ADAM GREEN (Know More News): “Terrorists Targeting Iran / Christopher Bollyn”



“It didn’t matter who was President. Trump or Hillary the goal has always been war with Iran in the future there is no one else in the Middle East standing in Israel’s way”


“Trump is an Illuminati member so he’s following the NWO’s playbook completely.”


“Zionist Pets inside White house have sold the very American soul for serving their masters in Israel.”


“Donald Trump was just the lunatic puppet the NWO needed to be ‘placed’ into the White House!!!! Lord have mercy”


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NESARA: “President Trump = Slave To Satan: The Proof Is In The Pudding”

Ascension Avatar note: This was written by a onetime staunch Trump supporter until they began to see very troubling signs… then they woke up. While I don’t agree with everything here, or the religious fanaticism, the author makes several verifiable points. So there’s hope for others’ awakening too… 🙏

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— Did not protect the vote, has no intention to.

— Did not stop catch and release, has no intention to, the ICE gives them a ride up north, drops them off at bus stations, where Catholic Church satanic agents are waiting with; food; supplies; pre-paid debit cards; and MARCHING ORDERS.

— Trump did not arrest the bad guys, has no intention of doing it, he cannot, he is a Manchurian slave to Satan.

— Trump did not expose that every nation on earth was toppled by the crime syndicate (headquartered in China, secondary headquarters in Israel, tertiary headquarters in Vatican) and each toppled nation was then enslaved by a foreign owned corporation, a contract corporation (which means there is a secret contract, errr was, they are now void in the spiritual jurisdiction) and these contract corporations are called “federal corporations,” in black’s law dictionary, federal is defined as contract, or at least was in an older version, they swap things around to suit their needs.

— Trump did not expose that the federal statutes define NEWS ORGS as “ENTERTAINMENT,” and Trump did not expose to you that it is legal to use biological weapons on the populace of the united states, and that it is legal to use weather weapons against citizens of the united states, and that it is legal to use 5G in conjunction with forced vaccinations of nano metal particles to murder citizens of the united states, because the legal definition of a “united states citizen” is a “corporation that resides inside the District of Columbia (district of criminals) and thus WHY COULD IT BE ILLEGAL TO KILL A CORPORATION, DO YOU GET IT NOW?

— Did not stop the poisons being put in your; medicines, food, air, water, in fact they are INCREASING them, that is why Bayer bought Monsanto. My dad got fatal neurological disorder from ‘Statin’ blood cholesterol medicine, it is now widely known to be the cause of Parkinsons, but they are still selling it.

— Did not release all the MILLIONS of illegal incarcerated victims arrested/imprisoned for crimes that did not have a living victim, they are still rotting in prison.

— Did not expose the ‘legal definition of a person’ which makes it legal for law enforcement and corporations to murder innocent peoples, with no punishment, no repercussions, the murderers keep their jobs:

— Trump did not expose that nearly every definition in the ‘legal law dictionary’ has been perverted to enslave, rape, rob, torture, persecute, murder, and genocide every American and every; man, woman, and child on earth. Proof, click link below:

— Trump did not expose that America was; invaded, occupied, enslaved, and persecuted, by a foreign British-owned corporation called, “United States Inc: Proof links below:

— Trump has been pushing the new 5G cellular network, he is a major mover behind it. Whole flocks of birds are falling from the sky when they test it (dead), the scientists working for Silicon Valley say that the 1mm wave is highly deadly. The TSA agents using the 1mm wave to look at your body and luggage, are dying, dead, and being silenced. Yet TRUMP is totally behind it, because he is a SLAVE FOR SATAN. Link for below screen shot of links proving TRUMP main pusher for 5G death grid:

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ADAM GREEN (Know More News): “Apocalyptic End-Times Fanatics Run America”


Comments from video thread:


“May as well replace the fifty stars on the American flag with the Star of David because America has become the United States of Israel and Satan’s puppet Jared Kushner is the real commander and chief.”


“The Zionists, Trump and the Protestant Zionists helping to bring about the Antichrist. Good job Adam exposing this insanity.”


