LISA RENEE: “Many Humans That Think They Are Channeling Ascended Masters Are Channeling Astral Entities in the 4th Dimension That Are Misrepresenting Themselves”

“Ascended Master is a term that is highly misunderstood within the metaphysical and New Age movement. Many humans that think they are channeling Ascended Masters are channeling Astral entities in the 4th dimension that are misrepresenting themselves. Many of them do not possess the knowledge that resides within our own Higher Self-God Identity. The Guardians refer to the true meaning of Ascended Mastery as not being the term to those identities that have progressed into a partial ascension process. An Ascended Master is a highly evolved group level of consciousness that exists BEYOND the dimensionalization of the Time Matrix.”

~Lisa Renee

~via Ascension Glossary

STEVEN BANCARZ: “Proof the Ascended Masters Are Demons In Disguise”

Helena Blavatsky, Kuthumi, El Morya, and St. Germain (note Satanic ‘devil horns’ hand signal).

“Saturn is an Orion Group or Archontic outpost located primarily in the outer rings, for many of the Negative Alien Agenda activities to distort and pervert the lower dimensions and propagate the 4D astral delusions along with the 5D false ascension programs. Most of the false ascended masters of the New Age using the 5D false ascension program through Orion Group are actually broadcasts transmitted through the Saturnian body in the 7th dimensional area of the Galactic Portal. Additionally, through field work, it was confirmed all forms of blood cult worship were designed through Orion Group by manipulating the constellation transmissions and using Saturnian worship interchangeably for propagating Satanic Ritual Abuse on earth.”

Lisa Renee, via Zodiac Alteration

Who are ascended masters? If you are familiar with the New Age movement, you may have heard this term used before to describe beings like Buddha, Jesus, and St. Germain. The claim in this article is not that Buddha and Jesus are demons, but that the “Ascended Masters” who have disguised themselves as Jesus and Buddha in esoteric material where this idea first originated have fully disclosed themselves as being fallen angels.

Ascended Masters, or the Great White Brotherhood or Secret Chiefs, are believed to be spiritually enlightened beings who in past incarnations were ordinary humans, but have went through spiritual transformation to the point of reaching ascension.

There are 7 rays of ascension and all of the supposed ascended masters are categorized under these rays according to their spiritual qualities, characteristics, and type of message they taught. They all have surpassed the birth cycle, have more good karma than bad karma, and no longer need to be reborn since they have surpassed 6th level initiation.

Initiations are levels of consciousness and stages of soul development, and the more universal your consciousness becomes the higher you move up the ranks of initiation until you hit the 4th level of initiation where its no longer necessary for you to reincarnate. At the 6th level of initiation you have achieved unity with the “I Am” and thus fall into the category of being an “ascended master”.

People meditate to contact ascended masters, pray to ascended masters, and even use ascended master oracle card decks for spiritual guidance and wisdom. In the New Age community, they have almost become some sort of gods that some people even pray to for protection from darkness and negative spirits in the astral planes.

This is thought of as something being totally harmless and spiritually safe. But as we are about to see, the Ascended Masters have much darker origins.

The Great White Brotherhood gave Aleister Crowley his Satanism


Crowley was a famous occultist and satanist from the 1900s. He referred to himself as “The Beast 666” and once said “I was not content to just believe in Satan, I wanted to be his chief of staff”.

He used to torture and kill animals, use menstrual blood for spell casting, has openly admitted to making blood sacrifices to demons, and performed sex magik on his mistresses, 5 of which ended up committing suicide. He was also a 33rd degree freemason, a heroin addict, and believed that:

“For the highest spiritual working one must accordingly choose that victim which contains the greatest and purest force. A male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim… For for nearly all purposes relating to magic, human sacrifice is the best.” – Chapter 12 of: Of The Bloody Sacrifice: And Matters Cognate.

After reading about the Great White brotherhood in a book called The Cloud Upon the Sanctuary, Crowley wanted to ascend to the top of the latter. He started an order called “AA” consisting of a series of levels that students would graduate through after performing tasks consisting of black magick and occultic practices involving astral projection, contact with spirits, and witchcraft. At the top of this order as the highest ranking beings sat the Secret Chiefs of the planetary order (the ascended masters).

One of these Secret Chiefs he believed in was named Aiwass. This is the being who gave him his entire satanic philosophy and telepathically communicated to him his satanic book titled The Book of the Law which stated that to “do as thou wilt” is the highest law. This book is a staple in any Satanists and black magicians library.

If members of the Great White Brotherhood are contacting black magick satanists who practiced blood sacrifice to demons and are giving them satanic philosophy, are we really sure these “ascended masters” are of God? Now, let’s get into the nitty gritty.

The Ascended Masters were first popularized in a book published under “Lucifer Publishing Co.” founded by a Satanist.


The ideas of ascended masters was first really introduced in the Occult in the late 1700s, but was fully developed and popularized as a mature concept around 1920, by C.W. Leadbeater and Alice A. Bailey.

Alice A Baliey is a famous occultist, a pioneer in metaphysics, and prominent member of the Theosophical Society which is a metaphysical school that basically founded the New Age movement. She published her first work the concept of rays, initiations, and The Great White Brotherhood (the ascended masters) in her book “Initiation, solar and human”, which brought the ideas of ascended masters and soul initiation into the mainstream of the occult and the New Age community.

This book was published under the publishing company called “Lucifer publishing Co.” This which was named off of the original magazine of the Theosophical Society titled “Lucifer”. Alice Bailey was a member of the Theosophical society and this society is typically regarded as being what started the entire New Age movement. The Theosophical society was a mystery school that taught esoteric knowledge and ancient mysteries.

The founder of the Theosophical Society was a blatant satanist named Helena Blavatsky who was a 32nd degree freemason. Here are some quotes from Volume II of her book The Secret Doctrine, which was a favourite book of Adolf Hitler by the way:

“In this case it is but natural — even from the dead letter standpoint — to view Satan, the Serpent of Genesis, as the real creator and benefactor, the Father of Spiritual mankind. For it is he who was the “Harbinger of Light,” bright radiant Lucifer, who opened the eyes of the automaton created by Jehovah, as alleged; and he who was the first to whisper: “in the day ye eat thereof ye shall be as Elohim, knowing good and evil” — can only be regarded in the light of a Saviour.” (p. 243)

“Lucifer is divine and terrestrial light, the “Holy Ghost” and “Satan,” at one and the same time.” on (p. 513)

“Satan, the enemy of God, is in reality, the highest divine Spirit” (p. 377)

“God created Satan, the fairest and wisest of all his creatures in this part of His Universe, and made him Prince of the World, and of the Power of the Air…Thus, Satan being perfect in wisdom, and beauty, His vast empire is our earth, if not the whole solar system. . . . Certainly no other angelic power of greater or even equal dignity has been revealed to us” (p. 229).

There are well over 100 references to Satan in The Secret Doctrine, which was the primary work of the founder of the Theosophical Society. And according “Ponder of This” by Alice Bailey, most of the Secret Doctrine was actually channeled to Helena from an ascended Master named Djwal Khul. To read more quotes of hers on Satan you can click here.

So the idea of ascended masters first came out of a mystery school started by a satanist and a publishing company named after Lucifer. But it gets worse.

The story of the Ascended Masters perfectly mirrors the story of the fallen angels in the Bible, and they worship Satan


On pages 32-33 of Initiation, Solar and Human (which was channeled to Alice Bailey by Ascended Master Djwal Khul) she talks about where these masters are located and how they came here in the first place.

“After the great descent of the spiritual Existences [the Masters] to the earth, the work they planned to do was systematised. Offices were apportioned, and the processes of evolution in all the departments of nature were brought under the conscious wise guidance of this initial Brotherhood. 

This Hierarchy of Brothers of Light still exists, and the work goes steadily on. They are all in physical existence, either in dense physical bodies, such as many of the Masters employ, or in etheric bodies, such as the more exalted helpers and the Lord of the World occupy. 

Several of the Masters in physical bodies dwell in the Himalayan mountains, in a secluded spot called Shigatse, far from the ways of men, but the greater number are scattered all over the world, dwelling in different places in the various nations, unrecognised and unknown, yet forming each in His own place a focal point for the energy of the Lord of the World.”

The Lord of the World in the Ascended Masters Teachings is Sanat Kumara, the founder of the Great White Brotherhood and the ruler over the whole etheric plane. The only spiritual entity to be referred to in such a way in the Bible is Satan himself, who Paul calls ‘the god of this world’ (2 Cor.4:4), and Jesus refers to Satan as being the ‘ruler of this world’ 3 separate times (Jn.12:31; 14:30; 16:11).

Even the Satanic Bible refers to Satan as the Lord of the Earth (pg 162). The Bible also talks about Satan and his demons ruling from the air:

“In which you used to live when you followed the ways of this world and of the ruler of the kingdom of the air, the spirit who is now at work in those who are disobedient.”

So these so-called “masters” who gave Crowley his Satanic philosophy exist within the etheric planes and serve the “Lord of the World”, and The Bible tells us that demons exist within the heavenly places and serve the God of this World (Satan).

Let’s take a look at the first sentence of the paragraph again.

‘After the great descent of the spiritual Existences [the Masters] to the earth’, implies that the ascended masters descended together and fell to earth all at the same time. In her book “The Externalization of the Hierarchy” on page 118 she says this “when the sons of God who responded to the divine urge to experience, to serve and to sacrifice, separated themselves from the sons of God who responded to no such inspiration”. So this is literally a direct reference to fallen angels.

Here is a quote by Nilakanta Sri Ram in the Theosophical magazine Lucifer from page 2 of an issue published on April of 1961:

“The adversary, or Satan, is no other than Lucifer, the light bearer, the bright Morning Star. He is the Initiator, awakening the divine faculties of intellect on man. He is the king of the Fallen Angels, spirits from higher spheres, who descended among primitive mankind of the Third Race”.

The founder of the entire Theosophical Society Helena Blavatsky openly admits this on page 236 of The Secret Doctrine:

The allegorical and symbolical meaning of the Serpent of Genesis is found explained by the “Sons of Wisdom” (or angels from higher spheres, though all and each pertain to the kingdom of Satan, or Matter) revealing to men the mysteries of Heaven.

