LISA RENEE on “Guardian Project: Dismantling the NRG & Ridding Humanity of Nasty Transdimensional Parasites”

Ascension Avatar note: This NRG Dismantling Guardian Project is exactly what Kim Goguen discusses in her Nov 30, 2022 News Update.

“The Nephilim Reversal Grid (NRG) is an alien AI machined structure that is active in the United Kingdom. The quarter hub in Stonehenge area acts as a final collection point by directing huge amounts of Electromagnetic power, through massive amounts of collected (stolen) life force from multiple subsidiaries all over the planetary globe and the planetary grid lines, as well as the Planetary Gates. Alien Implants and Alien Machinery are used in key areas of the planet to instruct the human nervous system to release chi energies and body parts to be given to feed this network (the NRG Grids) that are used for energy siphoning and to gain control over the population. Most of these are alien manipulations in the system and we unknowingly allow them to be installed in our system. We can also see Negative Aliens inserting them into our body via the Chakra System or higher dimensional layers as we still do not have full control of these bodies. Never succeeding in feeling satiated, you become addicted to all things external. The mind becomes fixated on latching into another outlet, sex, food, drugs, clothes, or any object or person. This is the definition of Mind Controlled Addiction. In its advanced stages the fixation becomes obsessive compulsive in order to relieve the discontent to the level of anxiety experienced, courtesy of the NRG grid. In order to dismantle the NRG, the various hubs feeding it from all over the planet need to be dismantled systematically, while freeing the soul enslavement of the collective consciousness of the earth humans that is used to power up these grids. First, we must identify it in the human body so we can take it out of the planetary body. As we unify and come together to share our findings in fieldwork as Gridworkers, we become a part of the planet support team to free humanity from this insidious NAA enslavement matrix. This is a Guardian Project and is a work in progress to help the planet and humanity be rid of these nasty transdimensional parasites.”

~Lisa Renee

~via NRG Grids / Alien Software / NRG Implants