BENJAMIN FULFORD on “Arrested Queen Elizabeth Tests ‘Positive’ for Child Sacrifice”

“‘What do you do if a public figure you know of as a nice old lady has chopped a child’s head off, drunken their blood and eaten their heart?’ responded a top MI6 figure when asked why Queen Elizabeth II had ‘tested positive for COVID’ i.e. been arrested. We heard before from a cousin of the Queen that the British Royals until recently had annual human sacrifices at Balmoral Castle. Now we know the details because video evidence of this has been given to MI6. This is all coming out now because a growing number of people, and not just so-called ‘conspiracy theorists,’ are waking up to the fact our governments have been hijacked by an ancient Satanic cult. The question is, what are we going to do about it?”

~Benjamin Fulford

~via It Is Not Just the US but the Entire West That Is Bankrupt: Both Financially and Morally