Is it just a coincidence that the Biblical account of the fallen angels coincides perfectly with the history of the Ascended Masters? If it still seems like a concidence, it won’t after we understand that Theosophy believed Sanat Kumara is literally Satan. Here is a quote from famous Theosophist Dane Rudyar on Sanat Kumara:

“Satan is an anagram for Sanat Kumara, who in the esoteric philosophy of India is the promethean being who gave mankind the fire of self-conscious and independent, individual self-hood” – The Magic of Tone and the Art of Music, pg 69

According to the New Encyclopedia of the Occulton page 418:

“Satan has a possible echo in Theosophical lore, where the Lord of the World, the ruler of the earth, and the head of the Great White Lodge, is Sanat Kumara”.

Here is a quote by Nilakanta Sri Ram in the Theosophical magazine Lucifer from page 2 of an issue published on April of 1961:

“The adversary, or Satan, is no other than Lucifer, the light bearer, the bright Morning Star. He is the Initiator, awakening the divine faculties of intellect on man. He is the king of the Fallen Angels, spirits from higher spheres, who descended among primitive mankind of the Third Race”.

The founder of the entire Theosophical Society Helena Blavatsky openly admits this on page 236 of The Secret Doctrine:

The allegorical and symbolical meaning of the Serpent of Genesis is found explained by the “Sons of Wisdom” (or angels from higher spheres, though all and each pertain to the kingdom of Satan, or Matter) revealing to men the mysteries of Heaven.

So according to the Bible, Lucifer and his angels, were cast out of Heaven to earth and now exist within the “air” and the “heavenly places”. And according the Ascended Masters teachings, the “Ascended Masters” separated from other sons of God and fell to earth in a great descent and now exist in the etheric realms with Satan.

And these teachings were brought to us by a mystery school founded by a satanist and were published under Lucifer publishing company. This is just spiritual satanism and the glorification of fallen angels.

If the ascended masters really are fallen angels, we should expect them to reject Jesus. And that’s exactly what we see.

The Ascended Masters teachings about Jesus are false and ridiculous


(The false) jesus is lumped in there with all the other ascended masters, but he is called “The Christ” or “Master Jesus” instead of Jesus Christ. Or sometimes they just do away with “Jesus” and “Christ” and just call him Sananda. ‘The Christ’ is a member of the 6th cosmic ray, and is referred to as one of the top ascended masters.
This model teaches that Jesus is/was not the Son of God and is actually underdeveloped and unevolved in comparison to beings who are 7th, 8th, and 9th level initiates. This completely contradicts everything Jesus ever said about himself.

According to Initiation, Solar and Human, the Master Jesus was previously incarnated as Joshua, the Hebrew military leader in the 13th century BC, and Joshua the High Priest in the sixth century BC. Jesus was also incarnated as Joseph of the coat of many colors, King David (who lived c. 1037 BC until around 970 BC), and Elisha.

Jesus then reincarnated again as Jesus of Nazareth, and again as Greek philosopher Apollonios of Tyana right after his physical death around the mid-first century. After he died as Apollonios, he became a 5th level initiate. He then incarnated again as Hindu philosopher Ramanuja.

According to Elizabeth Clare Prophet, the false Prophet of the Church Universal and Triumphant, the largest Ascended Master Teachings religion, the Master Jesus incarnated twice as the Emperor of Atlantis, once in 33,050 BC and again in 15,000 BC.

According to her, “He did this in order to aid the white magicians in the war of the white magicians and the black magicians that was going on in Atlantis at that time.” By the way, Atlantis never existed and I will prove that it’s all part of the Satanic deception in another article/video.

And according to famous esotericist and ascended master teacher Benjamin Creme, the Master Jesus and Sanat Kumara visited the Americas in the late 7th century and early 8th century. This visit gave rise to the Mayan legend of Quetzacoatl.

So apparently, Master Jesus and Sanat Kumara, the Lord of the World (aka Satan), appeared to the Mayans in the form of a winged serpent who looked like a dragon and wanted human blood sacrificed to him. Are we really naive enough to think this is not demonic?

This ridiculous doctrine teaches that Jesus Christ lived a total of at least 10 separate times on earth. As the Ascended Masters model teaches, he is just “the Christ” who is a 6th ray cosmic master who has lived 10 lives trying to help people ascend. Satan’s mission of turning people away from the real Jesus (his only threat) is complete with the ascended masters teachings.

The Teachings of Fallen Angels


Here is a brief look at some of the evil themes pervasive in Alice Bailey’s works, which were all channeled to her by an Ascended Master of the Great White Brotherhood. Djwal Khul is the “master” who transmitted 24 books to Alice Bailey, all of which were published under “Lucis Trust” which was formerly called Lucifer Publishing company. Let’s see what these fallen angels have to say:


“The emphasis in the future will shift from the urge to produce large families to that of producing quality and intelligence in the offspring. This will include that science of which eugenics is the distorted and exoteric indication.” – Education in the New Age, p. 133-134


Bailey said that the “new race” will be distinguished by “a state of consciousness which is the Aryan or mental consciousness or state of thinking … This state of consciousness will find its expression in people as far apart racially as the Japanese and the American or the Negro and the Russian.” The Rays and the Initiation, p. 593-594

“The new race is forming in every land, but primarily in those lands where the fifth or Caucasian races are to be found.” Education in the New Age, p. 118

“Very low grade human bodies will disappear, causing a general shift in the racial types toward a higher standard.” The Destiny of the Nations, p. 125


“Symbolically, the Jews represent (from the point of view of the Hierarchy) that from which all Masters of the Wisdom and Lords of Compassion emerge: materialism, cruelty, and a spiritual conservatism, so that today they live in Old Testament times and are under the domination of the separative, selfish, lower concrete mind.” The Rays and the Initiations, p. 705-706

“I have sought – with love and understanding – to point out the faults of the world religions, with their obsolete theologies and their lack of love, and to indicate the evils of Judaism. The present world faiths must return to their early simplicity, and orthodox Judaism, with its deep seated hate, must slowly disappear” The Externalization of the Hierarchy, p. 543

“The solution will come, as I said, when the races regard the Jewish problem as a humanitarian problem but also when the Jew does his share of understanding, love, and right action.” The Externalization of the Hierarchy, p. 78


“The Masonic Movement when it can be divorced from politics and social ends and from its present paralysing condition of inertia, will meet the need of those who can, and should, wield power. It is the custodian of the law; it is the home of the Mysteries and the seat of initiation. It holds in its symbolism the ritual of Deity, and the way of salvation is pictorially preserved in its work. The methods of Deity are demonstrated in its Temples, and under the All-Seeing Eye the work can go forward.” The Externalization of the Hierarchy, p. 511

“One of the things that will eventuate – when the new universal religion has sway and the nature of esotericism is understood – will be the utilization of the banded esoteric organisms, the Masonic organism and the Church organism as initiating centres. These three groups converge as their inner sanctuaries are approached. There is no dissociation between the One Universal Church, the sacred inner Lodge of all true Masons, and the innermost circles of the esoteric societies.” The Externalization of the Hierarchy, p. 513

Pro War

The following quotes were in references to WWII and what was going on in Nazi Germany:

“Today we are watching the death of a civilisation or cycle of incarnation of humanity. In all fields of human expression, crystallisation and deterioration had set in. … there is everywhere a cry for change and for those new forms in the religious, political, educational and economic life of the race which will allow of freer and better spiritual expression.

Such a change is rapidly coming and is regarded by some as death – terrible and to be avoided if possible. It is indeed death but it is beneficent and needed.” The Externalization of the Hierarchy, p. 105


“Pain has always been the purifying agent, employed by the Lords of Destiny, to bring about liberation. The accumulated pain of the present war and the inherited pain of the earlier stage (begun in 1914) is bringing about a salutary and changing world consciousness.

The Lord of Pain has descended from His throne and is treading the ways of earth today, bringing distress, agony and terror to those who cannot interpret His ends.” The Externalization of the Hierarchy, p. 114-115

After WWII was over, she said  “all its unspeakable horrors, its cruelties, and its cataclysmic disasters – was but the broom of the Father of all, sweeping away obstructions in the path of His returning Son.” The Externalization of the Hierarchy, p. 619

“The atomic bomb emerged from a first ray Ashram, working in conjunction with a fifth ray group; from the long range point of view, its intent was and is purely beneficent.” Externalization of the Hierarchy, p. 548

“The next stage of human evolution will emerge as a result of the purificatory action of the World War” Education in the New Age, p. 149

So according to the Ascended Masters, eugenics, racist, war, anti-semitism, and Freemasonry are not only acceptable, they are actually encouraged and endorsed. And we are only scratching the surface with quotes like this. More of them can be found here. But now that we know they are fallen angels serving The Lord of the World (Satan) in the astral planes, it should really come as no surprise.

Tying it all together


These “Ascended Masters” have a history that mirrors the fallen angels exactly, they serve Lucifer/Satan which Theosophists themselves tell us, and were first popularized by the Theosophical society (founded by a Satanist Freemason) under Lucifer publishing company.

They gave Crowley his Satanism, they make a mockery of Jesus and give us false promises of ascension while promoting war, eugenics, and racism.

If you feel a conviction in your spirit or a red light going off in your inner radar, it would be extremely wise to throw away your ascended master oracle cards, stop praying to these evil beings disguised as solar angels, and disregard any teachings containing references to the Ascended Masters as being authorities of light.

Their teachings are evil and they are not of God. They are fallen angels who serve The Lord of the World who we now know is Satan, according to theosophists themselves.

As Jesus said in Matthew 24:24 “For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. See, I have told you ahead of time”. “Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. It is not surprising, then, if his servants also masquerade as servants of righteousness.” 2 Corinthians 11: 14-15.

It’s very easy to get misled sometimes, and the Ascended Masters had me fooled for a while too. I once slept with some oracle cards of theirs in a room I was sleeping in, and looking back on it, it only made me feel weird and creeped out even when I had no idea who they were.

