CAITLIN JOHNSTONE on “The Proxy War Planned Years in Advance”

“It’s 2022 and people still believe the U.S. is pouring weapons into a foreign country to protect freedom and democracy. That’s like being 57 and still believing in the Tooth Fairy. This was all planned years in advance. So we’re all going to suffer financially and live under the risk of total obliteration via nuclear war in a long-planned confrontation geared toward obtaining total planetary domination, just because a few manipulators in the U.S. government decided that would be a good thing. This is a proxy war to advance U.S. unipolarist objectives. Nothing more, nothing less. If you still support it because you like the U.S. empire then just say that; don’t pretend it’s about saving lives, and don’t pretend you give a shit about Ukrainians. It was correct to oppose the dangerous agendas that were rolled out by the U.S. empire in the jingoistic hysteria after 9/11. Doing so didn’t make you an Osama lover, and it didn’t mean you supported the killing of Americans. And anyone who claimed otherwise was being an asshole. It is correct to oppose the dangerous agendas being rolled out by the U.S. empire in the jingoistic hysteria of the Ukraine war. Doing so doesn’t make you a Putin lover, and it doesn’t mean you support the killing of Ukrainians. And anyone who claims otherwise is being an asshole.”

~Caitlin Johnstone

~via The US Chose This Conflict: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix