MORAG: “Mayan Prophesy 24.05.17”

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The Age of Aquarius, of Awakening, the Return of the Divine Feminine, the apocalypse, all have been predicted on planet earth for many eons. That time is now. Planet earth circa 2017 is transitioning, it is experiencing all of the above.

Ancient wisdom, teachings of Da Vinci, Einstein and Tesla (among others) and modern technology should have prepared us for the quantum spiritual evolution of humanity and Gaia. Liberation, awakening, enlightenment has been suppressed by the elite. As a global population we are largely ignorant of the process we are all embedded in.

Ancient cultures like the Mayans link our past with our future. Celestial knowledge equipped them with the tools for dowsing Gaia’s future. Whilst 12.21.12 was the big date MSM pounced on to try and own, subvert and control. The date itself is largely meaningless in the Mayan calendar. The Mayans believed 2011/12 were the trigger years, the kickstart of global waking up, activated by cosmic waves of higher frequencies.

May 2017 plays an important role in Mayan predictions concerning the Ninth Wave. A new ‘Day’ begins within the Ninth Wave triggering Enlightened Unity Consciousness. It seems we are reaching a huge timeline shift, a cosmic crossroads of consciousness.

To manifest a better world we dim the red alert lights of the matrix and turn up the emerald green lights of heart led Gaia healing. We are being asked to return the heart to Gaia, to heed our grandmother’s tales, the ancient ripples of truth, of enlightenment. To disengage from the darkness of the third dimension. Battle lines drawn. Service to self or service to others, our core truth, determine the frequencies our cellular system vibrates at. The point of critical mass is being reached.

We can all feel the density of the energy. The conflict, the chaos and the control of the elite is creating a build up of tension, of energetic weight to be released. We know the barbarism going on. We can see, smell and revel in the beauty of nature, the wonder of soul tribe nourishment and the magic in mindful existence to counteract this pull, this separation of dimensional existence.

These next few weeks and months our challenge is to integrate, attune our mind body soul system to higher frequencies on Gaia. To prioritise self care. To manage stress. To simplify our lives. To seek stillness and calm within. To believe and vote for a better future, a future where people take care of each other.

This is our mission as lightworkers, earth warriors, teachers and healers. To raise the vibrations. To be heart led.  To send ripples of emerald heart energy out into the world.  May 24 may or may not be the catalyst, but it certainly confirms a feeling many of us have shared these last few weeks, the time is now.

There will be fluctuations, blocks and flow for many years. This is not instant, this is not a one day ascension drama. This is ongoing, riding the waves aligned and balanced. Connected and part of everything. Committed to change. To improvement. To creating a better world.

Resonate Enlightened Unity Consciousness in the face of fear. Get to know the ebb and flow of higher consciousness awakening. Be the change we want to see in the world beautiful people.


Mantra: I am a sovereign being connected at all times to universal love light.

I see a better world, I believe in peace, I am love. 

I anchor my light to Gaia’s grid. I send healing love light to Gaia and her people.

In gratitude with grace and humility. Namaste.


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Link to the Ignite the One Heart Fire ceremony 24 May 2017 below.




PREDICTION FOR THE DAY ~ “A Man You Can’t Trust Will Soon Be Replaced By Another”

Knowing things before they happen isn’t always fun… but still… it’s a great gift from God, eh? 😉

A Man You Can't Trust Will Soon Be Replaced By Another




DAVID ICKE: “‘Prophecy’ — What He Said The Day Trump Was Elected, Tuesday, 8 November 2016”

And here we have ‘The Donald’ flashing his ‘666’ New World Order hand gestures, as usual… 😉

David Icke Talks About Donald Trump On The Day He Was Elected.






TANAAZ (Forever Conscious): “Intuitive Predictions for the Energy of 2017”


The early part of 2017 is all going to be about transition. We are moving out of the energy of 2016 and into the energy of 2017, and it will take some time before we really start feeling the contrast.

2017 holds the vibration of fresh starts and new beginnings. It is also a time to think about the seeds that we want to plant and cultivate for the future. If 2016 was a time to prepare the soil, 2017 is going to be a time to plant things.

How you have prepared your soil is going to determine what type of harvest you are able to achieve in 2017. Everyone is at their own pace and at different levels on their journey, so try not to compare your journey to others.

Some people are going to reap huge bountiful harvests in 2017, while others will have a smaller garden. It all just depends on where you need to be at this stage on your evolutionary journey.

2017 opens with a powerful Eclipse season that starts in February. On February 10th we have our first Lunar Eclipse of the year which is going to fall in the fire sign of Leo.

All fire signs are going to feel amplified this year, not just because of this Eclipse but also because of the overall energetic tone of the year. This is a very fiery year and while fire is very cleansing and purifying, it can also be extremely destructive if not contained.

Following the Lunar Eclipse, we have a  Solar Eclipse in Pisces on February 26th. At this point we are really going to start shifting out of 2016 and into 2017 energetically. In fact, it may not be until this Solar Eclipse that we really start feeling a different energetic vibration.

In March we also have the Equinox on the 20th, which is really going to supercharge the energy of the year. It is at this time that we are really going to have a clearer understanding of what is ahead.

Also at this time, Venus is going to be in the depths of her retrograde. This is a very significant time that is really going to be helping us adjust our feelings of love and femininity. This is not just in our personal relationships, but it will also be felt on a global level as well.

Venus retrograde is going to be a powerful theme in the first part of 2017 and is going to really help us to open and expand the energy of love. It may also bring up issues that need to be discussed like equal rights for women and love for the planet and fellow human beings. (For more on this, join me for my Venus Retrograde Workshop!)

The middle of 2017 from May to August, there is also going to be energy that brings upheaval and maybe even events that seem to come out of the blue or by surprise.

This is a significant time period where we are really going to be able to see what type of soil we have been able to create. Have we created soil that is going to grow all of our dreams and wishes? Or do we need to adjust a few things?

This will also be seen on a global level as well. As a society, have we been preparing soil that is fertile, loving and able to hold space for new creations? Or is the soil poisoned with ego, greed and corruption?

From May to August we will be feeling this energy on a global level, and it is likely that things may be stirring at this point in order for us to see what needs to be changed and what needs our loving attention.

August especially is going to be a deeply reflective time, and a time where we our coming into a clarity over what we want to achieve and where we are heading under the energy of this new cycle.

This is going to be amplified by the Lunar Eclipse which falls on August 7th in the sign of Aquarius. Air signs are going to feel this one strongly, but because Aquarius also rules humanity and we are in the Age of Aquarius, it is likely we will all be delivered a pretty significant message around this time.

The end of 2017 ends on a very high note. It seems that no matter what happens throughout the year, the Universe is always on our side and we are all going to feel very much guided and supported.

The last few months of the year are filled with positive opportunities and lots of energy that is going to help us get where we need to be. In fact, it really seems that 2017 is a stepping stone onto much bigger and better things.

2017 also holds the vibration of  “7 ” which is an extremely magical and spiritual number that carries a lot of significance.

Even though the dark side of humanity may be illuminated, there is a silver lining to this and 2017 is going to give rise to many spiritual awakenings.

Through this darkness, we are going to have a lot of light beings emerge and there will be an acceleration of light workers on earth.

Many light workers will also step into the full power of their gifts in 2017, and there will be a growing emergence of people seeking out this type of healing energy.

Overall, 2017 is going to be a year of adjustments. We are adjusting to a new energy and a new cycle which is going to continue for the next 9 years.

2017 is a foundational year and is part of a bigger cycle of transformation that we are all destined to experience as beings of this planet, and we all have a lot to look forward to.