We’ve been duped. These are just demons in the etheric planes disguising themselves as bringers of wisdom. And they all fallen angels, their mission is to lead people away from Jesus Christ before their time is up.


LISA RENEE: Ascension Class 1 ~ “What is Ascension?”

“When we say ‘Ascension,’ and we’re moving forward in terms of our developing consciousness, in actuality what we are doing is descending our divinity into our physical bodies. We are Ascending in consciousness but we actually are descending that divinity into the physical vehicle. So the Ascension is literally a Descension or collecting of those fragments or other identities of ourselves, as we merge them into this moment of self that we’re sharing now. And so, many of us are Ascending for our entire soul extension family, and that is again the same thing as Soul Retrieval, or soul reclamation. We are actually merging with those identities into this identity, in this moment of Self and time. However, those of us that usually make it this far on the Ascension path are here because we are the ones that endeavor to hold either future leadership or stewardship roles, where we will endeavor to hold the space required that creates a sphere of influence that activates larger groups of beings. But those of us that are of the Starseed races or Indigo races, that are in this timeline that we’re sharing now, the fact that we are all together in this group at this time, is indicative of the fact that we’ve all been magnetized together so that we can share this experience of preparing ourselves into the next level of our authenticity, in terms of our soul plan, what we’re here to contribute to the larger whole, and as well fulfill our own soul mission which has a leadership or a group type of agreement with that. Because as we become more vast in our own ability to hold Light, the more advanced we are in terms of our lightbody spectrum, as we start to actually anchor that frequency and light within our physical vehicle, we then are increased in our light power. In terms of our auric field this not only becomes larger but it becomes more potent in shaping the fields of manifestation down here in this particular realm.”

~Lisa Renee


Thank you for our first teleclass, our Ascension class number one, “What is Ascension?” and investigating and speaking a little bit more about what is ascension, in the term, at least the context that I use it in because ascension obviously has many other meanings. When we say “Ascension,” and we’re moving forward in terms of our developing consciousness, in actuality what we are doing is descending our divinity into our physical bodies. So actually the Ascension is a descension of our spiritual-energetic bodies, which is almost in reverse of what we actually think it means. We are Ascending in consciousness but we actually are descending that divinity into the physical vehicle. 

So, our actual goal is to connect with higher, more refined vibrating aspects of ourselves. So, when we think of our soul, our Oversoul and these aspects of spiritual-energetic identity, this is where the understanding of the cosmology of dimensions , and dimensional spectrums are brought to awareness. When we understand the color wave spectrums of each dimension and use our chakras as a foundational model, that again helps us to understand what the seven primary chakras function actually are. We can start with those seven dimensions of which there is a plane of reality that we as a soul/God being, multidimensional God Being actually have an intelligence and an aspect of our Self in simultaneous time that is existing on that particular plane of reality.  So the Ascension is literally a Descension or collecting of those fragments or other identities of ourselves, as we merge them into this moment of self that we’re sharing now.  

Because, it is this Soul Identity in terms of the personality level that is actually experiencing the time cycle of the Ascension.  And so, many of us are Ascending for our entire soul extension family, and that is again the same thing as Soul Retrieval, or soul reclamation.  We are actually merging with those identities into this identity,  in this moment of Self and time.   And we again move up the consciousness scale in not only accessing higher and more refined levels of our creative intelligence forces and our mind matrix, but also the process of ascension is liberating us from the lower form worlds of manifestation,  which is what this particular time/space of Earth reality is considered.  It is considered a lower form world, and again with no value or judgment, but in terms of understanding that there are lower form worlds, mid-creational realms, and higher-creational realms.  Here, we are existing within the harmonic universal structure of the earth that is the densest possible reality that you can experience in a spiritualized form.  So, to be connected to God Source and to experience this level of density, this is about as dense as we can get and still be connected into the One Source, God Source Light.  

So, Ascension is not just a spiritual concept, the term of Ascension is used hand in hand with Soul evolution, the awakening process, becoming Soul-infused personalities on earth. Ascension is also a literal, tangible scientific process of the evolution of consciousness and biology within specific laws and energy mechanics that apply to a multidimensional reality system.  So this, in fact, is something that I endeavor to share a base knowledge with in order to understand this “Ascension” term as a concept first, and I think for each one of us, it’s very unique and individual.  You have to feel within yourself as you start to feel your own truth of Being and your interest, enthusiasm or animation to this material.  Some of this material is obviously going to be, too much information, for many people in this ascension wave.  However, those of us that usually make it this far on the Ascension path are here because we are the ones that endeavor to hold either future leadership or stewardship roles, where we will endeavor to hold the space required that creates a sphere of influence that activates larger groups of beings.  So, the Guardians have made it very clear to me that this is basically a leadership or stewardship primer, that there are many beings on the planet that will not quite resonate with this level of, let’s say, technical data.  

But those of us that are of the Starseed races or Indigo races, that are in this timeline that we’re sharing now, the fact that we are all together in this group at this time, is indicative of the fact that we’ve all been magnetized together so that we can share this experience of preparing ourselves into the next level of our authenticity, in terms of our soul plan, what we’re here to contribute to the larger whole, and as well fulfill our own soul mission which has a leadership or a group type of agreement with that.  Because as we become more vast in our own ability to hold Light, the more advanced we are in terms of our lightbody spectrum, as we start to actually anchor that frequency and light within our physical vehicle, we then are increased in our light power. In terms of our auric field this not only becomes larger but it becomes more potent in shaping the fields of manifestation down here in this particular realm.  

So, for most of us at this time, our goal is to really become soul-actualized in the physical. And when we become to a certain level of that soul actualization, which is considered more between the 6th and 7th dimensional realms, and again using your chakras as a model, when we start to hit lightbody at 6th and 7th dimensional level which is, which is the indigo wave and the purplish light spectrum, we start to become a unified vertical column within our chakras. We start to move into the next layers and levels that free us from the seven solar planes of this particular planet structure.  In recognizing that we have seven primary chakras and planes of reality at this level of existence, so does the planet Earth.  

As we move up each of the chakra columns and we absorb those energies into our lightbody system, what happens is that we build the harmonics of our core structure.  We are actually these beautiful rainbow/crystalline beings and as that light becomes absorbed and anchored within our own personal lightbody structure, we expand and we leave an individuated consciousness and become much more merged into a group identity.  And so, having had this experience, I do want to share that there is nothing that you lose at all by doing this.  I know that, in the processes earlier for myself when I thought about reincarnation, or multiple identities of myself existing in simultaneous time, it was very hard for my brain to be able to wrap around that.  And, what I have found is that you gain everything as you start to access higher and higher levels of identity, of resources, and you actually have the ability to feel and experience yourself as a group entity, as well as an awareness of observing yourself as an individual identity. 

As an example, the individual soul personality identity would be Lisa Renee, whereas the group reality is the Sirian Council.  So, this is all myself, and yet at the same time, I am aware of both simultaneous states of consciousness at all times.   And so, with that, I end up having a much richer, fuller, and unique experience that certainly, let’s say, when we say we have left 3rd Dimension, it’s incredibly real for me at this particular point.  I know that I must be merging at both levels because that is what our role is here on earth as integrators.  We are not here to leave the planet, per se, and connect only with the celestial management structures.  We are here to anchor this higher consciousness, these frequencies and coding and as we are embodied within that,  integrate these frequencies into contemporary society.  This is what makes this ascension cycle and this process of ascension very different from many other processes of human evolution up until this point.  

Even in our recent history, if we look at how human beings were developing their spirituality, many of them would participate in a guru/disciple type of relationship.  You would petition your teacher, you would petition the hierophant or the priest, and you would go into the esoteric mystery schools and this lineage would be passed down to those that were either the “sincere seekers”, or had the bloodline and legacy of which to learn these truths of human spiritual evolution and consciousness, as it evolves through the laws of this particular universal system.  

We are now moving into the end of an ascension cycle, which in the timeline… (And what a timeline is goes back to the Ascension concept. The easiest way to equate a timeline or a time grid is also to recognize that is also a dimension.) The Higher dimensions that we are moving into represent future time and space.  As we move through progressively refined and higher fields of energy, we move through each of the subharmonic  frequency bands within each dimension.  So, as an example as we are moving through this Ascension cycle, all of us on this call and most of us on the planet were born into a third-dimensional timeline grid.  And when this occurred, when our souls made the choice and we created the blueprint of our creational process and our objectives and goals for this particular incarnation, we were given a snapshot. Literally, and that’s a lot what our astrology is, as well.  They are the magnetic imprints and influencers of the soul, at the time the soul came in to the instruction field, which is called the morphogenetic field of the Earth, in this particular time cycle.  We became imprinted with the earth’s cellular memory field and all of the mass consciousness of the human species that we share our body with.  And, we also came with very unique individual energies and signatures that were to influence very specific contributions and expressions of our being during this particular ascension process.  So, when we came here, we were imprinted with third-dimensional energy constructs.  We had a third –dimensional template that had the potential to always ever-expand, as does every human being on this planet.  However, it is up to us to activate those potentials within us. 

Except, now that we are coming to the end of a harvesting, or ascension cycle, what’s happening “en masse” is that frequencies and energies are exposed to the planet at this time that have not been exposed to this planet for eons of time, somewhat in the figure of 200-250,000 years.  So, as we are becoming, in these human biologies, exposed to these new levels of frequency, our biologies are starting to activate new neurological structures, new DNA function. And this is a part of the natural, organic biological ascension that the human species was perfectly designed to undergo through each of the evolutionary rounds, that were a part of the energy laws of this system.  (I’m trying not to get too technical, but to help you understand the evolutionary rounds. We actually have four rounds of 26,000.)  

