REALLY GRACEFUL: “When You Weren’t Looking, Billionaires Did THIS…”

This video documents the earnings of prominent billionaires since March 2020, the departure of major CEOs over the last year, and asks questions about the future.



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‘MUST SEE’!!! ~ Ryan Cristian: “‘Mask’ vs. ‘No Mask’: OSHA Regulation Air Quality Safety Test Results”

This is an excerpt of The Daily Wrap Up 6/24.



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RYAN CRISTIAN: “MSM Again Pushes Flu Vaccine For COVID-19 Despite Findings This Increases Risk Of Coronaviruses”

This is an excerpt of The Daily Wrap Up 6/22.



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RYAN CRISTIAN: “We Are Witnessing A Nightmarish Technocratic Reengineering Of Our Lives Under The Guise Of COVID-19”

“This is the slowest motion train wreck I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s like there are clues everywhere that scream ‘hey!!!! You’re all being deceived!!!!!! Just take the time to look at the statistics for 2 seconds and you’ll realize nothing adds up!!!!’ And everyone just shrugs their shoulders and goes ‘I guess I’m ok with having lords rule over me, all my rights taken away, and a never-ending spy and tattletale program implemented over my life’… And I’m like…😱

Now I know I’m living in the matrix.”


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RYAN CRISTIAN: “Trump’s Vaccine Czar Slaoui Had Fauci-Approved Plans In 2015 For Genetic Modification & Universal Vaccines”

This is an excerpt of The Daily Wrap Up 6/22.


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“Huge profits, zero liability”



“But Trump is fighting the Deep State and he’s surrounded by Deep State creatures that he appointed cuz he’s so much for the American people.”👎



“Poor Trump, such an outsider. Hillary at his wedding, hangs out with Epstein, Rothschild banker as Secretary of Commerce, if he’s draining the swamp, he’d have to drain himself.”


“They are all slurping from the same trough, whilst laughing at us”



“Pray against all these evil things. Jesus Christ gave us authority to trample scorpions and snakes!”



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