TANAAZ (Forever Conscious): “Chinese Astrology: Year of the Yin Fire Rooster 2017”


The Chinese New Year begins on the first New Moon of the year — which is January 28th, 2017.

Last year was the year of the Fire Monkey, which brought many surprises and unpredictability. A lot of people felt all over the place in 2016 but now in 2017, things are going to feel more grounded.

The Rooster is an organized, practical and grounded animal that likes to plan and take calculated risks. While the Monkey is all about the element of surprise, Rooster energy is more about making planned decisions.

In 2017, it is going to be necessary to plan your next move and to start thinking step-by-step what you want to achieve and how you are going to achieve it.

The Rooster is often the leader and commands the respect of all the hens, making 2017 a perfect year to step up and take responsibility for the direction of your life.

The Yin energy also gives 2017 a feminine quality. While you will be required to do some prepping and planning, you will also need to trust and follow your instincts and intuition.

If something feels off, or if something feels like it is not right, then the year of the Yin Fire Rooster will require you to pay attention.

In fact, if you want to strengthen your intuitive muscles and learn how to trust your instincts, the Yin Fire Rooster will definitely provide support.

According to many Chinese astrologers, Yin Fire can be an extremely volatile combination.

Yin energy is often associated with water and metal, but when put together with fire it has the potential to be extremely destructive. Yin Fire can also indicate wars, terrorist attacks and economic corruption.

If any animal can handle the energy of Yin Fire however, it is the Rooster. With the Rooster’s practical and methodical approach it has the ability to take this Yin Fire energy and keep it under control.

When Yin Fire is under control it can actually lead to peaceful resolutions, a tempering of anger and a soothing of any conflicts. It is also a wonderful energy for female empowerment and more women may be in the spotlight this year than ever before.

On a personal level, the year of the Yin Fire Rooster may help you to solve issues or complex problems in your life. It may even help to bring clarity to issues that have been causing you anger and stress.

When you use this energy effectively, it will also help you to stay productive and to make great strides, especially in your career.

The year of the Yin Fire Rooster has also been labelled the year of awakenings and this is also playing out in Western Astrology as well.

We all know that the Rooster cock-a-doodle-doos in the morning in order to “wake up” all the other animals.

In 2017, the Rooster is going to give all of us a much needed wake up call that is going to help us to further explore our intuition and to look at the areas of our lives that need to be rebirthed or transformed.

As we move through this year of new beginnings, more and more people are going to be called to awaken and the Yin Fire Rooster is going to be helping and supporting this journey.

The Yin Fire Rooster may be volatile and destructive but it is also extremely powerful and strong. When this energy is used effectively, there is no problem that can’t be solved, no intuitive message that is too complex to understand and no dream too big to conquer.

Happy Chinese New Year!



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BRANDI NEAL: “New Moon in Aquarius 27 January: What It Means For You And Your ‘Twin Flame’ Connection”


If you believe in astrology like I do, you’ll want to pay close attention this week: When the new moon is in Aquarius on January 27, some interesting things are going to happen with your twin flame.  Astrologers report that the new moon, coupled with an Isis and Osiris conjunction, makes this time ripe for a twin flame evolution.

What exactly is a twin flame?  Many people confuse twin flames with soulmates, but the reason why is somewhat understandable.  Whereas soulmates are our perfect match, twin flames are just the opposite — our perfect mirrors.  In an article in Thought Catalog, Brianna Wiest explains, “Relationships with twin flames tend to be on-again-off-again, intensely passionate, and sometimes intensely painful.  Twin flames help us awaken like nobody else, and they ultimately serve to show us who we really are.”

According to an article by Alex Myles on Elephant Journal, Isis (feminine/moon) and Osiris (masculine/sun) are two separate asteroids that represent the Egyptian twin flame energies.  They are twins who were fathered by the Earth God, Geb, and born from the womb of Nut, the Egyptian Night Sky Goddess.  According to Miles, “The significance with Isis and the current twin flame energies is that she shows us the power and force of her feminine energy when she set her mind on retrieving, repairing and healing her loved one’s body and soul.” 

Having someone mirror your behaviors back to you is not always a pleasant experience, and twin flame relationships tend to be rife with difficulty.  On the other hand, feeling like you’re really truly being seen for the first time by another person can feel amazing.  Either way, though, it can be somewhat complicated: As Miles writes on Elephant Journal, “Due to these sacred partnerships causing a variety of emotions to arise within us, we can find ourselves questioning whether the person we feel bonded to is someone we want to have as a permanent fixture in our lives, as they often bring extreme emotional turmoil.”

You might be wondering, does everyone have a twin flame?  The answer is yes, though just because someone is your twin flame doesn’t mean you’ll end up together.  Some people don’t know about the concept at all, or they outright reject it.  For others, the relationship may be too intense to sustain.

“People can feel terrified about the strong bond felt between twin flames, particularly when the connection is intense without a romantic relationship taking place first,” Miles explains.