So, the Mayan calendar is also very much accurate in terms of its depiction that 26,556 years is what it takes for one round of our planet to go around the milky way system.  And it is that one evolutionary round that we complete that when the galactic center of the earth and the sun are aligned that open the stargate portals.  The stargates are closed during certain periods of the evolutionary rounds and at the end of the cycle, is when the stargate portals and vortices of the earth actually open. The veils are then lifted because the frequencies that create the illusion of the time-space of the third dimension then start to dissolve into the higher frequencies. These frequencies then meld into what, we could almost say is like a weighted energetic frequency “ average”. Because this is a gradual stairstep process, we have to do this gradually because as we know, anyone who has had kundalini releases can understand the extreme power and force that is involved in universal life force.   It would be like plugging us into 2000 volts of power, directly into our physical bodies, and our energy fields could never survive this.  So, the ascension is about exposing the planet and the consciousness to ever-increasing and accelerating refined oscillating frequency wave patterns.  And these energy waves actually start to activate certain aspects of our DNA and coding depending on what our program is here.

When I say program, I mean to define our soul mission, what we are here to accomplish and how we are genetically coded. So, everyone on this call has been awakened to a certain degree because of their soul’s agreement and specific genetic coding that is related to a star lineage.  That star lineage has said, “I will wake up before the masses.  I will participate as one of the ascension forerunners, as one of my endeavors is to bring that gift of transformation to the planet during this paradigm shift and ascension cycle.”

 So, you are to recognize yourself as the forerunners of Ascension, you really represent the future of the human species and are way ahead of schedule in terms of the masses.  Most of us in terms of the indigo and Star races really represent the human race probably 100 years from now.  We are aligning to the divine design, and we are laying the groundwork of this new coding and potential so that we can hold open the portals of passage for Ascension. However, also allow critical mass to be achieved where other beings can pick up the energy codes or frequencies that will help to either activate their DNA or rehabilitate their DNA.  One of the biggest issues we have here, at this particular evolutionary cycle on the earth, is that many of the Beings here have either damaged DNA or such incredibly heavy karmic burden, that that karmic energy blockage creates such a challenge and such adversity for the Being. This makes it very difficult for the Being to connect to its higher soul matrix and get the inner message.  And so that’s why many of us are the pathcutters, the supporters, and the agents of transformation that are attempting to make it much easier for those that follow us.  

In terms of the Ascension, obviously we recognize that something really profound is happening now. And, it’s very important to share this information. For each one of us, when we go through this obviously, there is potential to feel really isolated, to feel scared, to feel like you’re losing your sanity.

We are leaving the old constructs of the ego mind and the personality identity, and that is one of the difficult side effects of the Ascension. We can even use our chakra column as a model.  If we recognize that most of the human race is polarized within its solar plexus, within the third chakra,  from the lower three dimensions . So most human beings on this planet are only actively firing the first three dimensions of their energy centers.  Now the Starseeds and Indigos are activated at higher energy centers and have much more active chakras or DNA imprints in their  DNA strands that have been plugged in, that are not dormant, as it is in many of the human race. Let’s say the Earth population that is not participating with ascension have different levels of contribution to the planet at this time.  

I define the Earthseed and the Starseed as a way to discern the difference between the 3rd Dimensional Being and the Multidimensional Being.  So, there were groups of souls that were responsible to anchor and work with the first five DNA strands and to participate in the Earth experiment in working with those particular levels of consciousness.  Our original goal was to re-evolve the divine human template to its original intention which was as a 12 strand DNA, which would mean 12 simultaneous dimensions of existence while still retaining a particular type of form. The form would not be this dense, in terms of the carbon material our physical elemental body is comprised of at this time.  It would be more of a silicate or etheric plasma type of nature.  So, this is where we are going, we are clearing the carbon based density out of our molecular and subatomic structures, and becoming less dense and more refined, in that we are starting to anchor more of our actual crystalline structure, which is of a silicate base.  We can imagine that as we go through this transformation it can be very intense at times.  It’s like taking the most dense carbon form, and attempting to alchemically shift that into more and more refined states of oscillating patterns of vibration.  So, that is our goal at this time, and as a natural part of actually what the Ascension process is.  So, it’s important to keep that in mind.   

One thing  I do want to share is that so much of what we experience in a polarized system that we are still existing in, is that what really is happening,  is actually the opposite of what we experience in density.  So as an example, many of us have this sense, as we are growing and expanding our lightbodies and calling that light to anchor within our physical structures, there are times in the evolution and ascension process where you will actually feel more physically dense than you ever have.  And this phenomena is created during certain periods of accelerated growth, where the oscillating fields, the rate of vibration in oscillation ratio between your auric field and its energy templates and your physical body is extremely vast. There is such a chasm between the two that actually as your lightbody is becoming incredibly refined, your physical body will feel molecularly compacted, and therefore you will feel at times just dense and heavy.  Dense as a doorknob, this is kind of funny because sometimes when you’re thinking “Ascension”, you’re wondering well, “I thought I was supposed to feel lighter”.

Eventually you will get to that point but for those that are pathcutters, specifically, I want to make this point because sometimes that has been confusing. And that is when we do really extreme and rapid acceleration there will be times when you are doing cleansing or purging or just purely feel a particular density or heaviness in your body.  One of the milestones I’m very familiar with is there is a strange sensation of a density, almost like a brick, that is lying on your pelvic floor.  This is the area where our etheric radial cord connects to all of the different levels of the dimensions.  And so, this tends to be an area, again, about two inches beneath the navel, tends to feel sometimes just like there is a hundred pound weight in there.  And then, it will lift.  But that I notice is very common, and it seems to be more common in females as well, for various reasons.  I want to share that, because again, when you think of ascension you think of growing lighter, growing larger, growing freer, and there are times when your physical body feels so dense, you’re saying, ”this doesn’t make any sense to me at all!”  So, that is why that happens.  

I want to talk a little bit about the mechanics of what the ascension shift means. And so, again, going back to kind of the basic level, we realize that we are moving into an expansion into experiencing higher consciousness as multi-dimensional human beings living on this planet.  All of us on this planet at this time at whatever level our self-awareness is, are participating in the ascension cycle at whatever level their consciousness is aware of it.  I think most of us are recognizing that most people actually have no idea that this is going on, and may have their own framework or no framework of what’s happening.  

But certainly I know that as a spiritual guide and having observed what’s happening in more of the third-dimensional levels of consciousness, it’s really interesting.  I’m really starting to see the critical mass hit within those levels of beings that are really starting to feel that something is happening, they just don’t have a word or a way to express it.  We don’t have a framework or a benchmark that has been given because we are undergoing something so unique. One of the things that the Guardians have made mention several times which is rather fascinating is that right now,  we’ve reached a milestone. We reached a level of connection that we had never done before at this level of let’s say physical vibration in our biologies.  So, the fact that we were born into a third-dimensional reality structure and have actually accelerated ourselves, our bodies, and the planetary fields enough to support influx of 12-dimensional frequency and above, is really a momentous milestone in the human species evolution.  

I think this really portends some wonderful things that are in store for us on a lot of levels.  And yet, what’s so interesting is, that polarity comes in terms of what’s really happening in the fields and what we experience in the physical realms is almost the opposite.  So, we’re going to start to see, surreal activities in our government, in terms of structures that were in power obviously, in very much the old energy paradigm.  And, we very much are starting to feel, see and recognize the power struggles between the old paradigm of being and the new energy reality system.  So, if we were going to give that a theme, a way to kind of understand that is that we are leaving the third-dimensional consciousness, which is all of the attributes of the solar plexus, in terms of its lower ego expression.  If we look at the issues of the planet today we can see that this is a 3rd dimensional consciousness gone awry, a consciousness that has used its 3rd chakra to a point of imbalance. The higher expressions are not as usually prevalent in terms of how we view and perceive what’s going on the earth at this time.  

The first three chakras are the physical layers.  In fact, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd chakra is a part of our physical emanation, in terms of how we experience our physical selves.  So, as we start to leave the 3rd dimension and we move into the first spiritual body which is the heart chakra, what will happen and what we’re really starting to see happen is that the structures start to collapse.  The old identities that were reliant on third-dimensional structures as a way to verify or reinforce who they are, those are the very structures that are starting to collapse.  And those of us that have gone through awakening process know this all too well. Anything that has to do with our work, our money, our shelter, how we define ourselves, really starts to be stripped away from us because we’re learning to be less reliant on the external perceptions of reality, and more reliant on the inner, which is of course the reality of our God Self and connection to Spirit.  

As we leave the ego mind, which happens to have its mind matrix in our third chakra, we start to leave the ego construct which is a part of the personality we are, and we come into the higher intelligences of our soul identity and oversoul identity.  And we start to now rely on that Intelligence as the way we navigate through our life experience.  We’re at an incredible time of evolution with that and my feeling is we’re still learning a lot how that works. We’re trying to get up to speed about becoming really in alignment with leaving human order and trusting and learning Divine Order.  We must learn the language of the Divine Matrix, the light language of spirit.  As many of us know on this call, the light language of Spirit is not linear. It is simultaneous and it is in the moment and it works in a completely different way.   

Our biggest task at this time is the attempt to integrate while we’re in this Hybrid state, how do we find practical tools and ways to learn how to navigate ourselves in the seemingly third dimensional world? You know we’re sort of in between where we’re not fully released from things like our car payments and our appointments that we need to be at in a certain time and space.  There are still things that we still must function in order to be a part of the Earth at this particular time-space.   So, I think that’s our biggest challenge. How do we interact with the 3rd Dimensional world, or this level of reality, and hold this presence and this energy?  And fully honor ourselves and our authenticity, in fully removing negativity or blockages that would create any obstruction of our Soul’s creative potential.  

We’ve got some tasks worked out for ourselves during this Ascension cycle.  But, again, this is an amazing opportunity of ascended mastery, and it is amazing too, as well, to actually realize that this is the first time that we have made it this far with this level of consciousness available to us in a form.  They have actually said that the energies that are available to us now were not available to those that had ascended in the past.  So, this is, actually, what they’re describing, is the Beings that we refer to as planetary ascended masters. They did not have this opportunity at their particular time of ascension.  

