PAUL ROMANO: “Trump Fans And Passing The Judas Test”

I’ve followed this guy’s videos for a while but never seemed to resonate quite enough to post any on my blogs… this is the first one that “passed the test” since it touches on what is happening within the Q-Trumpers/NeverTrumpers, the ‘Truther’ communities, and how fine the line is between the perception of “truth” versus “non-truth”… though I do feel Mr. Romano might be less offensive by not using terms such as “Q-Tards” and “Trumptards”… I’ll also add that his belief that Jesus was nailed to a cross and crucified, was completely fabricated… never happened… re-invented history by the NAA like the same Satanic sickos we have ruling the world today, that put their own dark, twisted spin on things to disempower God and Godly Beings…


Comments from the thread:


“Trump fans refuse to acknowledge how completely Trump is embroiled in this system. He was born into the lower echelons of it and worked his way to the top of it. No one who is truly opposed to the billionaires, the celebrities or Washington and Wall Street could possibly have risen to the meteoric heights within all those groups that he has.”



“Yes and the very worst people who seek these positions of power and influence in the system are mostly psychopaths who keep it all going. We need a reset from the cosmos.”




“I voted for Trump the first time. Two things caught my attention that changed how I feel about him. It was not anyone’s opinion of him, it was his own words and actions. #1 he said he had never asked God for forgiveness because he doesn’t feel he has ever done anything he needed to ask for forgiveness for. #2 he uses all of the Luciferian hand signs and speaks in the luciferian language of gematria. WHAT MORE DOES A PERSON NEED TO KNOW? Yet they will defend him and are triggered by anyone that disagrees with them. Q is another game… people are still allowing themselves to be played. Common sense is not so common.”



~via PocketsOfTheFuture