rays that are radiating through the Cosmic Spiritual Sun, or through the Solar Consciousness Network. At this time we have begun a Solar System Initiation as a result of the rebirth of the Solar Logos in our Universal Time Matrix, which impacts the interchain of spiritual evolution between multiple planetoid bodies and the related histories of the egoic-personality mental bodies that are attached to those planetary histories, which include the moon chains. These planets, moons and their assorted creations have collectively brought forth their egoic and grotesque astral manifestations by ignoring the natural laws and choosing to abuse technology to dominate and enslave others, many of these moon chain groups have greatly influenced humanity in the lower earth plane to believe in parasitism and blood sacrifice ideologies. The egoic remnants, the psychic debris of these planetoids and the Fallen Angelic entities associated with them, have created vast amounts of mind parasites throughout the phantom realms.

These mind parasites have come to be understood as the archon entities and their technological clones, which are manifested from these phantom bodies and are also technologically replicated in artificial intelligence in order to control and enslave humanity by the reptilians-insectoids. The archons feed on the chaos and fear generated by living light and living things, and use the energetic harvest to exist in the phantom spaces around the earth body. In order to continue to feed and survive they have largely attached themselves to the invading warring races of the NAA groups, that are embodied and disembodied. Being parasitic, they siphon energy to exist primarily from the solar bodies or the sun. One such Annunaki engineered race is the Leviathan, groups that were evicted from the wormhole in the earth body that was created as a result from the Tiamat explosion, which resulted in a phantom black hole eons ago. This field damage in the higher timeline was used by the NAA to abuse the earth collective consciousness energies through a network they have used in the Middle East called the Phoenix Grid. A showdown for the control over the Solar Gates and the Phoenix network, along with the agenda to continue to incite military invasion in the Middle East through carrying out warfare in Syria, was recently intercepted to reduce grid damage by the Guardians. These grid conflicts are in truth about gaining territorial control in close proximity to the main Solar Gate network.


(ES News- Spiritual Sun Behind the Sun, November 2013, Adapted for Current Events, Solar Logos)


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“From the Guardian perspective our moon is an inorganic structure, and did not come from our solar system.  The moon is an artificial satellite is that is locked into orbit with the earth body’s magnetic core.  It was brought here during the last war between the Pleadians and Reptilians.  The moon is a craft stolen from war and stripped to be refitted for its current use as a Reptilian and Grey Alien base.”

~Lisa Renee


From the Guardian perspective our moon is an inorganic structure, and did not come from our solar system.  The moon is an artificial satellite is that is locked into orbit with the earth body’s magnetic core.  It was brought here during the last war between the Pleadians and Reptilians.  The moon is a craft stolen from war and stripped to be refitted for its current use as a Reptilian and Grey Alien base.  Apparently, there are many beings living inside of it, even now.  Its use was for practical reasons to be able to have a “moon base” in close proximity to monitor and adjust the magnetic fields of the planet.  The Moon base has technology that keeps the magnetic spin rates that keep the connections open to the wormholes they have created.  Our solar system is damaged because these entities were creating rips and holes in time as well as, wormholes.

Saturn Base Transmission to Moon

Additionally, it has been recently observed that the Solar System Stargate 7, located inside the planet Saturn was also transmitting artificial intelligence beams through the Moon that corrupted the ultra-violet wave spectrum in our planetary Magnetosphere. The impact of several technologies used from this Archon base, seem to have been recently neutralized in some of their effects.  Like 7D reversal technologies that allowed for having operable Hibernation Zones, used in phantom areas as ambush pockets, to get into the earth field quickly though parallel doorways.  The parallel doorways appear to lead directly into Lake Titicaca underground water base, which have been closed off and secured.  Many underground bases scattered throughout the earth are in some kind of spiritual or material conflict for control and security.

Correction of this particular AI distortion appears to help people on the earth, to potentially align with higher frequencies and to have a better functioning Crown Chakra, or 7D energy center.  The moon transmissions have been especially difficult on the human mental body and the ability to actually have a brain and nervous system that actually functions well.  The anticipation is for an easier clearing out of Glandular System Implants, Pineal Cages and related Crucifixion Implants, that can be more easily dissolved from the lunar distortion impact as a result.  For those on the ascension path, this will gradually lead to clearer thinking, higher functioning glands and the ability to build the Perceptual Bridge that accesses the functioning of the Higher Mind.

5D Tara

Tara exploded millions of years ago as a 5D Planet and as a result, was sucked into a reversal black hole which manifested 12 spherical layers of the planetary bodies in our current Solar System, including the 3D version of Earth we inhabit in this Time Vector of the Universal Time Matrix.  Tara and Tiamat were a Binary Star system. Tiamats explosion and (Maldek’s explosion in 3D Solar System) destruction is the reason our 3D planet has an artificial satellite which is our Moon.

