LISA RENEE: “Inner Twin Merge”

As we ignite the Inner Twin to merge with our own internal Rod/Staff and Masculine/Feminine Oversoul/Monad consciousness, we prepare our bodies for Ascension in alignment with our highest divine expression. When the heart is healed, there is a Twin Flame ignition in our heart and kidneys, which shifts the heart configuration. When these two flames are ignited to unify, there is a burst in the heart flame that sends the fire to grow the vital essence that is produced by the kidneys. Twin Flames = structures of light within the heart. The kidneys are relationship organs and they suffer when we have relationship issues and sexual imbalances that may be stemming from a lack of interpersonal support or feeling unloved from a lack of physical tenderness. So when the two flames ignite in the heart, the vital essence stored in the kidneys helps to carry the chi flame throughout the physical body, to unite with the spiritual flame of the monadic body. Our emotions travel in our personal energy field and when energy is being released, one can have an emotional breakthrough that allows the feelings to flow, so we can connect to feeling the emotions moving in the body. This allows release of emotional pain and fear and provides relief to chronic issues with the kidneys, opening into greater emotional as well as spiritual-energetic expansion. There is a triangular link that connects the heart complex into each side of the kidneys, which act like an electrical circuit in our Lightbody. When the 3 stations of identity merge within a Harmonic Triad, the 3 bodies within the Harmonic Triad combine into one energetic grid level and together they form and create a ‘Shield’. This formed Shield is akin to an energetic completion of that particular Triad experience for the personality, and the next dimension Identity of the next Harmonic Triad and its frequencies start to pour into the merged energy body for assimilation.

~Lisa Renee


  1. Kidneys
  2. Monad
  3. Spiritual Triad Integration


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