PAUL ROMANO: “Wow, Worse Than I Thought — Q Is Really Working The Qbies”


“Everything is going according to plan so ‘trust the plan’. The divide and conquer campaign via the race-baiting has been highly successful. Also the uncontrolled hate a part of the population has for Trump is working our way. We have Dems vs Reps, blacks vs whites at each others throats which is simply brilliant. All we have to do now is wait …gna gna gna.”

~Video comment “from the persective of Q”



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DERRICK BROZE: “Mark Passio on QAnon, Voting, The Great Work, and the Future of Humanity” (10-22-2018)

Derrick Broze sits down with Mark Passio to discuss the return of his podcast, the upcoming elections, psyops like QAnon, moving out of the United States, and much, much more.


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“QAnon… it doesn’t just affect the gullible, hopeful, or ‘patriotic’, but is a huge stumbling block for the true awakening of humanity. Thankfully, Awakened Ones everywhere are exposing Qabalah-Anon as the massive psychological mind control operation it is.”

~Ascension Avatar


“What kind of person do you want to be in the midst of the turmoil that is happening during the manufactured global crisis that is unraveling? Awake and aware? Asleep at the wheel?”

~Lisa Renee



PAUL ROMANO: “Q Drops Leave Qbies Holding The Bag”



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UNQUOTABLE QUOTES ~ Ken @ on “JFK Jr. & the Qabalah-Anon Disinformation Front”

“One thing readers brought up recently was a series of tweets purportedly from the still-living JFK Jr. and the Q-anon disinformation front. There is no way of knowing if the messages were official disinformation or just some idiot screwing with the Q-lemmings, but this is what they said…

But be advised that if ‘John-John’ really is alive, he has unquestionably sold out to the Kabbalists who killed his father, and that makes him a real piece of sh*t. F*ck that pathetic worm and the garbage he’ll be feeding the sheep. It’s better to die as a man than live as a worm.”

~Ken @




PAUL ROMANO: “Qbie Struggles To Realize That Q Is Part Of The Deep State”


“Don’t drink the Q-laid.”



“I’m from the CIA you can trust me n trump and our plan”

😉 🐍 – Q




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