“Its not about Jesus coming back to these Neocons. Its about the Jewish Antichrist coming upon the world which is the Neocons Antichrist. They worship Satan, they’re not trying to bring back Jesus.”


“I tried to tell people Trump wasn’t going to save America, he was one of them from the start!”


“I’m done with Trump/Q… it’s over”


…and my personal favorite…


“What part of billionare reality show actor didn’t people get?”



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MORAG: “Stargates, Trumpocalypse, And The Tribal Space Age”


“Trump is an Age of Aquarius catalyst, a necessary evil.  To have Clinton would be to still exist in the matrix illusion.  No change for the elite, business as usual.  Trump literally is the trump card, the wild card, the joker in the pack.  Already uniting millions against the corrupt, fascist, capitalist system he represents with all its inherent evils. He doesn’t play the game, their game, anyone’s game.  A catalyst for change needs to be disruptive.”



Stargates and portals are opening more and more frequently.  The return of the divine feminine spreading her wings, activating upgrades in our heart, solar plexus and throat chakras.  Creating the desired energetic space for quantum realignment.  More of us coming online with Gaia’s transition to higher frequencies.

People are waking up everywhere, everyday.  At an accelerating rate.  The internet, a big player in this evolution of consciousness, restores a village, tribal culture to a disparate, captive and lost civilisation.  Like minded people can find each other, resources can be exchanged fairly.  We can communicate without a middle man. A greedy man. A deceptive man.

Common courtesy, dignity and respect can be restored.  The fifth dimension on Gaia will be tribal space age.  It will be cleaning our seas, restoring our land, redesigning our cities.  Bringing the mind body spirit system back online, interconnected with Gaia.

The surge in awakening energy emanating from people is fusing with the cosmic waves of awakening from the universe. Combined with Gaia’s own transition to higher frequencies, we are surfing some truly stormy seas!

Our guides and higher selves, the Intergalactic community, are watching us closely.  No nuclear weapons can be detonated, direct intervention has been cleared for some decades on that one.  The rest however is up to us.  How we steer our own little ships in the greater global seas of change will determine our own and the planet’s future.

A rich and glorious planet like this, fertile, abundant and beautiful is rarer than we think.  Most planets are inhabited inside rather than on the crust.  There is more than enough for everyone.  Greed is the core enemy of this planet and her people.  Erase greed and we erase poverty.  We erase environmental destruction, we learn to live in tandem with Gaia.  We produce the right food in the right places.  We work with the seasons, the land, the seas to achieve equilibrium with our environment.

It has taken 70 years to accelerate destruction in the guise of capitalist economic profiteering.  We can begin to restore her grace in less time with careful planning, coordination and commitment.  Using Gaia’s gifts to heal us, nourish us and grow us.

Trump is an Age of Aquarius catalyst, a necessary evil.  To have Clinton would be to still exist in the matrix illusion.  No change for the elite, business as usual. Trump literally is the trump card, the wild card, the joker in the pack.

Already uniting millions against the corrupt, fascist, capitalist system he represents with all its inherent evils.  He doesn’t play the game, their game, anyone’s game.  A catalyst for change needs to be disruptive.



We watch agog as the Trumpocalypse wave rolls on.  But we mobilise as well.  Waking up needs a trigger.  Unplugging requires a radical stimulus.  Unplug from mainstream media.  Open our eyes and see truth.  Meditate!  Wake up our chakras, take care of ourselves.  These tumultuous energies are ultimately going to pull us into alignment.  Chakra clearing, strengthening and balancing.

Trump is one catalyst on the world stage, there will also be Trump moments in our own lives, catalysts for change.  Wake up triggers.  Boom.  You start to see.  Clarity.  Awakening.  And then the real work begins.  Sleep is easy.  Awake is where the real fun lies.  The challenges, the highs, the lows, the thrills and the bliss of love frequency.

As this transition builds momentum many of us are feeling a wish to escape, release our spirit, free ourselves from the routines and responsibilities, the stresses and pressures of third dimensional living.  Now is the time we most need to anchor our light, ground ourselves and be present.

