ERIC RAINES (Cosmic Awakening Show): “Archon Implants And Critical Clearing Steps”


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LOUISA LOVE: “20 Signs Of Implantation”

“Unexpressed anger is unhealthy for us, but expressed anger, laying down our boundaries and stepping into our power as sovereign god-beings saying no is absolutely essential along our path of awakening to our own God/Goddess selves. The last time these beings came for me I telepathically told them to f*** off. They immediately packed up and left. I have full memory of this event, as they were unable to wipe my memory.”

~Louisa Love


The Extraterrestrial Deception that is taking place here on Earth is a highly controversial subject, as it still remains hidden behind the layers of earthly mind distractions. To those of you who have raised your consciousness to such a degree that you can see, feel, hear or know that it is here this article will be hugely helpful.

Abduction by the Grays

Back in 2013, around two weeks after my own rather dramatic kundalini awakening, an extraterrestrial group known as the Grays abducted me. These beings definitely did not have my highest and best at heart. In fact, these beings seem to be void of feelings and to be working for a hierarchal controlling ET hive mind like network that has infected earth and humanity over thousands of years. Due to this particular time line we are in, a time that was even predicted by many different ancient cultures as ‘the end of time’, ‘the great purification’, ‘the awakening’, etc. many of us are now starting to awaken from our sleep or unconsciousness.

Due to my awakening and to my ability to hold more light these controlling beings now saw me as a threat. I also willingly went with them, as I was completely uninformed of what was going on. The questions I had was, “Why are we being abducted and implanted?”.

We seem to be an energy source for different astral or fourth dimensional beings. We are enslaved by our own low vibrational fears and limited thinking and we have forgotten how powerful we really are. These inter dimensional beings can only take our energy when we give our power away by allowing our monkey programmed minds to run the show.

The grays implanted me with many different types of energetic or astral implants, and some of these implants that are highly parasitic and seem to have a bio-genetic life form, can grow, shrink and effect our thoughts, were aggressively implanted within my psyche also affecting my physical body. Over the last 2 years I have been learning how to deal with these implants, and I have come to learn that these implants/entity structures cannot remain within our bodies or our mind if we remove its food source. These implants feed off unconscious fears and old or recent traumas that is stored within the body/mind. Some of these traumas may even date back to previous or parallel lifetimes. For instance, I was shown two past life traumatic deaths that I was able to clear and heal.

Avoiding an ET Abduction

How we can avoid an ET abduction scenario? I know how to do this now as I have experienced the power of my own righteous anger. Yes, you’ve read right … anger. You see, within the New Age religion there exists much programming that shames our natural feelings such as anger. We are left open and gullible as easy targets for these types of post awakening abductions. Most people who are abducted have no memory of it, as memories are wiped clean. Literally from one day to the next they feel possessed, tormented, and completely out of control. Usually at this stage mental health is called in. Unexpressed anger is unhealthy for us, but expressed anger, laying down our boundaries and stepping into our power as sovereign god-beings saying no is absolutely essential along our path of awakening to our own God/Goddess selves. The last time these beings came for me I telepathically told them to f*** off. They immediately packed up and left. I have full memory of this event, as they were unable to wipe my memory.

Symptoms and signs of implantation

1. Nightmares

2. Crawling sensation over or within body

3. Feeling anxious and out of control
4. Being completely unable to let go of certain thoughts.

5. Suicidal thoughts

6. Physical body becoming super sensitive. I have met many clients with autoimmune disorders who are completely aware of the implants. I have even wondered if the immune system is actually attacking the implants and so it looks as if the body’s immune system is attacking itself! Something to think about.

7. Tight necks shoulders and back related issues.

8. Extreme fear at odd times, such as waking every night at the same time in cold sweat from fear

9. Overwhelmed by negativity

10. Tightness over face, head, or other body parts.

11. Static like feeling over head

12. Buzzing or white noise in ears

13. Depression, violent thoughts

14. Feeling drained and exhausted

15. Hopelessness and despair

16. Addiction to sex, drugs, gambling, etc

17. Feeling as if you are out of your body

18. An inability to connect to your feelings/numbness/lack of empathy

19. Nausea or tight feeling in solar plexus

20. Some highly sensitive people can feel energetic tentacle like structures wrapped around their windpipe, the sternum, etc.

