TANAAZ (Forever Conscious): “What is a Kundalini Awakening?”

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With the current cosmic energy and the focus on heart awakenings, it is the perfect time to talk about Kundalini Awakenings.

Kundalini Energy

Kundalini is a feminine, creative energy that lives inside all of us. It is often envisioned as a snake that lies coiled up in the pit of the belly or base of the spine. It is said that this snake is coiled precisely three and half times around.

If you have ever had dreams about snakes, or felt drawn to the energy of snakes, it could very well be that your Kundalini energy is preparing to awaken or rise.

While not everyone will envision a snake, this is the most common and most well recognized symbol of Kundalini energy.

Kundalini energy is one of the most powerful energetic forces in the body as it rules over your creative energy and the infinite wisdom that resides inside the gut area.

The gut is one of the most powerful energy centers of the body, which is why emotions are often felt in the gut. Whether it’s butterflies in the stomach or a feeling of nausea when something feels wrong, the gut is always speaking.

A Kundalini Awakening

When your Kundalini awakens, it is almost like that coiled up snake inside of you begins rising and extending upwards from the belly into the crown of the head.

When your Kundalini awakens, the passage of Divine intelligence from your brain, heart, and mind are all aligned and reconnected.

This is an extremely powerful energy force and is not only beneficial for spiritual development but also creative development too. Whether you are a creative artist or simply looking to create a better life for yourself, having your Kundalini awakened can help.

A Kundalini rising, which is the force of that snake rising up is very similar to a feeling of an orgasm, or the feeling you get when you are on one of those giant drop rides at a theme park. In fact, the force of the Kundalini rising is unmistakable.

A Kundalini Awakening can trigger all areas of your life, just like a regular spiritual awakening can, in fact, the two energies are extremely similar and are probably hard to separate.

When you become aware of the Kundalini energy that lives inside of you, it becomes a lot easier to activate this energy.

Just like any awakening process, Kundalini Awakenings cannot be forced, they have to instead be welcomed.

You definitely do not want to force or “hurry along” any awakening process for the sake of getting it done quicker, as there is always a journey to unfold that needs to be respected and nurtured.

I do believe that you need to pay attention to your Kundalini energy even once it has awakened because it can still go back down to sleep, however it is easier to reawaken this energy once you know what it feels like and once you know it exists.

An Awakened Kundalini 

When your Kundalini is awakened you have access to-

  • Higher realms of consciousness
  • Your divine purpose
  • Feelings of unconditional love for self and others
  • Creative/manifesting energy
  • Energy healing
  • Higher vibrational energies
  • Finding your passion
  • Heart openings/awakenings
  • Your intuition/psychic awareness
  • Feelings of compassion, understanding and empathy

How to Awaken Your Kundalini 

Awakening your Kundalini energy starts with the breath. The idea is that you want to inhale and exhale through the mouth almost like you are sipping air through a straw. Here’s how to do this-

  1. Breathing through your mouth, imagine inhaling all the way down to your spine and up the top of your head. As you exhale, feel the air emptying your body starting from the top of the head all the way down into your belly. Almost like the air is rising up through the inhale and rising down with the exhale.
  2. Once you have the breathing movement down, begin making it fluid almost like you are sipping in the air and exhaling it at the same time. Let there be no pause or no beginning and ending to each inhale and exhale. Make it fluid like a continuous chain of movement.
  3. Keep doing this breathing exercise for at least 15-20 minutes, at this point you may start feeling energy rising up from your belly area. You may also feel tingly or even slightly shaky. If you feel uncomfortable at any time, stop the practice and reconvene another day.
  4. Keep repeating this breathing exercise as needed for best results- recommended practice is 1-4 times per week for 30-45 minutes.

You can also try Kundalini Yoga to help activate your Kundalini energy.



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SPIRITUAL UNITE: “The Kundalini Awakening And Twin Flames Energy”


Everyone has a twin flame and everyone has a chakra system; our chakra is our energy centers and the energy which runs through them is called the kundalini.  So what is the kundalini awakening and twin flames energy?

Whenever twin flames connect for the first time and spend time together, they feel the sensational bolts of energy run through them.  They feel the energy centers heat up.  This is one of the true twin flame connections.  When twin flames meet their chakras can activate, it feels like awakening.  What if my chakras didn’t activate?  Some say if your chakras don’t activate then you have not met your twin flame, which is untrue.