We are the forerunners that are ascending the Universal consciousness at this particular time that, not only impacts the planet earth and human species here.  It also goes through all of the seven planes and beyond, where we are affecting neighboring universes and other species entirely.  So, this is bigger than we could ever imagine or ever express and probably much bigger than we ever thought it would be.  It’s really just beyond comprehension.  The ascension process is about moving consciousness from one reality into another.  And understanding that possible multiple realities exist simultaneously.  So, since a reality is, again, a dimension and is also a time-space, what we are undertaking is a complete dimensional shift and a complete shift that is skipping into future time-space.  When you think about that, that is pretty wild and why we have so many challenges at times with time and space. In terms of the spatialization of our consciousness, how it is changing in how we experience time and space.  And so, for many of us,  we look at the clock and the clock is still going in terms of a 24 hour period, but in actuality the way the time/space matrices are working we are receiving much less time than we did 10 or 20 years ago, because of the way the time fields work.  So, it is a little strange at times.

Our bodies, were born with a 3rd dimensional clockshield template.  A clockshield is literally like an alarm clock in our energy field template that has certain times, it’s almost like alarms that go off in our biology at age 12, age 22, age 33, age 44.   These are cycles that are actually almost like alarm clocks, and they refer to this as a clockshield template.   So when these clockshield templates go off in our physical biology, there are certain events and structures and things that happen in how we experience time.   But also what our soul’s mandate was in terms of what we were here to experience.  So, many of us can relate to this feeling, that an alarm clock has gone off in our body. We can feel that there’s something to do, but we don’t know what it is.  Yet it’s really important to be clear that you need to relax, and really what your job is at this particular time is to really stay in the present moment of your awareness and to discipline by clearing any fear or negativity patterns, or karmic or ancestral patterns depending on what you’re here to do.  Because as you go through this process of evolution it’s really important to not worry and to really take it at your own pace.  What’s more important than anything is to maintain a sense of neutrality.  Whenever you create constriction or blockage or stress in the body, it will compact you in such a way that it makes it much more difficult for these frequencies and energies that you are conducting to move through your body.  So, a way to think of your self is as a human electrical acupuncture point on the earth.  And that not everyone is holding that particular space on the earth, because their bodies and their energy templates and their DNA were not coded with the ability to do that at this particular time and space.  

So, the Starseed races, the Indigo races are the Beings that are acting as the Ascension acupuncture points of frequency.  And this is how these frequencies come from the Unified Fields and down into the Lesser fields. Finally just progressing and descending into the spirals until we get into density and we start to embody this frequency and coding.  So again, our goal is, is that we open that up into the morphogenetic fields of the human blueprint and the human species as a whole has access to this coding and DNA and frequency and information. And the list goes on, that had not previously been here in any of the previous evolutionary cycles or ages of our evolutionary seeding.  So, that is why many of us go through, symptoms, changes, awarenesses, that we may be standing next to another being that has no resonance or relevance to what you are experiencing.  In the beginning stages of our evolution, it’s really important to know this, because it’s kind of daunting in the beginning when you are going through some extreme intensity, and yet your biological family, or friends that love you that may not be going with you in that same direction, really have no way to relate to your experience. 

 Many of us now, the Starseed and Indigo family, the Lightworker family, are starting to connect, to create a network of that support, that resonance, that recognition.  Because many of us have also gone through this experience of being on the earth feeling like we weren’t seen for who we really are.  We had relationships, and people, and exchanges of love, however there was always another element missing.  And I think now, through the promise of the liberation, through the Ascension cycle, many of us are really getting to be introduced to the memory of who we are, and the memory of our Star Family, and this has really just been delightful and fun, at least in my own experience.  And I know, for many of the Beings that I speak to, that has been an incredible balm and comfort to the soul.  

One thing I should talk about for a moment on our Ascension path, and is also very relative to our Starseed family . The emotional pain and imbalances, karmic, genetic and ancestral clearings that we do for our soul lineage,  our soul families,  is generally a part of our group’s mission.  And so, many of us have chosen to clear states of imbalance, the collective of a specific group, again those are the pathcutters.  We are a product, as well, chromosomally, genetically, of our family line and parentage.  So, all of us will, at some point, will go through a mother/father initiation, which is another way to say ancestral clearing.  Because the Mother/Father principle, when we look at it at the macrocosm, the Universal level, is really our relationship, our belief structure, our alignment to the Mother/Father God principle of the creational principles of the Universe, of God Source.  So, when we look and we apply that to our family of origin, we can really start to see the Macro/Micro kind of mirror of what our healing entails. What we came here to heal is really mirrored back to us in the hologram of our own parentage, our own family of origin.  If you look at your biological family, most often you can see the Macro healing that your soul had contracted to work with on tops of the larger scales.  It’s funny how spirit, our souls, we start out at the micro levels in terms of our personal and interpersonal relationships with our biological familes.  And even myself, I remember at one point, making the comment, of course I have to laugh now, where I said, “I would never choose these parents, where did they come from?”  And actually, of course, that’s an untruth.  I absolutely chose that parentage, and that was because these beloved beings had the best tools and information of what I needed in order to fulfill my soul’s agreement and to strengthen and build my character to such degree that I would have the experience necessary to express the potential of what I’m here to experience.  In deep gratitude to my beloved parents, and that definitely is something many of us have to reframe on that focus, is they are the best teachers of what is going on in 3rd dimensional consciousness.  And especially because, one thing I’ve noticed in the Indigo and Star Family, is that we didn’t necessarily have the defense mechanisms or the awareness of many of the 3rd dimensional beings.  So, it was like we needed to have some very extreme experiences in the 3rd dimension so that we could learn how to do a 3rd Dimensional Case Study.   

Many of us in the Star Family didn’t exist in planes of polarity or dualistic system at this level of density with this level of veiling and forgetfulness, and so when we came here we really didn’t know what it was going to be like.  And there were some really intense experiences that many of us had undergone, not only for the potential in the gift of clearing karmic imbalance for this planet, but also in being able to experience a system of duality of which we truly didn’t understand.  Because as most of us can contend, the ego and the 3rd dimensional system is a very complex and slippery slope in terms of how to navigate and to really feel and connect to the underlying mechanism of the energetic truth, versus what the surface is showing you with your five senses.  

And that, of course, is one of our goals. To master the world of illusion and the world therefore of deception and to connect fully to what is the energetic truth, the underlying mechanism of what is really supporting that artifice in this illusion system.  That sounds easy, but all of us probably know, it is much more difficult to apply in the 3rd dimensional world when you’re trying to navigate yourself around.  These are lessons that are extremely important for us at this time, is to realize that many of us have chosen extremely challenging situations not only for leadership training and character strengthening and development of our own essence and core to embody within us.  That is the process of alchemy in a polarized system.  And when I say polarized I’m talking about a particle and anti-particle system.  This is the way this system is built in terms of creational principle.  We are on a system of opposites, and again a part of our opposite is merging in with us.  We actually merge in with our double and we become whole in the process.  And that is another word of calling what sacred union or cosmic Christ consciousness is. Which is another aspect of course, of the process of ascension getting to that level where we are embodied as holistic Krystic beings, in alignment to our divine blueprint and the natural harmony of who we are as Beings.

In the material I talk about transmutational symptoms.  I think I don’t need to spend that much time there because many of us are very familiar with transmuting and ascension symptoms and I think I’ll leave that more for the Q and A, so that we can get, rather than talk about the symptoms, we can talk about some remedies, some experiences that have worked for each one of us. 

I wanted to just kind of define a couple of terms that are being used when we speak about spiritual Ascension.  Here is a spiritual ascension, there is a dimensional ascension, it all kind of works together, but to again to understand what spiritual ascension is, that’s another word to say “consciousness awakening”. It’s another word to say kundalini release, there are many modalities, practices, and belief systems on the planet that talk about spiritual aspiration and evolution of the human being.  The Guardians and the Sirian Council would term all of that under Spiritual Ascension.  So this is just another word for it.  As we go through our ascension process during this particular cycle, really our paramount goal is to build and hold enough frequency to be liberated from the frequency fence of the 3rd dimensional earth. Because when we become actually liberated from the frequency fence, what happens is that we come to a level where our sphere of influence and our auric field really starts to activate others.  

So what you may notice as you go through the ascension process, and we can use again the chakra column as a model, each of the chakras, as you start to accrete and build the Lightbody,  we are building the harmonic structure of our spiritual core from the foundation up. That’s how we build our consciousness lightbody, however, we will also activate certain chakras at certain times in our experience.  But that may mean that we didn’t build the foundation of our lightbody at the lower level. A good example, many Indigos come in with an open or ready to activate third eye, or 6th chakra, but that doesn’t mean that their 4th and 5th Lightbodies have been completed.  What that means is that they may have certain access is that 6th chakra as it opens because of the Law of Harmonics will start to draw the 4th and 5th dimensional frequencies up into the 6th chakra.  So that being also has an evolutionary advantage, over another being that doesn’t have an activated 6th chakra.  

So, again, it’s important to understand that the Star family has a, let’s say, more developed and advanced genetic package that was designed to wake up first in waves during this ascension cycle.  And again has nothing to do with value, and everything to do with just energy and understanding our role here with human evolution and planetary ascension.  And that every human being’s birthright is to have this phenomena and this part of their ascension biology activated, we’re just doing it first.  So, spiritual ascension again is a scientific process of the evolution of consciousness as it comes into form and biology and specific energy mechanics that apply to a multidimensional reality system.  So, a way to understand this is that, and this maybe we’ll discuss in a future class, but just as a kind of basic primer, is that we are existing in the egg of the God energy matrix, we could consider that as a humongous cosmic egg, and within that egg is all of the dimensions spiraled into various Toroid shapes and forms.  And so, through the God egg, we would consider that let’s say a non-dimensionalized system, because again dimension means time, so beyond dimension into God matrix there is no time and space, there’s just the still point of One source.  However, within and inside the cosmic God energy egg, there is a dimensionalized structure that creates multi-dimensional reality systems, or a universal time matrix system of which consciousness has chosen to experience various forms.  And again we could say, these all feed back into the God Source.  This is as a part of the in-breath and out-breath cycles of the creation of God principle.  So, again we could say as God takes an out-breath, the breath outward creates the lower, the descending spirals of creation moving outward from the center of One, the God source.  As the breath moves out, the creations the furthest away out are the furthest away from the clear light source of God.  So we become more, let’s say, potentially in our perception,  the further out we go dimensionally, descending through that spiral, we feel separate from God Source, even though we are not.  That was a part of the role of that experience that we have chosen to take part in on earth.  And now, the ascension is the inbreath. We are now collecting all that was in the outbreath of God that pushed outward into the periphery of the dimensional realms. Now we’re calling all of that back to be reintegrated. That’s what the ascension is, the inbreath, breathing back in to the One source from which we have originated. That’s also another way to look at the ascension process.  