Moon Chain

Moon Chain Beings are soulless beings, like the Greys and Zetas, that have been cloned and used by the Annunaki, Draconian, etc. whom have placed these beings as “workers” on various planets.  Moon Chain races are a part of the Refugee Races that came from exploding planets in our Solar System.  Moon Chain lineages are also cast offs from other cycles of evolution between multiple planets in our Solar System.  The Moon chain lineages have been directly involved both karmically and technologically with purposely creating the “Sexual Misery” program in the human race during this dark age.  The sexual misery program is to distort, manipulate and abuse the sexual energies, therefore spiritual energies, in human beings incarnated on this planet.  The Baphomet fields are intricately involved in all deceptions and trickery relating to the Seducer Archetype which promotes the Sexual Misery Programming of the lunar forces or Moon Chain Lineages.

Transfiguration of Lunar Force

Transfiguration corresponds to the element of Solar Fire, which burns away the shadow forms in the lower chakra centers. The lunar forces (Moon) connected to the Dark Mother, the lower shadow forms start to rise in our body to be consumed in the transfiguring Solar Fire.  The new levels of intracellular light illuminate the lower shadow body reflections, and we are able to sense them, when we could not sense them before.  Transfiguration defines many different gradations of the Ascension experience, where there is shadow and lunar, these will rise from the cellular memory in the body to be seen.  Generally, we will perceive the shadow rising into the area of the body where the memory is attached; either physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually.  We witness the shadow rising and all of the negative emotions and pain that are associated with it in our memories, identities and timelines.  The shadow is something to learn how to embrace and not fear, as it rises to surface awareness, it is showing us exactly where we need to heal.  The shadow highlights weakness in our Lightbody that needs to be strengthened through spiritual dedication and devoted Meditation with the inner light presence.




LISA RENEE (Energetic Synthesis): “The Conditioning of Lunacy”


“To heal our soul we begin by healing our emotions, and negative ego behaviors.  We choose to listen to our heart and feelings, and determine the ways we can become more kind and loving to ourselves and others.  When strengthening our character, by increasing our tolerance and compassion for others, we help to develop Emotional Competence, as well as more confidence and Self Esteem.  These qualities help us to have a better understanding and interpretation of what is actually happening around us, which increases our accuracy in the discernment of people and events.”   ~Lisa Renee 


As we move forward this year, it is very important to understand that planet earth and her inhabitants are moving through a very turbulent time of collective consciousness transformation that directly impacts the mental body.  We are undergoing another stage of core magnetic field shifting that radically elevates the magnetic tone resonance that emanates from the inner core of the planet.  Because of how the magnetic field resonances connect with our brain’s neural net and stations of consciousness, the 3D personality and its mental body constructs will lose coherence in its ability to process in linear and logical ways.  This means we are required to synthesize our heart-brain complex and activate the higher functioning mind that exists above the layers of the personality.  Thus, people that are heavily dependent on their intellectual capacity, extremely mentally rigid, or severely traumatized or fractured are having a really difficult time maintaining stability and coherence during this time.

Recently, it has been made clear that more of the public are not faring well physically, as well as psychologically or emotionally from the massive impact of magnetic shifts made in the global brain resonance.  This is not an easy discussion to have, but this issue needs to be drilled down further so that those of us that are observing this phenomena in the collective have a point of reference for compassionate witnessing.  This particular theme of lunacy is disturbing and many of us will need to gather strength from the fact that this is happening in greater numbers on the planet.  Rather than choose a formal psychological label that is used to describe mentally fractured people, I am using the word lunacy to help connect the erratic behaviors that are in relationship to shift in the moon, lunar forces, soul fracturing, and its artificial magnetic field that transmits mind control programming.  Currently, it is more sensitive to refer to a person of unsound mind as a person with a mental illness, but this does not take into account the direct connection mental illness has to soul fracturing, and how the moon and lunar forces are deliberately used to fracture people by the NAA.  The moon’s artificial structures are interdependent on the planet’s magnetic field and the remaining lunar forces to co-exist within a certain parameter of 3D frequency circulation in the planetary grid network.  As the lunar forces are being replaced with more Solar Plasma Light in the grid network, it can be the trigger that catalyzes either spiritual awakening or psychotic break in the mental body of the public.

This is more apparent in the people that have not had any direction to discipline the negative ego or mental body, an uninitiated person that has not been introduced to the necessary self-reflection and inquiry work to resolve mental and emotional conflicts and recover their core self.  When a person remains very internally conflicted and lives within perpetual cognitive dissonance, this generates a lot of stress and pressure on that person’s body, especially in the mental and physical body.  Every person has a pressure point or breaking point and when there is enough pressure exerted on the body, deviations in behavior can occur.  When people are internally conflicted and fractured they reach a point where they will explode, as a bodily mechanism for releasing the energetic pressure that emotional and mental conflicts create.  However, when a person develops themselves spiritually, and frees the lower mind, they become incredibly strong and able to withstand pressures that many others are not capable of.  This breaking point is occurring in some of the fragile minds of fractured or traumatized people, and is what we are witnessing in larger numbers.  This unstable, and sometimes insane behavior, is something that we should be able to discern quickly, and be able to be neutral and stand fearless while in its midst.