There are many reasons why your kundalini energy won’t flow through.  First, being not everyone has balanced chakras, in fact everyone has some of their chakras underactive or overactive even worse blocked, for kundalini to flow we need balanced chakras, however your chakras will still activate.

It is important for twin flames to heal together and go through the purification process, we know in our soul when we meet our twin flame, the soul recognition is more important than bodily energies.

Kundalini Awakening And Twin Flames Energy

This chakra activation is one of the symptoms of twin flame soul recognition.  We know that twin flames share the same soul signature and blueprint.  They are the two important patterns that help twin flames recognize each other.  The chakra and kundalini activation is just one of the steps to a twin flame connection.

When twin flames meet the chakra centers pull them closer to each other, this pull is even felt when you are thinking of your partner, it won’t matter how far away they are.  Now you have probably read stories of people meeting their twin flame and this magnetic pull is very apparent.

It’s very important to have the kundalini running through the energy centers.  This energy has the power to purify and clear congestions that may take place in our chakras.  Everyone has chakras that are either blocked or unbalanced; however the kundalini energy may still flow through your chakras.

When your chakras are clear of congestions kundalini can flow freely.  So it’s very important when the activation or awakening starts, as unwanted feelings and behaviors may emerge.  Unwanted feelings like remembering pain again of the past, until you have dealt with them and healed up from the pain, you can’t be near or with your twin flame.

We now know that kundalini awakening and twin flames activation is one of the recognition process and there are many others you may recognize.  Each of us have different experience meeting our twin flame, what’s true for one may not be for someone else.  We now leave you in Love and Joy.  Namaste.

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SADHGURU: “Kundalini: Awakening to the Treasure Within”


“The word kundalini generally refers to that dimension of energy, which is yet to realize its potential.  There is a huge volume of energy within you which is yet to find its potential.  It is just there waiting, because what you call as a human being is still in the making.”



Yogi and mystic, Sadhguru, looks at the enormous potential that Kundalini carries. He speaks of the importance of becoming aware of the Kundalini, awakening to a hidden treasure within.

The word “kundalini” generally refers to that dimension of energy that is yet to realize its potential.  There is a huge volume of energy within you that is yet to find its potential.  It is just there waiting, because what you call a human being is still in the making.  You are not yet a human being, you are a “human becoming.”  You are not an absolute entity of being human.  There is constant scope to make yourself into a better human being.

Once you become human, there is no more unconscious evolution.  If you are unconscious, the same endless cycle of the same nonsense will go on and on.  Evolution will come to you only if you seek it consciously.

If you become conscious, evolution – or any change – cannot happen without the necessary energy.  So, the process of evolution allowed a huge volume of energy untapped, that if you become conscious, you could use this to make something fantastic out of it.  It is a treasure on which you are sitting.  But if you are looking in the wrong direction, you will never know that there is a treasure.

Kundalini: Sitting on a Jackpot

It happened once.  There was a beggar who lived in terrible poverty.  He just sat under a tree and begged.  People threw a few coins, and he just lived on.  One day he died and his body was just lying there.  He had no friends or relatives, and nobody wanted to carry him somewhere and bury him.  So they decided to just bury him right there under the tree.  As people began digging, they hit upon a huge treasure.  Just a few feet beneath him there had been a huge treasure, a huge pot full of gold, and the fool was sitting right there all his life, begging.  If only he had dug down, he would have been a very rich man.  But he sat there all the time being a beggar.

This is the way of the Kundalini.  It is sitting right there.  Everyone is sitting on a jackpot, but they are all looking in other directions.  They are not looking where the treasure is.  So they never realize something like this is there.  Kundalini is that treasure within you which has been left unused, untapped.  You could use that energy to transform this into a completely different dimension altogether; a dimension that you cannot imagine.

Kundalini: Plug into the Ultimate Source

Let me take you from your own experience of life because the stories about Kundalini are many.  In your house, there is a plug-point in the wall.  This plug-point does not actually produce any power.  There is a huge power station elsewhere that is producing power, but it cannot give you that power directly.  It is the plug-point that gives you access.  Though most people have not even thought about the power station and have no concept of what it is, they know that if they plug an appliance into the plug-point, the appliance will run.