I want to talk for a moment about what dimensional ascension is, because this specifically refers to the process that we all know as what has been termed “Initiation.”  So, as part of our ascension process it will also include initiation that connects us into certain frequency bands of energy that then become accreted in our bodies and activate us in various ways. Initiation is when, let’s say, you’re a 3rd dimensional  being and it’s now your time to start evolving into your Soul’s journey.

One’s higher self will start to pull in higher frequencies and code.  Let us say one is activated to pull in the light codes of the 4th dimension and so the 4th dimensional energies start to now come in to your heart chakra, and into your auric field. The process of your 3rd dimensional body now is starting to access 4th dimensional frequency and this would be considered a “spiritual initiation”.  You are initiated into higher and higher octaves of dimensional frequency as you go through the natural process of evolution and the ascension cycle.  As you begin your soul initiation, you’re working with the 4th dimensional frequency which is all about the heart center.  So, as you start absorbing  these frequencies via your lightbody’s  etheric  nadial structure, which is  your energy blueprint template of your central nervous system.  So, your etheric body, your nadial structure starts to access this fourth frequency dimension, and starts to pull in these frequencies into your individual manifestation or energy auric template.  And as it does, it brings it in frequencies. Some of us, we know,  go a little too fast  and we get a fried, but the energies start to transmit and they come into our energy bodies.  So again, they drill down through all the layers of our auric field until they are actually anchored into our physical structure. 

 So, this process would be called spiritual initiation. We are now initiated and connected to those new fields of energy, now we’re absorbing that energy, and that energy is now coming in to our auric field. These frequencies drill down until we anchor it into our physical cells.  So, this has been referred to as either absorbing light, you’re absorbing light when you’re pulling in the frequency bands of let’s say all of the codes of the 4th dimension.  And again between each dimension there are twelve sub-bands, in the 4th dimension there are 12 sub-bands.  So, through each of the dimensional structures there are 12 octaves of sub-bands between each of the dimensional structures. As an example, when you are coming out of let’s say you’re in a 3rd dimensional body, and you start accessing the 1st octave of the 4th dimension, you’ve got eleven more to go before you’ve actually completed the 4th dimensional spectrum.  So, that’s one way to look at it in understanding the frequency fields as they are coming into the bodies. That our natural biologies and our soul and oversoul is the intelligence that is in charge of this process, and is doing it as smooth and easily as it possibly can. This depends on the unique structure that we are.  So, after we have actually absorbed or consumed as much of the frequency bands and codes of a particular dimension, so let’s say all of dimension 4, including all of the 12 sub-strands of that dimension. Then we go through a spiritual body activation.  An activation will literally put in new nadial and neurological structures that were never there being used before. And those structures act as energy receivers to take you to the next spiritual initiation.  So, the activation is also about activating the DNA, and  the DNA also has is 12 sub-strands, just like the 12 sub-harmonics of the 4 dimensions, between each dimension. We’re talking about, between the 3rd and 4th dimension there are 12 sub-harmonic bands. The DNA has 12 sub-strands in there as well, and those are called fire-codes, or fire-letters.  

We’ve heard that term many times, about activation of the fire letters. It’s the cellular alphabet of our DNA.  And that DNA becomes activated when we start pulling in dimensional 4th dimensional  frequency from the first octave, then that means your dimensional 4 DNA with the first octave will start to plug in.  Now if it doesn’t plug in, this is what many of us are dealing with on earth, is when there is damage or distortions in the genetics. This is where we have healing crisis or things that go on.  And as we know , the 4th dimension is primarily the astral plane, and I would say, is probably the most challenging and problematic of which to really work through and heal, because of all of the distortions of human history that have arisen in that particular level of creation. The astral plane has got some amazingly beautiful and refined energies in the higher astral, but the lower astral is, I would say by our standards, could be pretty horrific.  There’s a lot of darkness there, a lot of trickery there, and a lot of the lower astral planes are where, could be considered hellish types of realities as well.  So, the astral is an intense one to get through and, in my opinion, one of the most challenging, because it’s where our emotional body has resided and there’s a lot of healing to do, as we can contend with our emotional bodies. 

That’s what an activation is, it literally activates the DNA and it starts to plug into your neurological structure, and then as you activate DNA you may start to have more frequencies, more shifts in consciousness.  With your DNA and new nervous system upgrades, there tends to be different awareness and things that go on, and you start to experience your world in a different way. What’s interesting is that I believe our science at this time still calls our inactive DNA, junk DNA, because they can not figure out what that DNA is being used for.  It’s kind of humorous actually when you think about it. That inactive DNA is the human birthright in actually connecting and having awareness of the broadcast of the multidimensional realms that we were originally designed to perceive and be aware of.  So, it’s interesting to note that we have been unplugged from our DNA, and the process of ascension is again re-evolving and rehabilitating and plugging back in that dormant DNA. We are bringing our DNA back into its maximum potential. And the process of ascension and building energy fields does just that.  

I want to define a little bit about what a dimension is as well.  I know that I have spoken a bit that a dimension is, to make it easy for you, know that when I say dimension, if you have been scientifically trained then you think of width-height-space, that’s not at all what I’m referring to.  I’m talking about a frequency band as a dimension.   So, in terms of ascension mechanics and the physics of ascension, a dimension is a frequency band.  So it’s a repeating sequence of flashing on and off scalar standing wave points that exist within a grid and that grid is called a morphogenetic field. And I know that’s a word that I use all the time.  So, a morphogenetic field, if you remember, is a manifestation template and it holds the instruction set of all of the electro-tonal energy substances that compose the unique arrangement of what you are here to do.  The morphogenetic imprint holds the design again for the form building in sort of an electronic encoding, and these forms that come into manifestation that are us and evolve. These are all patterns that are drawn from your personal morphogenetic field or blueprint.  Now, everything in creation has an instruction set, a blueprint, or a morphogenetic field.  So, that’s what that morphogenetic field is, is an instruction set, and again it directs the energy in the scalar wave points to form in certain ways, so that our consciousness when we are stationed at that level of reality of perception, we start to perceive our holographic reality within that frequency band that our consciousness is actually stationed in.  

A dimension is a full frequency band of repeating sequences of flashing waves going on and off.  That’s the particle/anti-particle universe that we are working with, and is what we are actually existing in the same simultaneous space with.  So when the reality is flashing on and off, sometimes we can perceive this.  I know that I experience this at times.  I’m not sure if any of you have yet, is that flashing on and off being experienced as literally coming into certain realities. I’ve talked about the descending and ascending parts of the matrix, and actually seeing when in certain reality structures it appears, like when I was in a particular space, like the grocery store, it appeared like I was watching a home movie that was clicking slides.  I could see the flashing on and off of the reality, and that was really interesting. Which again means that my consciousness was oscillating at a higher refined rate that was out of the range of that particular descending matrix structure.  

I think many of us are going to start to experience this more and more, which is rather interesting.  Dimensions again are fixed groupings of energy within specific geometric arranged forms and are built upon crystallized conscious units of sound and light.  And those conscious units of sound and light are called morphogenetic fields or manifestation templates.  So from each of these instruction set templates, these manifestation templates, dimensions are composed of stationary points of the vibration of sound and light which together form a fabric of tone and into which smaller morphogenetic fields are woven.  So, from each fixed point of sound vibration and within each dimension of manifestation field, an electrical current of consciousness emerges.  So there is layer upon layer upon layer of morphogenetic fields and dimensional reality systems. 

I wanted to define that about what a dimension is so that you can think of it as a frequency band instead of when I say dimension, people think of it scientifically, what does that mean?  Is it the height?  Is it the width? Is it space? Is it depth? And actually what I’m referring to is a frequency band,  like in talking about the harmonics that are in the fourth dimension which each of the twelve tones that comprise the entire dimensional structure.  So, try to think of a 15 dimensional time matrix of which we are evolving through at this time.  And we are moving up through the harmonic tones of that vibration, and that is a part of our ascension process.

Transcript generously provided by A. Scoville. 

~via Energetic Synthesis

LISA RENEE ~ Healing Attentions for 2022: “Clearing Distorted Arcs, Angles and False Masters”

  • Clearing Blood Sacrifice, blood ritual, Egyptian timelines, distortion of the sun and planetary grid systems.

  • Clearing the Egyptian death cloud reincarnation Consciousness Traps, clearing survival fears.

  • Clearing Mars hybridization, Mars Timelines and war Trauma.

  • Clearing the instinctual mind.

  • Clearing the 666 code, the Reptilian Tail genetic distortion, the Thothian Shield, the elemental harness.

  • Clearing the Caduceus veil & fourth ray memories and distorted instruction sets of ArchAngel Gabriel and ArchAngel Hope.

  • Clearing all karmic attachment to the false 4th ray and to False Ascended Master Serapis Bey.

  • Clearing Family of Michael Timelines and Male Principle Distortions.

  • Clearing frequencies and memories of Aldebaran, Procyon, Pleiades, and Orion.

  • Clearing the Thetan Black Seed, The Anubian Black Heart, Supporting the Horizontal Grids.

  • Clearing the Swadisthana Chakra 2, Venus influences, Moon Chain Influences.

  • Clearing reversal Cube coding Geometric Harnessing, Vesica Pisces Distortions.

  • Clearing emotional programming related to procreation, mental programs related to creative power and the entanglements of 3D ego mind.

  • Clearing false 7th Ray and attachment to False Ascended Master St. Germain and Merlin.

  • Clear all distortions related to ArchAngel Zadkiel.

  • Clearing All distortions connected to False 6th Ray and False Masters Sananda, Mother Mary and Lady Nada as well as all genetic mutations and energy siphons related to ArchAngel Uriel and the False Aurora.