With the infusion of massive technological warfare and psyops made against the minds of the people, this brings another category of assault which is the intended creation and spreading of lunatics in the environment, and the lack of spiritual support or medical help that is available for that group.  Currently, the phenomena of producing lunacy and lunatics is apparent and rising in society, certainly it is strongly evident in the online environments, as the incoherent and fractured behaviors of lunatics are being conditioned to become more acceptable and normalized in the popular culture.  This year we have significant changes occurring that are evicting out more of these lunar forces, removing lunar entities from lower dimensional realms in the earth body.  The interconnection that is made between the magnetic force disruptions to the lunar force AI structures in the earth, is raising the problem that segments of people are interdependent on these artificial magnetic field pulse rhythms to co-create their perception of consciousness reality.  These groups are people filled with lunar force, which is a black field substance that is connected to the moon chain lineage and lower satanic entities.  As the lunar force and magnetic changes are spiking into much higher resonances than ever before, some people are losing their grip in reality.

A lunatic is an informal term describing a person whose behaviors and actions are considered mentally ill, dangerous, unstable and unpredictable.  The term lunatic derives from the Latin word lunaticus that was used to describe madness, as the range of mental diseases thought to be caused by the moon.  By the fourth and fifth centuries astrologers were commonly using the term to refer to neurological and psychiatric diseases.  Philosophers such as Aristotle and Pliny the Elder debated that the full moon induced insane individuals with bipolar disorder by providing light during nights which would otherwise have been dark, and affecting susceptible individuals through the well-known route of sleep deprivation.  Until at least 1700 it was also a common belief that the moon influenced fevers, rheumatism, episodes of epilepsy and a host of mental diseases.  Apparently, because the use of the word lunatic was considered insensitive, offensive or insulting, it was removed from general legal or medical use.  On December 5, 2012 the US House of Representatives passed legislation approved earlier by the US Senate removing the word “lunatic” from all federal laws in the United States.  Although the word lunatic may have been labeled into a negative connation, it also removes the connection that mental disorders have to the lunar forces, and this knowledge is helpful to remember at this time of magnetic shifting.  Our bodies are potentially able to evolve to hold much more solar light in our cells, and many of us are birthing a Solar Sacrum, clearing out the lunar forces in the sexual energy centers and filling this area with solar light.

There are multiple layers of inorganic architecture and mind control that have been artificially created to work with the moon to control, deceive, separate, confuse, torture and steal human beings sexual life force.  These violations wound the soul body.  When the soul fragments from any kind of intense trauma, it shuts down the soul connection, heart connection and systematically splinters the layers of the mental bodies.  If this is not healed, the soul fragments are unable to embody at all, and exist in fragments strewn across the planetary consciousness grids.  The physical result is a disconnected soul from its incarnated human body.  The soul is outside the physical self, may exist in fragments, rather than energetically integrated to be embodied.  The more soul fragmented and damaged a person’s energetic body is operating the more distorted the thoughts and behaviors become.  Insanity is a diseased mind (diseased or disconnected soul) which leads the person to choose to continually inflict destruction and harm to the self and others.  If continual destructive and spiritually abusive behavior is not stopped, it will damage the soul through fragmentation and genetic degradation.  Insanity is a way to define behaviors which create soul destruction, that action which ultimately disconnect the body and mind from the soul.

This spiritual disconnection is the result of most all human diseases, brain dysfunction and related psycho-emotional distortions, many that have clinical references to bi-polar, mania, narcissism, and psychopathy.  Once a soul is fragmented, the body is very easy to control through addiction and can be easily possessed.  In order to feed the chain of hungry ghosts, to possess a human body by attaching to its soul fragments, is the way they are able to gain access into the soul’s energetic source.  The more unstable, incoherent and spiritually abusive the behaviors, the easier it is to take full control over that person because they are weakened by their fracturing which causes lunatic types of behaviors.

To heal our soul we begin by healing our emotions, and negative ego behaviors.  We choose to listen to our heart and feelings, and determine the ways we can become more kind and loving to ourselves and others.  When strengthening our character, by increasing our tolerance and compassion for others, we help to develop Emotional Competence, as well as more confidence and Self Esteem.  These qualities help us to have a better understanding and interpretation of what is actually happening around us, which increases our accuracy in the discernment of people and events.  Negative and destructive emotions that are suppressed and remain hidden, greatly cloud our discernment and obfuscate the interpretation we make about events in our life.

  • What emotions can you recognize and describe?
  • How well can you interpret what your emotions are telling you?
  • How successfully do you respond to emotions in yourself and others?
  • Can you allow yourself to feel deeply and explore empathy through others?

Unfortunately, if we do not heal our negative emotions and conflicts, we will become prisoners of this inner violence, without understanding why we have been consumed in pain throughout so much of our lives.  As a result of the bifurcation, if unhealed inner violence is still present, these uncleared negative energies create a lot of pain and suffering that along with the changing magnetic field, will produce even more insane behaviors in people as the result of fracturing.

As the globalscape intensifies, we may need to monitor our own self care and wellness, taking intermittent sanity checks and retreats totally away from exposure to the mainstream culture, when observing the increasing lunacy that is surfacing in the environment.

Love, Lisa

(Ascension Glossary: Soul Fracturing, Emotional Competence, Newsletter: Solar Sacrum, Lunatic: Wikipedia)



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