Similarly, there is a “plug-point” within the human body.  It is not a 3-pin point, it is a 5-pin point.  You might have heard of the seven chakras.  The muladhara is like a 5-plug point.  That is why it is known as muladhara.  Muladhara means “fundamental” or “basic.”  Five of the remaining six chakras are the plug. What is the seventh chakra, known as the sahasrar?  It is like a light bulb.  If you plug it in, everything about you glows.  If you are properly plugged in, keeping the lights on 24 hours of the day is not an issue anymore.  You don’t have to turn off your power because you are worried the battery might run out.  You can just keep it on blatantly, recklessly, because you are plugged into the power source.

Even right now, you still have energy.  You can read what is written.  That means life energies are functioning, but in a very miniscule way.  Just a small part of it is functioning.  If the whole of it becomes available to you, if it is properly plugged in, there is no limit to what you can do out of it.  Even with the plug-point at home, once you are plugged in, you can make light happen, you can get the air-conditioning going, you can have the heater, you can have the television – anything you want. Just one power point.  You can do so many things.

Unfortunately, most human beings are not plugged in.  They are trying to generate their own power.  So they eat five times a day, but still they are tired most of the time.  It is a struggle to keep life going.  Energy is not just in terms of physical energy or activity, energy is in terms of life.  Existence is energy, isn’t it?  The basis of existence is energy.  If you know that basis, it is like knowing the foundations of life.  If you understand the ways of the energy, you know the whole mechanics of creation.  So if you are plugged in, you know what the power is, what it can do and what you can make out of it.  You are plugged into an endless source of power – that is what is Kundalini.

How Do You Plug Into Kundalini?

To plug in an appliance, if your hands are shaky, you will scratch the whole wall but you will not get the plug in.  In the same way, to put the 5-point plug into the plug-point is difficult for a lot of people because there is no steadiness in their body, their mind, their emotions or their energies.  Yoga is a means to get the necessary steadiness so that you can plug it in.  Once you plug it in – boundless energy!  You don’t have to go and learn about or understand the power station.  You plug it in and everything is fine.

Yoga is the science of getting the plug properly in so that there is an uninterrupted source of power.  Once you are connected to this uninterrupted source of power, naturally you will proceed towards the goal of what life is longing for.  You will not get lost with your fancy ideas, dreams, thoughts, emotions or entanglements of the world.

The Organic Atom

A human being is an “organic atom”, an individual unit of life.  For example, today, human beings are exploring atomic science.  An atom is not even visible to you, but if you smash it, something tremendous happens.  And if you are in the way, something terrible will happen.  No one ever realized that there could be so much energy packed into this tiny, little atom until they broke it.  Similarly, there is a tremendous amount of energy packed into a human being.  The Kundalini awakening or rising means you have found the technology of tapping into that energy.

However, if you tap into this dimension of energy, which is a phenomenal force, you must be on stable ground.  This is just like learning to operate nuclear energy.  Nowadays, everyone is learning a lot about atomic science because of the Japanese situation!  If you have forgotten the Russian experience, the Japanese are reminding you.  If you tap into this energy, you must tap into it with extreme caution.  If you are not in the right kind of situations, if you are in the way of a tsunami or an earthquake, you could be asking for trouble.  It is the same thing with the Kundalini.

Don’t Build a “Kundalini” Bomb!

With the kind of lives that most people live, where there are too many things – people, food or activity – that are not in absolute control, trying to activate the Kundalini because you read a book somewhere is like starting to build a nuclear reactor in your home because you read how to do it on the internet.  Apparently, until 2006, there was a detailed plan about how to build a nuclear bomb available on the internet!  We don’t know how many people have downloaded it.  The only fortune is they have no access to the material that is needed.  With Kundalini too, there are too many people who have read about how, with the Kundalini awakening, you can do all sorts of miraculous things.  But though they may intellectually know what to do, experientially they don’t.  And that’s a good thing because if they crack this energy open and they cannot contain it, it can destroy your whole system in no time.  Not just you, people around you could be hugely harmed too.  So is Kundalini a bad thing?  No.  It is a tremendous thing but anything which is tremendous has to be conducted in utmost care and caution.

How Else Do You Activate Kundalini?

So is there something else that one can do?  Every aspect of yoga in some way activates Kundalini.  In fact, everything that you do, if you go and jump for 10 minutes or play football, will activate your Kundalini to some extent.  In moments of absolute involvement in a game, people show a phenomenal sense of energy, which is not possible for them in normal situations.  This is because the Kundalini gets activated in intense activity.  But consciously trying to crack it open and use it is a different business.  That has to be done under absolute control and guidance.



