SLOAN BELLA: “Kanye West ‘Honey Comb’ Mind Fracture”

Having higher sensory perception myself, it doesn’t take a psychic to know Kanye is a controlled opposition agent, just like fellow dead agent Donald Drumpf was (and still IS, with cloning and special AI red wave technology FX, like many puppets from Illuminati families)… but this does make you feel compassion… I enjoy Sloan Bella’s readings, and since “Ye” is actively involved (used) in many psy-ops, mind-controlled operative-slave that he is (and yes, there is more than ‘one’ of ‘him’)… perhaps this will shed some light of the truth out there… 12/5/22 UPDATE: Read THIS article of Lisa Renee’s called “Hive Net”… the “Honey Comb” mind control matrix Sloan sees “Ye” enslaved in, keeping his head ‘abuzz’ with negative frequencies? 🐝

~via Sloan Bella