JOE BIDEN: “My butt’s been wiped!”? OR “My butt’s been waxed!”?


Comments from the thread:

He was talking to the people in his ear piece, they were asking JoJo if he remembered to wipe his bum when he got off the toilet 😂

“MY BUTT’S been WAXED, lol. Could you imagine getting that job? lmao”

“That was another clone glitch straight up”

“My mind’s been wiped? Maybe?”

“He’s saying ‘My butt’s been waxed!'”

“‘My butt’s been waxed’ it is clear as day.”

“The slower it gets the harder I’m laughing…” 🤣😂😭

“They purposely sped it up so no one would catch it”😂

“Hopefully it’s just a clone having a meltdown”

“It’s painfully obvious this is not Jojo Magoo … 00:47 you can plainly see that this individual has a latex mask under his clothes and pressing ever so slightly an outline…. And if you know anything about modern silicone masks they are incredibly difficult to spot and are developed by super top secret CIA contractors.”

“Every time I see Biden it looks like a different person. There has to be a freezer full of ready to go Bidens at some cloning facility.”

~via pocketsofthefuture

CAITLIN JOHNSTONE: “The Cool Thing About Having a US President with Obvious Dementia Symptoms”

The cool thing about having a US president with obvious dementia symptoms is it makes it clear that the administration is running independent of his authority, which is like training wheels for the reality that all administrations are run independent of any president’s authority.

“Hmm, it turns out a presidential administration can run fine even if the president has a degenerative neurological disease. Perhaps the presidency isn’t as important as advertised. Perhaps the most powerful government in the world isn’t being run by its elected officials at all.”

If the president were in charge then the presidency which campaigned as the anti-Trump wouldn’t be continuing all of the Trump administration policies that powerful people care about. Yet it is.

If Kamala takes over for Joe, all that will change is the US will go from having a fake puppet president with dementia to having a fake puppet president who doesn’t have dementia.

“It’s not dementia, Biden has a speech impediment! A speech impediment which causes a rapidly exacerbating shift in personality and demeanor and ability to organize thoughts over a period of several years!”

~via Caitlin Johnstone

CAITLIN JOHNSTONE on “The F*cking President Has F*cking Dementia and An Extremely Noteworthy Fact That Everyone Should Be Talking About IS…”

“People tell me I should criticize Biden’s policies and not his obvious mental decline, but a very clear sign that the most powerful government on earth is not being run by its elected officials is actually an extremely noteworthy fact that everyone should be talking about. The only face more suitable for the US empire than a sociopathic billionaire is a decrepit warmongering corporate whore with dementia.”

~Caitlin Johnstone

~via The F*cking President Has F*cking Dementia: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

CAITLIN JOHNSTONE on “Fighting the Establishment”

“The fact that Biden is continuing all of Trump’s policies means those who believed Trump was fighting the establishment must now admit that either (A) they were wrong or (B) Biden is also fighting the establishment.”

~Caitlin Johnstone

~via The F*cking President Has F*cking Dementia: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

JAMES CORBETT: “Exposing Biden’s SECRET Plans!!!”


You don’t need a crystal ball to predict the future and you don’t need secret, anonymous sources to know what the globalists are planning to do. Don’t miss this week’s edition of The Corbett Report podcast where James peels backs the curtains on the open conspiracy and details what’s likely to happen in the coming years.


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