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SPIRITUAL UNITE: “When Twin Souls Meet On Earth”

twin soul heavely hug (3).png

When twin souls meet, the connection is much more intense than the connection between soulmates.  They are called twin souls because they are from the essence of divine spark itself.  Twin souls are also soulmates, but not all soulmates are twin souls.

Many seek their twin soul and lose themselves; we should not but rather work on our self. Your focus should be healing your heart, soul and body, working on your spiritual self allows your soul to heal and in due time a link between you and your twin soul will manifest.  When you meet your twin soul it will be coincidental, and you will both be ready to begin your work together.  When twin souls meet it’s just divine.

Twin souls just don’t meet by chance, but rather this sacred union happens because there is a mission to fulfill together.  Twin souls’ increased emotions, feelings and awareness tend to be intensified for a reason.  The pure love, energy and passion of twin souls are more intense than human levels; this increased awareness allows them to fulfill their joint mission.

When twin souls meet, their mission is never small, but rather very grand.  If you had the privilege of uniting with your twin soul and you are both on your journey of completing this mission together, as twin souls you both will impact this world and even the cosmos.

When twin souls meet on earth, it was by no means simple.

It was never simple for twin souls on Earth.  Being born in this world with amnesia, twin souls have to find out why they would feel a strong emotional, physical and spiritual connection.  Even with immense spiritual awakening they forget who they are.  If twin souls did know who they are, but many still don’t accomplish their mission because they don’t recognize they have one.  Luckily there are some twin souls waking up and recognizing who they are and why they are here.

How will I recognize my twin soul?

You will know who your twin soul is because you will sense love beyond anything you have imagined before.  You will go through a heightened inner awakening; all your chakras will activate, this is known as kundalini awakening.  You are not here to form a relationship with your twin soul but rather a complete union to complete your mission on Earth.

When twin souls meet: Conclusion

Being in a twin soul union is not for the fainthearted.  When twin souls join together in union, they encounter many difficult challenges.  Although they are very compatible soul wise, they tend to find themselves in unique circumstances.  They may have gaps in age or come from different cultures.  Twin souls are here to redo the template for relationships here on Earth.  They join together in union to break down old social patterns and belief systems, to restore the planet to peace, harmony, unconditional love and balance.




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INSPIRATION FOR THE DAY ~ “The Kundalini Awakening of Jamie”

kundalini awakening

Hi I’m Jamie and I’m just a guy who had a Kundalini Awakening on December 5th, 2011.  After that night I made a promise to myself that as long as I remained here completing this journey with my wonderful wife, that I would try my hardest to awaken as many souls as I could before leaving and at the bare minimum peek the interest of many so that one day in the near future this world can become what it should be — a beautiful learning center for the soul.

My wife and childhood sweetheart, Shannon, is what you would call an old soul.  She was present during my awakening and has her own unique perspective on these things.  We are the mirrors of each other’s souls and her perspective can be found here on our blog, Awakening Our Truth.  The blog is our labor of love and a shared experience for us all.

NOTE: I have omitted the beginning of Jamie’s story which provides a brief history of his life and tells the poignant and touching story of the journey of connecting with his soul mate, and wife, Shannon.  Read his complete story on his blog here.

Prelude to My Awakening

About 10 years ago, I was living life day to day like most everyone not thinking about death just working and worrying about food, bills, mortgage — you know, the usual stuff we think about.  I was transitioning from service technician into sales and I started having very vivid dreams; what I now know to be lucid dreams.  Well, this one particular dream was happening every night for about a week, it seemed as if I was watching a recording over and over.

It was the same exact dream every night: the dream was about flying just above the tree tops about 25 mph but I was covering more ground than possible at that speed my arms were spread wide open and I was heading north.  I knew I was heading north because after awhile snow started to appear on the ground.  When I finally got to my destination I was standing on the shore of a huge lake that seemed to be the beginning of a river, there was snow capped mountains off to my right and the most beautiful scenery I could have ever imagined.  I remember talking to someone and them telling me that I was not ready.  Then, right after those words were spoken I was rushed back — as if sucked back into my body and I awoke.  This happened many times over a 2 week period.  I had this urge to be ready for what I did not know.  I just knew that I wanted to be ready.

