JUSTICE BELLUCCI: “ZOOM ASCENSION GROUP ~ Saturday at 12 pm / Sunday at 3 pm EST”

“My LIVE ZOOM GROUP is an interactive Video Ascension support group for evolving consciousness and individuals who are dedicated to their spiritual journey. I offer assistance in navigating through the Collective Great Awakening, breaking down Ascension and the many aspects of it: Creation,our origins, dimensions, higher knowledge and wisdom. I also talk about how to prepare and align with the higher Ascension timeline (crossing the rainbow bridge) and how to work with the New Energies and the massive Shift into a completely New Paradigm. I also shine light on the darkness and the negative ET manipulation to for preparing others to be spiritual warriors moving forward. This is a safe place to learn, heal, grow and shine while building a high frequency New Earth Community.”

Much Love~ Justice

🌟FREE TO JOIN🌟DM TO REGISTER🌟Or email at aurablue144@gmail.com

• Ascension Guide • Blue Ray • Christed Avatar from the Future • Light Warrior

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JUSTICE BELLUCCI: “The End of the Clown Show Is Nigh 🤡🎪 Let’s Talk About Ascension!”

Ascension Avatar note: I love it when REAL people, Soul-connected beings with a passion for defending TRUTH, are so impassioned with that truth that they may even swear while defending it, for the sake of ‘waking people up’. He still has his own healing to do as don’t we all, but he has a gift for knowing and calling out what is “REAL”, and what is “Matrix Programming BS”, the agenda to distract then gridlock us into a 3D dystopian nightmare. In this world there are too many wolves in sheep’s clothing who “speak like angels” while propagating the devil. I feel like Justice does every day of my life…


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JUSTICE BELLUCCI: “Let’s Talk About Crystals…”

Ascension Avatar note: The sound is cut off toward the end (see his comment below) and I’ll tell you why: If you are recording a live video and you say something “the surveillers” 🦎 consider “over the target”, “THEY” 🦎 will cut your sound OFF. I’ve had this happen to me with the word “Chemtrails”. The words Justice spoke just before this happened were “Princess Diana”. Since this was a live video and “THEY” 🦎 don’t like to be exposed and everyone knows Princess Diana was ‘OFFED’… so there ya go? Now, the commenter “Princess Diana” in this video could have been a bait “bot” that made the sound crash… there are many ways “they” 🦎 do it… just one reason why he posted this wise meme:

Enjoy the talk before he was “silenced”…🤐

If you don’t have an Instagram account and you would like to inquire about or purchase crystals / handcrafted crystal pendants you can contact Justice at: aurablue144@gmail.com

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“In ancient alchemy, alcohol was used to remove one’s spirit from body, hence the word ‘spirits’. That’s also why people black out. It’s the spirit leaving the body. After that, the vessel is open to lower vibrational energies to take it for a test drive. Ever speak to a drunk, I mean demon? I have. Alcohol = Al-Kuhl. Alcohol is said to have come from the Arabic term ‘Al-Gawl’ which means ‘body eating spirit’. Perhaps this is why alcoholic drinks are called ‘spirits’ and ‘boo-ze’. Drinking alcohol is one of the fastest things you can do to lower your vibration, as it’s been used as a tool to keep human consciousness at a lowered state for thousands of years.”

~Justice Bellucci

~via Justice Bellucci

JUSTICE BELLUCCI: “A Song & Message For The Galactic Federation Of Light”

Ascension Avatar note: My galactic friend Justice knows as well as I do EXACTLY what ‘The Galactic Federation’, ‘The Federation of Light’, ‘The Galactic Federation of Light’, and ‘Ashtar Command’ REALLY are (IS)… as well as the NAA’s minions who promote them (IT)… By the way folks, I was at the very concert this special ‘a capella’ mix comes from… Fleetwood Mac live at the Cow Palace in San Francisco, December 12, 1987… (Here’s the actual full clip of the song, “Little Lies”): https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2y5vu5

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