  • Removal of Alien Machinery, Implants, Mind Control and Mind Slide Holographic Inserts and Frequency Fencing, Orion Wars.

  • Clearing all Service-to-Self programs running in the conscious mind.

  • Clearing judgment, anger, hostility, violence and lack of power memory and perception.

  • Clearing all ego separate self consciousness in preparation for soul merge.

  • Clear all third ray distortions & all false programs of ArchAngel Chamuel and Charity.

  • Clear all Service-to-Self & Victim-Victimizer programming.

  • Clear imposter spirits, 5D timelines and overlays, reclaim soul fragments and extensions and synthesize all into single soul transtime occupancy, end all astral delusions.

  • Clear the Zeta Seal, initiate heart-brain harmonics, activate the lightbody wings and inner sacred union, clear Anubian Black Heart network connections and Metatronic reversals.

  • Clear the archetypal mind, heart and throat chakra, release all programs of the distorted Arcs and Angles of the second ray of Jophile and Christine, the dissolve of all relationship to Lord Lanto and Master Kuthumi, as well as the heat connection to Paul the Venetian.

  • Clear all 2nd ray programs and remove all karmic agreements and connections, feed lines, and parasitic relationship to the False Ascension program.

  • Amplify personal sovereignty, unify the Heart-Brain through zero point window, blend and merge the Divine Masculine and Feminine, courageously express your divinity and convert all that does not align to your highest expression.

  • Heal the solar rift in the solar body

  • Cleanse the spine and digestive organs.
  • Build and maintain impeccability invincibility and the vital energy of the Heroic Path and Probability.

  • Generate and the inner sun path of singular devotion and embodiment of Christ-Sophia and share the brilliance of your eternal nature with love.

  • Cleansing tightening and repair of Axiatonal Lines, establishing and refining planetary grid system relationships, process and repattern karmic geometries.

  • Amplify energy transmission for healing and nadial body electrical system recalibration, integrate polarity in the grace of your unity vow, synthesize spiritual energy into biology.

  • Clear the false program of the 5th ray, terminate any cording, links, or impact from ArchAngel Raphael and false Mother Mary.

  • Clear the etheric and all layers of bodies of the False Ascension Matrix programs and False Ascended Master programs cleanse and recalibrate your Third Eye and 5th ray connection.

  • Terminate dismantle and remove False ArchAngel Michael and fallen first ray interface in to and through the crown.

  • Clear the Michael/Mary turnstile grid connections and feedlines.

  • Clear Faith ray distortions.

  • Remove the consciousness implants of the fleur de lis and the Vesica Pisces which are used to siphon this crown.

  • Take extra time on this particular chakra to terminate, release and sever any other sub-programs or feeds into multiple layers of your light body.

  • As you bring neutral centering in your essence of heart-based non-mental relationship you bring the the divine in you to witness and so return your body to eternal living light.

  • Terminate and remove intermediaries and artificial and false ascension programs that do not serve your highest purpose and ascension mission.

  • Clear, release and remove karmic contracts, ancestral records that have now become parasitic to your biological ascension process.

  • With loving intention command and claim your sovereign right to choose clear through soul protection and unconditional love and forgiveness for all that you have experienced or were unaware of which arises remove El Morya imbalanced parasitic and distorted first ray associations and clear through to the core.

  • Ask God and Higher Self to delete through all time and space any contract or agreement that is inorganic to Christ-Sophia unified consciousness.

  • Clear the crown and remove false logos programming and energy architecture as well as the timeliness of monadic field invasion.

  • Welcome the return of the clear light of God through your mind fields, brain, and central vertical column.

  • Intend to remove and terminate all aspects of False Ascension recorded in the brain, head, and 8th chakra which extends to the Higher Heart.

  • Clear out all holographic inserts, false or foreign genetic signatures, artificial or inorganic structures from these body parts and the front and back spirals of the 8th chakra.

  • Clear your bodies of all galactic war trauma and monadic timelines of false or replicated monadic twins.

  • Clear mind control, thought forms, phase disrupters, holographic inserts, pathogen pullers & karmic superposition and enslavement devices that interfere with your free will of expression and actualizations of God.

  • Clear all rituals, spells, curses, symbols, as well as black magic and their structures now.

  • Clear the negative past life or artifact connected to these programs.

  • Clear all related attacks of multidimensional vampires and cording and their cord through all time and space through the verticals of the transharmonic gate.

  • Remove trauma impact from mass consciousness energy leakages connected to those False Ascension programs and False ArchAngel and Ascended Master programs, welcoming the new heart.

  • Consciousness movement into the etheric. 10th dimensional wave spectrum, blue-black or diamond sapphire electric energy frequency, Tiamat fallen mother timelines and associated Nibiru distortions, sexual energy reclamation and mastery.

  • Return of the Solar diety on the inner sun temple of RA, embodiment sequences of inner balance.

  • Clearing Cathar coding and timelines; igniting the the return of the roseline.

  • Sophianic code healing of masculine-feminine.

  • Seraphim healing.

  • Clearing of blood ritual sacrifices and damage to Golden Eagle Grid and horizontal timelines held by RA families.

  • Re-awakening of Ezekiel gestalt consciousness.

  • Clearing of Hyperborean timelines and reclamation of of consciousness parts from Golden Age of the Monad 10th stargate Iran/Iraq.

  • Walking within the Fire of God’s Inner Light. Embodying resonance-return of Egyptian guardianship via Hatshepsut, trinity gate of 10th dimension.

  • Stabilization within the new energy-architecture of Albion, clearing Leviathan and Behemoth influences.

  • Clearing Beast Machine Technology Marks.

  • Removal of Thothian Timelines, lessening of lunar influences on the mental body and with the menstrual cycle, cleansing of the ileocecal valve and bowels and eviction of demonics.

  • Activation of the Cradle of Lyra within the sacral bones, diamondine overlay of higher frequency currents from Aqualasha.

  • Clearing memory and trauma from Birth Transduction Sequence, Nadial Complex upgrading, Michael/Mary clearing Splitter Tech clearing, Solar Star repair.

  • Buddhic Mind harmonization and clearing, frequency fence dismantling, soul fragment recovery, Implant removal, Centering in no-time, Embodiment of Avatar consciousness.

  • Cleansing and Renewal.
  • Rebirth.
  • Presence.
  • Embodiment.

  • Direct experience of the Divine.
  • Opening the inner hallways for silent realization.

  • Balancing the relationship between the Lungs & Kidneys.

  • Letting go of grief and fear.
  • Joining the divine mind and mother consciousness to heal the astral splitting of the energy body systems.

  • Disengaging from negative forms.

  • Beginning the preparations for transformation of the 12th dimensional Ray, Collective Christ Consciousness or Avatar of Ascension.

  • Repairing the Planetary templar.

  • Running Rainbow Diamond currents.

  • DNA and teliomere repair.

  • Identity merge.

  • Merging gender principles.
  • Holding your opposite image in neutral omnilove.

  • Clearing anti-HGS broadcast reception, sexual trauma repair.

  • Resurrection of the integrated divine human blueprint, life review and depolarization of narratives.

  • Mother Father Son Daughter harmonization of right relationship in all arcs of connection.

  • Opening triwave perceptions; seeing Unity, Double Diamond Sun heart purification.

    Merging horizontal and vertical- becoming pure space (stillpoint/void awareness).

  • Rememberance, culmination, transformation and re-birth of the Christos-Sophia.

  • Reunion with the Primal Divine Mother, The Eternal Spirit Body.

  • ~via

  • LISA RENEE: “Black Subtle Forces and Transmuting Energy Belching”

    “At the base level, there are black forces that exist in the Negative Polarity that especially connect to the material earth elements and the force of Gravity. Generally, a person with imbalances of the Negative Polarity of black forces, must move into the Positive Polarity of yellow forces to dissolve the black substance that has accumulated in their body. We must recognize our pain and suffering and learn from it, by actually confronting it and knowing the reasons why the pain and blockage is there. This means we must move out of mental and emotional stagnation and into some level of self-motivation, physical action or goal which keeps us moving forward in some direction or on a schedule. The black substance attracts the shadow forms, spirit Attachments and ghost entities, so this issue may also need to be addressed very specifically with people that are weighed down with black forces. Transmuting Energy Belching: This is the shared inside joke with all energy workers that transmute or transfigure negative energies, entities or Black Subtle Forces — at a certain level your body will process the dark energy through belching and burping. I never belched in my life, until I embodied higher spiritual aspects and began to move energy in table sessions or gridwork. If you are in a public place this can be somewhat embarrassing, because if the people in the vicinity do not understand this function of the consciousness body, they may think you are very rude or uncouth! However, it is not that you are being rude, it is a transition of the heavy or negative energy and negative spiritual attachments and dark entities that you come into contact with. As an example, what comes to mind as one of the most loud and intense belching episodes was doing PEG Week 5 at the Vatican under the St. Peter Square and Obelisk. The necropolis area was so toxic and filled with energetic sewage, when I opened that area up, it was a massive floodgate of Miasma and Dead Energy, as well as trapped souls, that the belching was equally as intense. Those that access the session recordings after have been spared these nasty details, but belching is the true glamorous life of planetary Gridworkers!”

    ~Lisa Renee

    At the base level, there are black forces that exist in the Negative Polarity that especially connect to the material earth elements and the force of Gravity. It is the principle of unconsciousness or falling asleep in the material world, and its weight is very dense and heavy. As a result it tends to produce inactivity, darkness, dullness, and an absence of light, while it obstructs the person’s action potential or movement forward. When a person holds too much negative polarity of this black colored subtle force in their energy body, they will show effects of ignorance, delusion, insensitivity, unconsciousness and a lack of sensory feelings with little to no Empathy. The profile of this type of person will also have deeply buried psychological or emotional blockages, with the tendency to be stagnant, repressed, depressed or internally chaotic, making them distracted and unaware of what their problems really are. They allow negative forces, dark forces and other people to completely control them, usually in the victim role, refusing to take responsibility for their lives. By refusing to take responsibility or make productive actions, this only allows their problems to escalate along with the amount of black substance they generate as blockages in their body. Without balancing the black substance and transmuting it from their consciousness, they will digress into a state of internal chaos or apathy, with sensations of great physical, mental and emotional pain, or numbness, leading to states of disease. This is truly the state of hell, of the lost soul.

