TULSI GABBARD: “Tulsi Gabbard Podcast .001 β€” The Story of Molly and Ben”

Confusing health insurance, the dangerous opioid epidemic, and the tragic burden on loved ones with Molly and Ben Saint Jeanne, small business owners from Hampton, NH.



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TULSI GABBARD: “Keeping the American People Safe”



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INSPIRATION FOR AMERICA ~ Tulsi Gabbard: “Invest in the American People” / “Protecting Social Security” (Double-Play)



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GOOD UNCOMMON SENSE ~ Tulsi Gabbard: “Calling Out the DNC” / “Love of Country Can Unite Us” (Double-Play)



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JIMMY DORE: “The American One-Party State”



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Ascension Avatar note: I’ve never stood behind “Republican” or “Democrat” in my life, or even trusted the American political system for that matter, knowing it is rigged for the criminal elite… and most politicians are snakes, Manchurian Candidates, or both… but I also know that if Tulsi Gabbard were President… the world would be a better place. Will surfer Tulsi survive the wrath of Hillary through “sharkancide” before the defamation trial begins? Keep a watchful eye on the tide…πŸ‘€