ANA DAKSINA: “Writing In the Light” (Dedicated to the WordPress Ascension Writers)

This one’s for the Lightwriters
Constantly reaching out
Teaching us all over again
What life is really all about

Some only touching one or two
Some helping many more
But all persist, for in this game
Numbers don’t correspond with score

It’s been long years — decades for some
They have been coaching patiently
Forefront of us to grow within
So all ascend will outwardly

How many times, how many ways
Can they find freshly to repeat
The basic tenets? Here’s one more!
An awesome and ongoing feat

Of selflessness and service
Of genuine pure love
Such as the future that they build
May be composed entirely of





ONENESS through RASHA: “For All Will Be Oneness”

The reality toward which you flow—effortlessly, if you allow it—is unbound by the linear concepts of time and space. It is a reality where perception, by definition, is superfluous. It is the result of a melding, a bonding, a joyful unity of the totality of your essence in harmony with what is now perceived to be “others”. Ultimately, there will be no distinction between the perception of “self” and that of “others”. For all will be Oneness.

~Oneness through Rasha!/oneness

ONENESS through RASHA: “Nothing”

In the stillness there Is—Nothing.  No-thing to “have.”  For in order to experience “having” it is necessary to have known “not having,” a sense that something is missing.  So there can only Be—Everything.  Where there is Everything, there can be nothing more.  And that state is only possible when there is Nothing—nothing more to want.  For in that No-thing-ness, All That Is—is present.

~Oneness through Rasha!/oneness

ASCENSION AVATAR: “Blasted By The Chemtrails… Blinded By The Light”

Recorded April 18, 2016

As I recorded this particular chemtrail ‘blast’ (one of many that day)… a hot rod car roared past me, blasting Manfred Mann’s “Blinded By The Light”… a song I found haunting and mesmerizing as a child… but not as haunting as I find these chemtrails, now… While the song itself seems so… underground, sleazy, hippy, trippy, druggy ’70’s… it’s intriguing to me to this day… and ties-in with this video… and means something… somehow… : D

To view the Manfred Mann’s Earth Band song, “Blinded By The Light”… with lyrics… see…