‘NEAR THE HEART OF THE WASHINGTON PENTAGRAM’ ~ Redefining God: “Will It Be the Place JFK’s Son ‘Returns From the Dead’ to Confront the Establishment That Killed His Father?”

“Now here’s something interesting: Biden and the top four Congressional leaders (Democrat and Republican) will be going to Mass at St. Matthew’s Cathedral in Washington early tomorrow morning. And St. Matthew’s Cathedral sits near the heart of the Washington Pentagram and is the church where JFK’s body was taken for his funeral Mass. So… Will St. Matthew’s Cathedral be the place where the dead body of the second elected Catholic president will lie (after God judges Biden and the Catholic Church by allowing a strike on the ‘Mass’)? OR — Will it be the place where JFK’s son ‘returns from the dead’ to confront the Establishment that killed his father?”


~Ken@Redefining God – 1-19-2021



“Thanks, and many happy returns.”…?





~via RedefiningGod.com