I discuss how to neutralize the implants in my next article “32 Ways Of Neutralizing Implants” on




LOUISA LOVE: “32 Ways Of Neutralizing Alien Implants”

Negative ETs came the other night while I was sleeping and tried to paralyze and implant me, but I kicked their bony little grey asses. You see, my 12D Shield fried them like mosquitoes to a bug zapper. And that will teach them: “If you impose upon others… your ass will be fried.” : D


“The last time these beings came for me I telepathically told them to f*** off. They immediately packed up and left.” ~Louisa Love

If you think you have been implanted by extraterrestrials, I would like to give you some pointers in neutralizing these. This article follows the article published on called 20 Signs of Implantation.

Just a quick note- I don’t feel most people would experience it as aggressively as those of us who are going through soul purification and awakening to our multi-dimensionality. Also, we all have different soul karma and different way of experiencing things. Take what you need from this article and discard what doesn’t resonate for you. I am only writing from my own personal experience. I never physically felt these implants until after my kundalini awakening.

Until you are able to shift into a higher level of experience where these implants will no longer work, here are some ways to neutralize them:

1. Clear the fear
I love using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) for clearing fears, but I have also used other meditation fear release work to clear these. Also, I have decided to consciously and consistently confront and embrace my fears. To clear the fears we need to become conscious of them. They will show up daily, and will limit you. What will others say if I write about ET’s? This was a big fear for me, but I knew I had to break through and speak my truth to bring the light of consciousness to this dark virus affecting our planet and ourselves.

2. Embrace shadow wounds
There is a collective unconscious program that shames any kind of shadow work. We want things good and we want it right now, but it takes time to grow. A baby can’t become an adult over night, and if they were placed in an adult body there would be chaos. This is about cultivating compassion for ourselves on ALL levels for our process of healing our wounds.

3. Keep the faith
We need to keep the candle of faith burning in our hearts, knowing that we are working towards becoming spiritually awakened gods and goddesses.

4. Trust Yourself
Trusting yourself is trusting life, and knowing we are intrinsically connected to life ‘out there’. We need to go inwards through meditation and trust that life is bringing us exactly what we need to awaken, no matter how challenging it may be.

5. Meditate
It was through a Vipassana 10 day silent retreat and meditating up to 10 hours a day that I was shown the POWER of meditation. By day 7 the implants that were located within my physical and energetic bodies started to drop off. This type of meditation was not about trying to clear entities or implants, but rather clearing the mind by sweeping the body cultivating trust in the process of ‘no mind’. In fact, if I tried to use my own will to remove the implants it wouldn’t work. They only dropped off when I stopped trying and trusted in the process of meditation, breathing in and breathing out.

6. Take full Responsibility for your actions and reactions to life
Implants and negative ET’s thrive off 3D victim consciousness. Of course we have been victims to some awful atrocities, but we need to take responsibility for how we react and respond to these. We need to take our power back!

7. Clearing the trauma
It is essential to start clearing trauma from our childhoods, teenage and recent years. I use kinesiology and EFT techniques for this, alongside flower remedies and energetic visualisations. EFT is incredibly powerful for trauma release work and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Stay tapping on each point until you yawn while talking through the trauma. Hold stress release points on the body to clear the stress out of body. These points are located between the eyebrows and the forehead. You can place your hand over your forehead and think of the stress until it fades. You will feel a shift as the stress and trauma clears.

8. LOVE yourself unconditionally
When we fully love ourselves unconditionally we are able to love others unconditionally. This love is the greatest power we have for neutralizing implants.

9. Watch your thoughts by cultivating presence
Meditation will greatly help with this. When you hear a negative thought in your head immediately cancel and delete it by sending it to the light. BUT, we need to make sure we stay grounded and do not go into false light and love denial bubble. So, if you get an off feeling when you are around someone, rather than seeing it as a negative thought, stay away from that person. Learn how to discern truth. This will take time as we learn through our ‘mistakes’ and ‘failures’. When we look at it in this way we can have gratitude for our so-called mistakes and understand that these teach us.

10. Forgiveness Work
We do not want to lip serve forgiveness and then behind the scenes have resentment in our hearts. We need to work through forgiveness in phases. It takes time, but will get easier and quicker with practice! You know you haven’t forgiven fully yet when you find your mind constantly going in that direction with judgmental thoughts or when you still want to shame the other party in conversation. To combat this I once again use EFT coupled with meditation.

There is a 7-step forgiveness tapping sequence I follow:

1) Acknowledging the anger 2) acknowledge the hurt and pain it created 3) releasing the fears behind the anger 4) taking responsibility for your response 5) acknowledge all your feelings, especially unexpressed ones 6) letting go and forgiving the person, and 7)Clearing any feelings of shame or guilt.

This sequence takes time. In extreme cases I have used it again and again almost daily over course of few months! It is hard work, but it pays off when your heart gets filled with forgiveness and compassion for yourself and the other party.

