LISA RENEE: “Justice Will Be Served!”

“The luciferian new world order hijack of the New Age intends, and has, hijacked many of the Aquarian principles of our Holy Father. He reminds us, the Aquarian project or the Aquarian line is His law, His principle. So when we are not honest with ourselves/ our cells, when we’re not honest about our true feelings, it damages our trust, it damages our sound judgment our critical thinking our mental powers, right? All of our mental powers are damaged, impaired. And this also impacts our sense of fair mindedness, right? Are people being fair? Meaning: is there justice? is there fairness? is there justice that will be served? Now Aquarian Dragon of the Solar Logos in Holy Father’s body in His natural law says ‘Justice will be served! No one is above the law. No one is above the law. It is only time’. Thus we give our concerns of fairness and justice to God. Knowing this situation we are living within is not arbitrary man-made laws governing us because we choose and allow Divine Will to reign and rule us. That is the spiritual truth. So for a moment as we connect with the Aquarian Golden Dragon of our Solar Logos Holy Father principle, imagine a solar fire Golden Dragon. He is a golden ouroboros line. And in a golden Dragon body with pale violet crystal eyes that appear as a variety of beveled, violet-lilac coloured crystal gemstones.

~Lisa Renee

~via Aquarian Solar Dragon Ouroboros

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