HENRY MAKOW on “The Double Agent & Dementia Joe”

“Trump is a traitor. Americans have an insatiable appetite to be deceived and betrayed. He handed the election to his fellow Jews, the Commies operating the Biden puppet. Are you telling me he didn’t know who was counting the vote? PATHETIC. Biden was chosen to make sabotage look like incompetence. He has a small army of people telling him what to do. He’s not making mistakes. This was all planned. They want to destroy every nation’s economy and integrity, so that they can break us all and bring on a One World Nation.”

~Henry Makow

~via Headlines for Jan 24, 2022

‘THIS CUT-OUT IS A REAL CUT-UP’ ~ “Biden’s Presidential Address Lasts Hours as He Keeps Trying to Say ‘Omicron’ — An Anagram of ‘Moronic’ — Correctly”

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The presidential address to the nation was intended to be a brief message of hope and resilience for Americans facing a possible COVID-19 surge, but ended up lasting hours as President Biden kept trying to pronounce “Omicron” correctly.

“I’ll tell you what, America’s unvaccinated lower class are in for a real whuppin’ with the surge of this new variant they call Omnomicromicon… Omnicormorant, Obercrombie, Omnibus, Comic-Con,” said the leader of the free world, squinting into the teleprompter, “Oblong Prawn, Amish Pawn, Auger Spawn…

An hour into Biden’s attempt to say a simple, three-syllable word, some members of the White House press corps could be heard snoring, and the video feed began tilting upward toward the ceiling as the camera operator dozed off.

Hope returned to the press room after three hours, though, as many thought Biden had correctly enunciated the name of the mild variant, but staffers clarified that he had actually said, “Balmy Cob,” followed by, “Otter Crop, Mommy Clod, Clammy Lawn, Only Fawns, Olmec’s Crop Top…”

Sources expect Biden’s address to be completed by the time the next variant is announced.

~via BabylonBee.com


JOE BIDEN: “My butt’s been WIPED” versus “My butt’s been WAXED” (YOU Decide. . .)


LISA RENEE: “Omicron Draconians”

JOE BIDEN: “My butt’s been WIPED” versus “My butt’s been WAXED” 😳 (YOU Decide. . .)


Comments from the thread:

He was talking to the people in his ear piece, they were asking JoJo if he remembered to wipe his bum when he got off the toilet 😂

“MY BUTT’S been WAXED, lol. Could you imagine getting that job? lmao”

“That was another clone glitch straight up”

“My mind’s been wiped? Maybe?”

“He’s saying ‘My butt’s been waxed!'”

“‘My butt’s been waxed’ it is clear as day.”

“The slower it gets the harder I’m laughing…” 🤣😂😭

“They purposely sped it up so no one would catch it”😂

“Hopefully it’s just a clone having a meltdown”

“It’s painfully obvious this is not Jojo Magoo … 00:47 you can plainly see that this individual has a latex mask under his clothes and pressing ever so slightly an outline…. And if you know anything about modern silicone masks they are incredibly difficult to spot and are developed by super top secret CIA contractors.”

“Every time I see Biden it looks like a different person. There has to be a freezer full of ready to go Bidens at some cloning facility.”

~via pocketsofthefuture