11. Connect with your heart
We connect in with our hearts when we allow ourselves to grieve our losses, when we allow for our tears to clear old wounds, and when we start to feel in to life more than thinking about it. Our minds can be very useful, but ultimately we want our hearts to lead through compassion, love and forgiveness.

12. Feel your feelings
One thing I noticed is that some of these implants are specifically made to disconnect us from our emotional body and feelings. The reason for this is that when we feel our feelings we shift, change and grow. When we feel we are able to let go and move on. So when we are unable to connect to our feelings we can get a little stuck. To unstuck yourself watch an inspirational film, or go and spend some time with people who are doing good work with others. Talk about your feelings even if you cannot feel them. Just put your hand on your heart and express how you are feeling allowing yourself to be vulnerable.

13. Express your truth
When we express our truth in the moment we clear out energy again. We all know what it feels like when we do not express our truth. Resentments start to build, we feel stuck and frustrated. We start judging the other person, or try to control the situation by unconsciously manipulating the other. It is essential for us to break through the fears of being judged, being verbally attacked, hurting the other persons feelings, rejection, aloneness and abandonment. We need to face these fears, even if trembling, still speak our truth. It is the only way to live authentically.

14. Detoxing candida/parasites from the body, diet and fasting
When our bodies are filled with negative fungal overgrowth or parasites then our bodies get ill with toxic acids. These acids build up and are highly toxic and these toxins will start to drain the body’s immune system and generally cause havoc in the body. Wherever the body’s weak spot is the problem will usually start to show there. For instance, someone with thyroid issues or psoriasis may both have high levels of systemic candida in the body. This needs to be cleared from the body to raise our body’s vibration so that we can hold more light within the cells of our bodies. I use kinesiology to assist my clients in detoxing safely from parasites and candida, as these can cause die-off symptoms within the body, which could bring on a healing crisis. It is essential to support the liver while clearing the body from funguses and parasites. I use herbs, flower remedies (for children and animals) and vitamins and minerals to rebalance the gut. I also test for food sensitivities and find that refined sugar, wheat and cows dairy seem to be main culprits in bringing down the bodies vibration. Once the gut is balanced you will have way more energy, wake in the morning with bright eyes. At this stage we can start detoxing old heavy metals from the body. Zeolite is my personal favourite for this. When the body is strong fasting can be an incredible tool to assist in the falling away of these implants. After all Christ fasted for 40 days and nights in the desert. Surely he was purifying his own being at this stage, as he was fully aware of the ET (demonic) agenda.

15. Spend a lot of time in nature alone (barefoot on earth preferable)
Connecting with nature by yourself is incredibly healing and can help one to get more in your own bodies. You may think all of you is in your body, but most people are missing soul fragments. It is important to claim these back and being in nature will certainly help to ground us back in with the earth and our roots. It is very relaxing and peaceful to walk in nature, or to sit still and meditate in a nature spot.

16. Make time to play and laugh
It is very important to make time every day to just let your hair down and not to take it all so seriously. We are all in this together, and there is a lot of good stuff going on too. My children make me laugh a lot. I love chasing them around the house, hearing the giggles and laughter. This is incredibly healing and grounding.

17. De-clutter your environment
When your environment is filled with clutter it symbolizes the clutter we have within ourselves. It can be one of the most spiritual things you do, to just clear out the junk. You can even while clearing it out, express your gratitude to the Universe for assisting you in letting it all go. Powerful stuff.

18. Build Self Esteem
When you get triggered by someone else, you take things personally or feel really hurt or rejected it means there is a part of yourself you are still rejecting. Embrace this part of yourself with self-love and self-care.

19. Get an energy clearing/healing
There are some highly advanced intuitive healers that may be able to help you in getting clear. It is important to discern the right person for you though. Do your research, read the testimonials and ask your higher self for confirmation. Don’t just allow anyone into your energy field. I’ve certainly had a few clearings that have really helped me. It is important to note though that they won’t be able to remove anything that is feeding off say low self esteem wounding or a specific fear. This is why emotional and mental clearing is of utmost importance if we want to stay clear.

20. Speak out loud to your god/goddess self from a place of power and authority
I know it is weird, but it works! I try to do this daily now, obviously when I am on my own in a safe space, or unless I’m in a group environment where it is appropriate. Making inantations to the Universe is incredibly powerful.

neutralizing implants

21. Be aware of false light and false light beings
This is a big topic in itself, but basically if any being comes to you claiming to be an angel or ascended master and then asks you to do stuff for them, it is a pretty sure sign these or false light beings. True light beings will guide, not try to control or give you ‘light work’ to do. The most important guidance is your heart, your higher self and the one point creation of unconditional love source energy.