A week or two passed and I was late for work driving south and I decided to take a road off the main highway through the country, one that I had never gone down before but knew that it was a possible shortcut.  As I was driving, I felt this wonderful feeling of being alive and noticed all the flowers and trees as I drove; being late was the last thing on my mind.  I was staring up at the trees and the sky and this ball of light started flying towards me from very far away and in a flash it entered my body through the car and it felt as if someone had just taken a huge bottle brush and cleaned out my insides, “my soul”, with joy and love.

At this time I had never really thought about my soul or anything like that.  I was just going about my normal day to day life.  Well, when I got to work (on time as it turned out) and I started trying to tell my co-workers what just happened to me, they just looked at me like I was crazy.  They wouldn’t even let me finish.

After work I decided to hit a church and talk it over with a pastor; they should know what this means right?  This is un-freaking believable — I get to the church and asked to speak to the pastor.  I tell him what had happened to me and he acted as if I was crazy too, asking me if I had been doing drugs and so forth.  Needless to say I was very disappointed.  I figured maybe he was the one that was crazy.  They speak of all the amazing things God does and how he comes into your heart and so on, but when it actually happens they can’t believe it.  What kind of hypocrisy is that?

That week I went to 7 other churches of all denominations just to see if any of them felt right to me; not all of them were in such complete disbelief, but still none of them resonated with me.  The last one I went to was a church that I had worked at before hooking up their fire alarm and I became close to the pastor during that time because he had a similar past as me.  Well, even he didn’t have an explanation for me; they all were saying the same thing “look to God.”  Hello, a large ball of light just penetrated my body and cleaned out my soul and you people are telling me to look to God and that’s it?  No explanation of how it happened.  He did give me a bible and I read it a little bit, but that as well left me feeling empty.

After such disappointment in the reaction from the churches that claimed to know God, eventually this great feeling about that experience faded away.  As time passed I would have a memory of that moment pass through my mind and feel good and grateful to be alive.  This would usually happen as my family and I gathered at the dining room table for dinner.  I remember telling them “Can you feel that?  The feeling of being alive?” They would just look at me and say, “Oh boy, there he goes again” and would laugh it off and we would continue to eat.

On a Quest for the Truth

A year went by and one night after leaving our friends house I lay down in my bed and my mind was awakened with the sight of an infinite universe going on forever, repeating itself, and changing just slightly each time.  After this happened I knew I had to get to the bottom of it and get some answers, this sense of urgency came over me, so I start watching shows and videos on online about the Universe.  At this time it had been two years since we disconnected from cable TV and we only watched certain shows online… Television Programming is just that — Programming — and I feel that removing that from my life is what led to what was about to come.

My obsession with finding out how everything works took me into the deeps of this world and I traveled “deep down the rabbit hole” almost to the point of no return.  First, it was about space, then it went to quantum physics, next it was Illuminati and how the world is controlled by a small group of people.  This outraged me, the discovery that I was a sheep in their game of life, not even knowing the darkness of these people.

Next, came all the singers and super stars and how they must be connected to the Illuminati and how most were killed just before coming out to the public about the Illuminati.  After that, the rage in my heart could not take any more and I came across David Wilcock, The Pleadians, and the Galactic Federation of Light: Meditation, Chakras, raising your frequency, and a lot of posts about “all are one.”  This brought my awareness of love to a new level but it was all so confusing and everything seemed to contradict one another.  I couldn’t take it anymore; I WANTED TO KNOW THE TRUTH and I didn’t care what it was, I just wanted to know, I had to know the truth.

We are all one, it’s not just some cool saying.  There is only One and we are all projections of that one.

Ready to Know it All

The date was 12-4-11.  Four months have past since I was thinking of Infinity.  My wife was away at her sister’s for the weekend for a baby shower.  I had been feverishly searching the web all weekend long trying to find the answers and yet all I got was more contradicting stories from every outlet that I came across.  By the end of the weekend I came to believe that if I raised my frequency I would match the frequency of the world I wanted to live in.  Well this is somewhat true, but what I had imagined could be far from it.  That night I lay down in bed and said to myself, “I’m going to do this, I’m going to open my chakras by raising my frequency”… I was ready.

So I put my head down on my pillow and stilled myself and tried not to think of anything.  I focused on the ringing tone in my head (which some people call tinnitus, I now call it “static of the cosmos”) and after 20 minutes of nothing happening I almost gave up, but I thought to try raising the tone and see what happened.  I discovered I could do it pretty well as I had been practicing this for about a month.  I got to the point where the tone coincided with a vibration I felt coming from my feet working its way up my legs.  The tone was very high at this point and to be honest I got a little scared as to what might happen.  So, I stopped and promised I would do it again tomorrow when my wife was there to watch me to make sure nothing bad happened.

