REDEFINING GOD: “Tomorrow, March 4, Is the 233rd Anniversary of the Day in 1789 That the US Constitution Took Effect”

Forward by Ascension Avatar: I back-up Kimberly Goguen on her recent comments about ‘President’ Joe Biden… “Well, he must be doing all of this from beyond the grave, because he’s dead. Gone. No longer on the planet.” 😵 So who IS that masked man?”

NOTE + a P.S.: It should be noted that today is 3/3, both the House and Senate are in session, and Biden will gather the Vice President and the entire cabinet in the White House at 2 PM. So Washington presents a very juicy decapitation target this afternoon.

On the occult indicator side, my partner Onnabugeisha notes that tomorrow, March 4, is the 233rd anniversary of the day in 1789 that the US Constitution took effect. So killing off the “unconstitutional, rogue Washington government” today would lead to the Constitution making its return tomorrow. Tomorrow is also the day of the Longtaitou (“Dragon Raising its Head”) Festival in China [1,2], so China would be scripted to make a military move in the China seas Friday in the aftermath of the US government decapitation on Thursday.

If you combine this scenario with the one I covered in yesterday’s last update, things would unfold like this…

1 the West and its allies in the Russian government make a move on Putin today,

2 the immediate response would be a decapitation strike on Washington DC, and

3 China would enter the war tomorrow.

But even if they had this scenario scripted for Thursday and Friday, I doubt they’d act it out now.

P.S. – In another indicator this scenario may have been in play, Biden is scheduled to hold a video call with the Quad Leaders (the anti-China alliance) today at 9 AM EST.

NOTE: My partner Onnabugeisha has pointed out that tomorrow (3/3) will be the 777th day since 16 January 2020, which was the day…

Dmitry Medvedev (who is supposedly an “Atlantic Integrationist” who favors the Western-version NWO) took office as Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia, and

Mikhail Mishustin (who would take over as acting president if Putin is deposed) took office as Prime Minister of Russia.

According to Christian numerologists…

“The biblical meaning of 777 encompasses both the threefold expression of a perfectly holy God and the full completion symbolized by the number seven. So, 777 signifies God working to completely fulfill good purposes, and doing that work with absolute perfection.” – from

So having 777 — a number that supposedly signals “the completion of something good” — show up in relation to Medvedev and Mishustin provides numerological support for the superstitious globalists to script…

• a coup attempt against Putin tomorrow, or

• a decision tomorrow among Putin’s opponents to make the attempt in the coming days.