This is a balancing act between fifth dimensional frequency alignment and this reality.  We are being pulled in different directions.  The fears and pressures of the matrix draw our vibrations down, escaping through meditation and retreat can elevate us away up through our crown chakra.  We should focus on our solar plexus to build and anchor strength in this core power chakra.  Centring us, grounded and elevated simultaneously. This is the beginning of quantum existence.

When the matrix drags you down the rabbit hole of darkness, meditate and breathe.  Ask for help from your guides, then listen.  If you’re caught up in drama, someone else’s or your own, try and stop time for just a moment.  Regroup, rebalance and calm down.  Breathe, three times, throat chest stomach.  Ask for your aura and each chakra to be cleared, strengthened and balanced.

There is a lot of anger in the atmosphere, real authentic rightful anger.  Each section or group of society that has been treated poorly by the elite is waking up and they are angry.  The injustices of this planet are astounding.  To live with the anger is tough.  To try and release it, transmute it, exhale it is a relentless challenge in this lifetime.  Anger corrodes the soul.  It breaks it down, poisons it with denser frequency and makes it gritty and dirty.  Yet if you wake up and don’t feel angry well… you’ve not really woken up.

The straight white male, the ideal in this patriarchal matrix, has been short-changed as well.  Boxed in and labelled with structured expectations and punished with harsh consequences if he doesn’t conform.  No one is safe, as they awaken, from anger.  Some may feel survivors guilt or somehow complicit.  It is all programming, the enforced disconnection of our mind body and soul system.

Manifestation means if we sit in this anger too long it becomes our ongoing reality.  After time it hardens into bitterness, taking root in our physical bodies as illness.

Anger comes out when you least expect it. It can upset you more than many other emotions.  It can leave you feeling ashamed, guilty, obstinate and moody.  This is bad juju and it can affect those around us badly.  A self fulfilling prophecy, a karmic wheel of anger.

So how do we step out of a dense emotion like anger, transmute and release it without harming ourselves or others in the process?

Finding a balance between the multi worlds of higher frequency existence and third dimension life is the key.  Knowing when to engage and when to release.  Listening to our intuition, our instincts, our guides, our higher self, our wisdom is key.  Stabiity comes from awareness, reflection and learning, not stewing in the darkness of negative emotions.

Climbing out of that dark pit.  Hauling ourselves back up over the edge into sunlight.  It takes work.  Effort.  Energy.  And focus.  This is not a lifetime to coast, this is a lifetime of accelerated growth, fast, hard lessons and steep learning curves.

Taking time to process such an immense cosmic rollercoaster of a ride is essential to maintain some kind of equilibrium between being too third dimensional and too crown chakra floaty.

Core strength through self care, cleansing our minds of toxins, staying connected to our bodies will help.  Let the love light energy build inside you, from the core out.  Breathe into your solar plexus for strength and stillness.  Reach inside yourself for gratitude, see and feel the good things in your life.  Connect to those emotions and embrace the rush of love that will flow through your system.

We are in rough energetic seas friends, ride them in solidarity and support and release the depths of the anger to the universe, let her deal with it.  If we are in the End Times then we are also in the Beginning Times. Embrace the transition by lightening our emotional energetic loads.  Cleanse and clear, balance and strengthen, love and be loved.  Together we can manifest growth, grace and gratitude in our own lives and on Gaia.

Mantra: I am a loving, fluid, beautiful being.



About the author:  Born and raised in Glasgow I graduated with an MA in English & Politics, then spent time traveling in Australia. I came home to study, graduating with an MSC in Business Marketing Management.  I followed this with a PGCE in English and taught for a year in Glasgow before moving to East London where I taught English and worked as a Head of Year for 14 years. After the birth of my second daughter I left teaching and have been a stay at home mum for three years.  During this time I have led guided meditation groups, retrained as a reiki healer and started my Facebook page awakening5dhealing.  I am clairvoyant and clairaudient; I’ve been reading tarot for 25 years.  I have always instinctively understood that this world was being run by a small group of men.  A recovering Catholic, I experienced my spiritual awakening after breaking my leg three years ago.  The realization that quantum mechanics is oneness changed my life.  I now write, work as a spiritual healer using reiki, crystals and Starseed Tarot Cards and take part in local healing festivals.  ~via