I woke up extremely early to find anything about raising this tone I was controlling in my head; I couldn’t find it anywhere, just nonsense declaring tinnitus was the cause of the ringing.  After a few hours, I started watching the Pleadians again and really paying close attention to details as to what they were talking about.  “Look within; you are everything; we are all connected,” and a whole lot of other things.  They even had something in there about spinning in circles 30 times a day to align your chakras.  I thought, “OK, if it is going to bring me to the point of truth I’m going to spin in circles 90 times.”  During the day I did this and I remember almost getting sick from spinning so much.  My wife called and said she was about 4 hours away, so I went back to YouTube to see what else I could come up with to make this happen tonight.  I was ready.

She got home around 8:00 that night and we had some quiet time together and I told her my plans for the night.  She’s like, “yeah ok, have you been watching YouTube all weekend?”  I told her, “yes”, and I put on one of the Pleadian’s movies called Ascension.  The sound of the woman’s voice was putting us to sleep and as I was laying there I was trying to make the tone go up and down.  At some point the woman’s voice catches my attention and it seemed as if she was talking directly to me.  This freaked me out and it was time to go to sleep, so I hopped out of bed and turned off the video.

Demanding To Know the Truth

It was around 10:00 at night; I gave my wife a kiss and told her good night.  I laid my head down on my pillow and began to listen to the tone in my head, leaving all other thoughts behind.  As the tone got higher and higher I began to feel my feet wobble from side to side working its way up my legs; the tone was getting so intense, but I keep repeating to myself — I want to know the truth.  I want to know the truth.  The wobbling overcame my entire body and I could not believe how loud and piercing the tone had become.  I thought about stopping for a second, then I said for the last time, “Give me the truth” and suddenly it felt as if my mind was going to explode!

Launching Out of Body

My forehead seemed to open up like a zipper going all the way down my body.  An enormous amount of light seemed to be pouring into and out of my forehead going down to my heart.  My body jerked one last time as I was shot out of it and I seemed to be in space just above the earth.

I could not see the earth, just a blue glow from behind me.  I looked off to my left and there was this shimmering energy field of beautiful colors, but mostly turquoise, that was changing shapes like a sheet blowing in the wind.  This energy some might call an angel or what would appear to be an angel, but nothing like I had expected.  She was speaking to me but without sound or words.  “Welcome,” she said, “I am glad you made it here.  I have much to share with you.”  I had this feeling as if she was telling me to look off to my right and in the distance I could see multiple, probably seven or so, similar shimmering energy fields and I had this feeling of connection to them as if I knew them, but for some reason I felt as if I was not able to talk to them at this point.  They all seemed to be very happy I was there; I got this feeling of them being proud.  As I looked back to my left she asked me if I was ready.  I said yes of course and our two energy fields became one and we shot of into the stars.

Visiting the Cosmic Schoolroom

It didn’t take very long and I remembered after passing through the light it became very dark.  I felt as if I was in school with her, floating in front of a visual galaxy blackboard of our solar system that she was swiping information across for me to take in.  I was being shown about numbers and how they build everything we see.  They connect everything and how shapes are related in the geometry of life.  There was a lot more to this lesson, but I don’t really remember all of it.  I was being a little pushy, and said I already knew about all this stuff from all the research I had been doing.

Then, she asked me if I would like to see more and my response was “oh yeah!” It was very exciting to me and all my worries and doubts about this world were gone and I was immersed into this new one; I was feeling great.  I did not realize it yet but my ego was about to be crushed to smithereens.  This time it seemed as if we were headed directly to the center of the galaxy and when we stopped I could not believe what I was seeing: THIS PART HAS BEEN BLOCKED IN MY MIND but the feeling of shock and disbelief vibrated through me.