22. Strengthen your boundaries
Practice saying no thank you and speaking your truth with loving kindness. When you have strong boundaries, you give an amazing example to those around you to strengthen their own boundaries. We need boundaries as we live in a multi-dual world with people and other inter-dimensional beings that wont always have our best interest at heart. We have to learn to stand up for ourselves and where we are called to stand up for others less fortunate than ourselves.

23. Cultivate kindness and give back by helping others when we can
Our energetic vibration rises when we start connecting in with our kindness. This is not a forced kindness to be ‘good’, but rather a kindness that originates from a heart that really wants to help self and others. When we help others they may pay it forward and the kindness and love starts to spread.

24. Detox from TV, computers, media
I stopped watching TV around 4 years ago, and detoxed from all the fashion magazines and newspapers. This does not mean I have gone into denial of the real world. I still get told what is going on, and if I really want to I can check in on the Internet every now and again to see what is happening out there. The problem is when we are reading and watching this stuff day in and day out. We get programmed with all this negativity from every which way. The pressure on women to look a certain way is just crazy. The pressure to earn well and to buy expensive stuff is also over the top. When we detox from all this something really awesome happens. Things get clearer and the mind quietens down. Try it for yourself. It is a wonderful and liberating feeling.

25. Do yoga, chi gong, dance, run or just do something active you love
Exercise is important, although I have to mention here that implants can be incredibly draining and in this case it may feel easier to just stretch and do some walking. We can’t push ourselves when we’re in the midst of soul clearing. It is tough work, and we need to pace ourselves too. Lots of water and rest in between is essential. And take a day off for yourself every week where you don’t make any plans so that you can just be.

26. Instead of finding problems focus on solutions.
Stop complaining. Catch yourself when you do it and change it around. Find the solution and focus on that.

27. Confront ALL of life
Embrace life in ALL of its glorious manifestations. Embrace all of it, all of you and confront everything with an open heart. This is the only way to live life authentically and fearlessly. If you want to be truly free this is the only way.

28. Receive regular massage or body work if you can
Massage can really help the body when there is an infestation of energetic implants. The skeletal, muscular systems and the organs all get heavily affected, so a regular massage can be very helpful along our journey to freedom.

29. Read the signs of the universe/life
Be open to reading the signs and synchronicities of the Universe. Life will speak to you through signs and symbols if you will only listen. This way you will be reassured of assistance and guidance along the way. You won’t feel so alone, and you’ll connect in with the interconnectedness of all things.

30. Heal the inner child and inner teenager and cleanse out the DNA
We need to connect in with the child and teenager within to heal the old wounds that have been passed down from our mothers and fathers. We hold so much wounding within our DNA and this wounding need to be transmuted and cleansed. This is one of the reasons we are here, to cleanse our genetic lines and to assist our future generations. It is quite a job, but if you’re patient and in trust it will all be revealed to you in divine timing so that it may be purged from your being. Ask out loud for your higher self to show you the way and it will be done.

31. Face addictions
Legal and illegal drugs and substances are only here to distract us from our souls calling. What’s more they will weaken our energy field and create blind spots where more entities or implants can attach. Also we need to face our mental addictions. I recently realized I was still addicted to the approval from others. This is a biggie for most of us. We need to honestly observe ourselves and set ourselves free from all these addictions in order to be truly balanced within our sovereignty.

32. Ending contracts
Finalize all energetic contracts that were made this life, in previous lifetimes or in between life times to assist the negative alien agenda, or to assist deceased souls to pass over, etc. Just state out loud that all of these contracts are now null and void.

All I can do is to express my truth, and to share with you how I have and how I do experience what is going on inter-dimensionally. I am not here to create more fear or drama. I want to empower you by giving you the truth of my experience. By accepting this truth of an inter-dimentional deception we can start looking for solutions.

When we are not writing or talking about this still taboo subject, it will continue to be pushed under the carpet labelled as yet another conspiracy theory. Before my awakening and abduction I had absolutely no interest in conspiracies or ET’s. I felt incredibly shocked and traumatized when I was shown what was actually going on. We are on a slave planet, yet we now are able to break free. All we need to do is go inwards and unravel all the junk. We need to have patience with others and ourselves, as it is a demanding process of purification on all levels. It is not an easy task, but in my opinion it is the most important task we have to complete. Whether you commit to your soul purification now or later, eventually you will be faced with the choice. I say YOU CAN DO IT!

My heart to yours,