    The Negative Ego construct, militarized psychotronic weaponry and the Alien Machinery is used on the earth to trap humans into mass producing more and more black subtle forces. This ferments into black Miasma, leaving the masses ignorant, deluded and unconscious, therefore totally controllable. Consequently the alien technology and Mind Control methods are designed to generate and circulate as much of this negative polarity black force and density in the human being as possible. Many people that feel depressed or stuck are sucked down in the weight of this negative polarity of this black force. The density of the black force blocks higher sensory perception completely. This type of person will need to take some kind of action in the positive polarity to help them dissolve the black energy accumulated in their body, which generates the sensation of extreme density and stagnation.

    Artificial Manipulation

    Recent geomagnetic shifts have resulted in alterations and failures of the microwave technology and alien black hole technology, which are primarily Black Subtle Forces, harvested and produced to circulate in the earth and in humanity. Black Subtle Forces are contained in dark matter, gravitational waves and are generated by the artificial magnetism in lunar transmissions from the Moon. The manipulation of the earth’s magnetic field and gravitational forces are designed to manipulate DNA, control the carbon based matter on the earth body, as well as simulate these substances in labs, for use as nanotechnology weapons. Essentially the aliens’ technological manipulation of the black subtle forces and dark matter have been used to manipulate and suppress the molecular structure in matter, producing artificial magnetic effects in order to compact and compress the molecular structure of the earth body and the human body. Molecular compression is similarly to the piezo-electric effect, as matter is being squeezed it gives off biological light emissions. In order to comprehend the nature of primal subtle forces, and the reasons behind the NAA proliferating more and more of the black subtle forces in the earth, we will discuss these primal forces more deeply.

    Black Subtle Forces and the Moon

    Additionally, these same subtle forces are directed to us through stellar objects, such as the stars, constellations, planets, satellite bodies and of course the moon itself. Now that we can better understand the consciousness impact of the three main primal forces, we can comprehend why the NAA and Controllers harness black subtle forces in order to control humanity and the matter world. From the Guardian perspective our Moon is an inorganic structure, and did not come from our solar system. The moon is an artificial satellite that is locked into orbit with the earth body’s magnetic core. Its use was for practical reasons to be able to have a moon base in close proximity to monitor and harvest humanity, and to alter the magnetic and gravitational fields of the planet. The Moon base has black hole technology that keeps the magnetic spin rates powering up machinery, that keep the connections open to the Wormholes or Hibernation Zones that they have created. Through field research, it appears the moon’s artificial influence is made upon the earth’s rotation around the Sun in order to maintain an axis alignment with a black hole inside the center of the Milky Way. A major reason the solar system is so damaged is because these entities and humans are consistently creating rips and holes in the fabric of space-time through the abuse of technology.

    Further, these entities using the black hole technologies are spreading and proliferating much more black force substance and gravitational corruption into the earth field. This generates toxic black energy that we call Dead Energy or Miasma which becomes littered in the planetary fields, and the extreme density of it makes many people feel very apathetic, confused and depressed. When humans are disconnected from their light source, or there is an absence of light, this is the common experience.

    As an example, many sensitive and empathic people can feel the impacts of Psychic Attack or dark interference when more of the black subtle forces are being transmitted into the earth during certain moon phases. The moon phases also connect to the activities of the Moon Lineages, who have consciousness bodies that are made up of these same black substance forces. Some of these entities can also be called Black Hole Entities. They have no way to generate or produce a light source, so they exist as parasites on earth humans that do have a light source. The more black force proliferated in the earth field and in human bodies, the more easily these black hole entities can move around, possess human bodies or become active on the earth. It is easy to connect the desire to spread these black forces as directly connected to the purposes behind the Satanic Agendas that are growing steadily on the earth.

    Most people on our planet are negatively impacted by the buildup of these black forces in their mind, body and spirit, as well as in the earth. When people do not know the black subtle forces are being used in AI targeting and the Transhumanist agenda, and there is no awareness of how to clear that mental construct or to refocus the mind on positivity, these frequencies can have a very negative effect when they become embodied. As the result of the Transhumanist agenda, it is possible for both organic states of black substance and the artificial intelligence replication of dark matter fields, to be enmeshed together in the human body that is of the negative polarity. The NAA discovered that the proliferation of the black subtle forces made the carrier waves of AI transmission and signaling to the masses much easier.

    When we come into contact with that level of artificially generated lunar forces in the black substance frequency, we can feel very sad and chaotic, because it is detaching us from access to our light source. When the moon is projecting or transmitting this type of black subtle frequency to the planet, it is a type of acceleration in that black force and the entities that exist as a part of that negative frequency. Ghost chains, phantom entities, demonic entities, formless shadow creatures and all negative types of energies are connected to this black frequency, which exists as a part of the subtle intangible frequencies that we are exposed to on the earth.

    The organic black subtle forces are an intrinsic part of creation. We need the black force substance because it is actually part of manifesting the material physicality and gravitational force in this realm. Without the black force our atoms would fly away, as it is what keeps our molecular and atomic structure actually condensed and together. It is necessary in the process of material manifestation and creation, but what has happened on the earth is a severe technological abuse, that has manifested severe imbalances with this black type of the subtle vibration. This is because it is being produced and manufactured artificially, through technological control exerted on the magnetic field and states of Gravity. The levels of negativity and lunacy that we can more easily observe in people that are soul fractured, are from embodying the severe imbalances of these black forces that are being transmitted from black hole technologies, artificial lunar forces and military weaponry technologies. Consequently, this attracts much more of the negative spirits and demonic type of entities, because they are made of the same black substance and they will look to find a human host of the negative polarity to siphon. People on the earth that are locked down in the 3D material density, are being filled with a mixture of both naturally occurring black forces and artificially generated black forces, based on their Negative Ego belief systems, behaviors and actions.

    When a person is not connected to the higher aspect of their spiritual consciousness, which exists above this black force, this type of black force tends to overwhelm the body with extreme density and lower negative vibrations. In the pull of the gravitational weight, all of their inner light is being consumed by these black hole entities or dark forces. When this happens, the human body starts to become Consubstantial with the same black frequency stream that these phantom energies, demonic entities, and shadow creatures exist within. When the human body matches the vibration of the black force, it becomes a conduit for that force, and attracts even more dark consciousness, like Satanic forces that are connected to the black subtle forces.

    Depression is a symptom of soul disconnection and the confusion of not knowing who you really are as a spiritual identity. When your heart is closed, when your emotions are closed, when your consciousness is shutdown, a human becomes very sad and depressed. That state of depression from soul disconnection is related to this black subtle frequency force that is transmitted from the moon, from lunar forces and from the artificial control of the magnetic field. The more spiritually developed we become, the more goodness and light we have accumulated in our Krystal heart and aura. The more Virtues we develop, the more power we receive to start bringing in that higher frequency, to build a strong spiritual body. Our strong spiritual body and direct relationship with God, is what protects us from the effects of the artificial manipulation of the geomagnetic field, and the consequent spreading of the Negative Polarity of the black forces. [1]

    Healing Imbalances

    Generally, a person with imbalances of the Negative Polarity of black forces, must move into the Positive Polarity of yellow forces to dissolve the black substance that has accumulated in their body. We must recognize our pain and suffering and learn from it, by actually confronting it and knowing the reasons why the pain and blockage is there. This means we must move out of mental and emotional stagnation and into some level of self-motivation, physical action or goal which keeps us moving forward in some direction or on a schedule. The black substance attracts the shadow forms, spirit Attachments and ghost entities, so this issue may also need to be addressed very specifically with people that are weighed down with black forces. Daily exercise and physical disciplines like martial arts, as well as goals for setting self-motivated actions can be very helpful for this group, because it breaks down these black forces. Many times these black forces are accumulated from past trauma, and we must break from the past patterns and shift, in order to bring new energies into our lives. To move out of the heavy burden of carrying these black forces, self-love, Self Esteem and personal healing must be the main focus.

    Transmuting Energy Belching

    Transmuting Energy Belching: This is the shared inside joke with all energy workers that transmute or transfigure negative energies, entities or Black Subtle Forces — at a certain level your body will process the dark energy through belching and burping. I never belched in my life, until I embodied higher spiritual aspects and began to move energy in table sessions or gridwork. If you are in a public place this can be somewhat embarrassing, because if the people in the vicinity do not understand this function of the consciousness body, they may think you are very rude or uncouth!

    However, it is not that you are being rude, it is a transition of the heavy or negative energy and negative spiritual attachments and dark entities that you come into contact with. This reaction has nothing to do with what you have consumed, like food or drink.

    Many energy session workers share this same reaction, but I’ll share what happens to me.

    • Clearing blocked energy when I touch a person’s body, like through massage or laying of hands – automatic belching ensues.

    • When exposed to an area, place or building with negative energy or AI Signal, belching.

    • Talking about any topic with a build up of toxic or negative energy — belch, burp.

    • Coming in contact with demonics or FA’s anywhere, nauseated and burping.

    • Working any kind of session or gridwork when coming upon miasma or negative energy in the planetary field — belching ensues. Usually loud and intense.

    As an example, what comes to mind as one of the most loud and intense belching episodes was doing PEG Week 5 at the Vatican under the St. Peter Square and Obelisk. The necropolis area was so toxic and filled with energetic sewage, when I opened that area up, it was a massive floodgate of Miasma and Dead Energy, as well as trapped souls, that the belching was equally as intense. Those that access the session recordings after have been spared these nasty details, but belching is the true glamorous life of planetary Gridworkers! [2]


    1 ↑ Geomagnetism

    2 ↑ [ES Forum How is your Health]

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    Moon Chain

    Magnetic Field Shifting

    Quantic Field Impact to Space-Time

    Etheric Surgery


    ~via Ascension Glossary