We went back to the galaxy blackboard after I settled down and this time class was geometry.  I felt like I was in first grade again but the displays were 1000 times better looking.  First, there was a sphere and it was spinning and had waves of light in it.  Next, there was a triangle with a solid red border and a pattern swirling down into the center.  Then, she took two opposing pyramid tetrahedrons and put them together creating a Merkaba.  I had seen this before but this time I listened focused.  The tetrahedrons were spinning and creating a huge sphere that was creating a vortex (I later discovered this is known as a toroidal field).  I got the feeling she was telling me that’s who I am and that is how we are all here, because of these shapes but I couldn’t put it all together yet.  “Ready for more?” she says.  I said I want to see it all as I smiled. At the time I didn’t realize that the class was to show me how to remain stable for my journey out of, and back to reality and I brushed it aside.  The beginning of the class was boring and I already knew about, what I thought was important, was just a small fraction to the whole.  I’m realizing now my journey would have been less traumatic on myself and my heart if I would have just paid attention.  The purpose of the class was to keep me and my heart balanced during the trip.  I didn’t do that and I went way out and slung back into reality with great force.  That caused me to feel disconnected when I returned.  After watching this video, that I just came across nearly three years later, I feel like smacking myself and my ego across the face.

Touching the Void

This time we shoot off and after a little while the lights fade away and it is completely dark.  We get to a point where there was no light in any direction.  I remember feeling completely alone; the feeling that my spirit had left me out here to die.  This was the worst feeling I had ever experienced.  There was nothing: no thought, no light, no time and no memories,.. Blank… void… just imagine nothing… yeah, it’s a lot worse than that.

There is no telling how long that lasted but at some point I thought to myself “am I dead?”  The very next thought was, no… I cannot be dead because I just had a thought and asked myself a question.  Then off in the distance I saw this little spec of light like a dot and as it got closer I could see it was a tetrahedron spinning and rotating in the center in all directions.  As it spun I noticed my thoughts were controlling the speed of the rotation.  I still truly believed I was dead, but I knew I did not want to be.  I started screaming….. “I don’t want to be dead,” but, there was no sound.

Then I noticed the tetrahedrons started to bounce.  I screamed louder and louder and waves appeared as the tetrahedron started bouncing faster and harder; the waves grew larger and larger flowing from the center and flowing out in all directions creating sound.  On these waves were cubes like snap shots in time of my existence up to that point.  As I started to remember where I came from I could see the fractals in a spiral motion begin to manifest, but these were not just what I was thinking at the time these were all possible existences from any choice I could have made from that point in time.  From there I could see color starting to form with a mixture of blacks and whites and as each experience was made the more shades of each color began to emerge from the fractals.

At this point I am joined with my soul and we begin to have a very long and intense discussion.  “Now do you understand?” she asks me.  I was confused but realized at the same time what was happening.  She told me that I had to experience death to understand life.  After going through all of this she asks, “Do you want to be a part of the light or a part of the nothingness?” I screamed as loud as I could, “I want to be a part of the light” and at that very moment all my possibilities of this life exploded out from the singularity that I had just created.  I was reborn.  We head towards the light coming from my singularity.  Some more information was given to me, but I cannot remember it at this time.  Remember there were no words just this feeling of communication.  As I think back now, she wasn’t asking me to be a part of the light, she wasn’t asking me if I wanted to be dead or alive.  She was explaining that I am all there is — death and life.

Iternity, Infinity, and Evolution

We were now traveling from my new found singularity back to this universe’s singularity.  I thought to myself “there can’t be an end if there is no beginning; our spirit never truly dies.”  I felt connected to everything in the universe.  If this is the case, does this mean we are In a Never Ending Story of evolution and de-evolution choosing whatever reality we wish?  In this Universe I believe this is true; we reincarnate here until we are ready for the next step of evolution, to the multi-verse.

I remember being in the singularity of this universe and being asked if I would like to finish here and continue on to the next evolutionary step.  I was given a choice to take this knowledge and move on to the next step in evolution or go back.  Without hesitation, I said take me back if there is no death and we decide what we want to do I want to go back and finish my life in this reality that has already been started.  I could only think of my wife, my children, my family, and friends.  And I wanted to finish it and live out my reality that I was living but with this new knowledge.  My answer: I would like to finish this life/this reality and bring as many spirits/souls to evolve with me to the next level in this endless cycle.

This is when I was shot back up into the spiraling fractals to the singularity of our galaxy; at this point I was given more information and asked if there was anything I wish to change.  I asked, “Can I change anything?” She answered, “yes.” I was still in disbelief, so I said I want to be, a rock star, and at that moment the life as a rock star flew before my eyes in a split second and I was not very happy with the outcome.  It was exciting, but ended very badly, so I said scratch that idea.

She asked, “Would you like to change anything about yourself?” I said “Sure, I want to be the physical size my wife is attracted to the most” and she said “done.”  There were a few more things, but I will keep those to myself.  I just wanted to go back and experience the rest of my life and be there for my wife and our kids.  I told her I was going to inform the other spirits/souls and I remember her telling me not to preach it to them, just give them information when they asked for it or make it available for them when they are ready to receive it.  I must have forgotten about that one for a while.  Laughing out loud

Off we went back into the next singularity of the solar system “The sun” where she told me that I would become my wife and my wife would become me.  I started screaming “No…” as we fell back to earth’s singularity.  I remember there was a lot of laughing between us and she told me not to worry, it wasn’t how I imagined it; I would inherit all of my wife’s traits and perspective and she would inherit mine.  We would share them between each other as one.  There was a lot of laughing.  Now we were at earth’s singularity, that is when I experienced an enormous feeling of euphoria, joy, and love that surrounds us all.  I felt connected to everything on the planet.  Let me tell you here, at each singularity of the toroidal field you’re in, you are connected to everything in that toroidal field and you feel everything, all emotions, good and bad.

Return to Embodiment

Before I knew it, I was back in my physical body as the tone started to get lower and the wobble in my body slowed and stopped soon after.  I awoke with such energy and excitement; my heart was racing at a very high rate.  My wife was lying there next to me and I told her (what seemed as another language or tongue I asked her if she could understand me and she said yes, but this quickly faded in a matter of seconds) what had just happened, she was in disbelief because not even five minutes had passed.  She became very concerned because of how fast my heart was beating.  I told her not to worry because I was in control and could slow it down.  That is when I took a few deep breaths and lowered my heart rate and as I was doing this everything that had just happened to me was playing over in my head and it was just too much information for my brain to believe.

I ended up passing out and it felt exactly like when I thought I was dead out in the black void.  There I was, back with my soul/spirit and I was told that I would have to forget some of the information that was given to me because my mind was not accepting it, but not to worry because as time passed I would remember.  So I tried to forget just enough to stay alive, but I wanted to remember the most important things.  This went on all night, passing out and waking up as I tried to fall back sleep.  My mind was in overdrive with all of the new found information and trying to figure out how to best process it.

The next morning I woke up and rushed to work not even knowing the depth of what had just happened to me.  I turned on the radio about halfway there and this song came on, it was the very first time I had ever heard it and I remember feeling my soul with me, singing to me, holding me… it was so intense I just broke down and started bawling.  My body is getting MAD chills right now just thinking about it.

I had to forget a lot, but every week or two, I would remember a little more… I lost sixty pounds after the first two months I was back and have maintained this weight only going up or down by five pounds difference.  My wife loves my new look and I see the world with a new set of eyes.  I have perspective of all and the oneness we share, it fluctuates to the perspective that I need to see at the time of the experience.  I now feel as if everyone is a reflection of my true self and I’m a reflection of theirs.  It is a constant dance of ying and yang in this duality we currently live in but somehow I feel as if this will change soon.

Moving Forward

It has been a little over three years and I now remember most of what happened that night.  The stuff that I can’t remember gives me this feeling as if I was to remember I would no longer be able to exist here in this reality, I am the one blocking my memories.  That is why I started my blog, Awakening Our Truth, to remember and to awaken others so we can all move forward together.

It has been one week since I started my blog and I have gained more memories of what happened that night in this one week than all of the memories of the entire three years.  I have had my moments and it seems as if I need to fight this urging feeling to leave or go back home, so I can continue my journey here with my loved ones.  It is extremely difficult because deep down I know this is all an illusion/dream created for us to learn and experience our self/God/Universe/Source from all perspectives and that there really isn’t a home, just different perspectives of all things.  I feel as if my perspective as a human being is complete and I’m waiting for everyone to move to the next perspective lesson with me.  Until then check out my YouTube Channel I made to help Awaken the World!

We created this Illusion to to have fun and to help us understand who we truly are.  We are spiritual beings having a human experience.  Learning and “remembering” unconditional love in a story we call Life.

We are here to learn, love, take care of one another, and to forgive all those that have made us so miserable.  They are just playing their part so we can evolve.  They are mirrors to your soul reflecting yourself back to you.  Once we have evolved here we move on to the next level of evolution/perspective, but I believe this time we keep the knowledge of this universe as we move on to the next, we will only know when we get there, I’m ready to find out, are you?

Until then make someone feel special each day and spread the love.  Love is our contribution in the next step of our existence.

I love you and we are all connected,

~via Divine-Cosmos.net