So how does the new moon fit in?  For the Isis and Osiris conjunction to occur in tandem with a new moon is extremely rare.  The new moon is also a time for new beginnings, so it would make sense that if your twin flame has been absent, they may show up again.  If you haven’t met them yet, this could be when you’ll cross paths.

If you have already met your twin flame, be mindful of how you interact with them during the new moon Jan. 27.  If you haven’t met your twin flame yet, pay attention to any intense connections you may make during the new moon, like someone you feel like you’ve known in another life, or someone you’re magnetically drawn to.

And if you don’t believe in this sort of thing, maybe it just hasn’t happened to you yet.



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TANAAZ (Forever Conscious): “Intuitive Astrology: January New Moon 2017”

aquarius-new-moon (6).jpg

In astrology, the start of the new year is indicated by the Sun shifting into Aries, which is the first sign of the zodiac. This happens on the Spring Equinox which falls on March 20th, 2017.

Even though the calendar has already flipped over into the vibration of 2017, the early part of this year is going to be almost like a transitionary phase between the two years.

The January New Moon on the 27-28th is one of the significant “starting energies” to the year ahead and is going to help shift away the cobwebs of 2016.

As you have probably heard by now, 2016 was a year of endings, which means that 2017 is a year of new beginnings. This death and rebirth cycle is playing out in all of our lives in some way or another, and perhaps in the coming weeks you are going to start feeling the “rebirth” occurring.

This rebirth energy won’t fully shift into gear until the Spring Equinox, however the January New Moon in Aquarius is definitely going to start setting the wheels in motion.

Aquarius energy is all about starting fresh and thinking bigger. Aquarius energy is also about finding new meaning to things and thinking outside of the box.

This Aquarius New Moon is a great time to start thinking about things in a new way and perhaps viewing things in a different light.

Perhaps make the time around the New Moon to approach your life from a different point of view, perhaps make the time to open your field of vision to something bigger.

When you expand your view point and the way you look at things, it allows you to see things that weren’t previously there. It also grants you access into a new version of your own truth.

This New Moon doesn’t have any harsh or troubling aspects, there are no major planetary patterns or angles, instead it is a very low key New Moon that you can use to make small but significant shifts in your life.

To create a positive shift in your life, it first starts with your thoughts and the way that you think about things. Use the energy of this New Moon to switch your thinking and see if you can view things differently. When you do, you are going to notice a whole host of opportunities blossoming for you.

If you are struggling with any issues, see if you can use this New Moon energy to switch your thinking or perception in order to shed new light or information on the situation.

January is very much a “get your bearings” kind of month, so use this energy to get settled into your life and get back into the swing of things.

Use this energy to also take some downtime to really reflect on where you have come and where you want to be heading.

The symbol for Aquarius is the water carrier, as Aquarius energy has the ability to hold the emotions (water) of the world.

The gift of the water carrier is being able to scoop up heavy emotions and hold space for them so we can all see them and process them in a new way.

Being an Aquarius New Moon, issues surrounding humanity may also be gaining more attention. In fact, issues like feminism and racism have already been hot topics in the media in recent weeks.

With this new transfer of power that took place in the US, many people are concerned about what effect it will  have on humanity.

If the planets show us anything, it does show a revolutionary energy that follows this same pattern of “death and rebirth”. As this energy builds, we are going to see more truths exposed so we can see what is really going on and what really needs to be changed.

It is almost like certain things are being illuminated to us so we can make powerful changes that are going to benefit all humanity.

The most important thing we can do to feel comfortable with this energy is to become the leader of our own lives.

If we truly want to change the world, it starts with ourselves and the energy we put out into the cosmos. If we could all just be responsible for ourselves and the energy we put out into the world, this would be enough to cause a significant shift for the better.

January has been a very smooth start into 2017 and the gentle energy of this New Moon is really going to help us all to put our lives in perspective.

2016 was not an easy year, but you made it and hopefully you have a lot to be grateful for. 🙂

2017 is going to be an amazing and lucky year, so take this opportunity to enjoy the new vibration and the fresh start that this New Moon offers.



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TANAAZ (Forever Conscious): “The Peaceful Transfer of Power”


On January 20th, 2017 we are going to be experiencing a transfer of power in the US.

When I think of the imagery associated with a “transfer of power” it is almost like one President is handing over the magic crystal ball or the wizard staff to the next. 😉

This transfer of power is going to shift things for a lot of people, but what is interesting is that it’s not just happening on a political or global level, it is also happening within us as well.

Everything that happens in our external environment is also happening within us, so when such a huge shift or change occurs, we are going to feel it resonating in our own lives too.

Perhaps the peaceful transfer of power taking place in US politics also indicates a peaceful transfer of power in your own life?

Perhaps this shift in power will organically allow you to change what you are giving power to in your own life. Perhaps it may even beckon you to question if you are giving power to the “right” things or to the things that no longer serve you.

Many people have felt conflicted about this new President, including myself, however now that it is all happening whether we like it or not, we have to turn our attention to the bigger picture.

There is currently a very rare astrological formation taking place that indicates a lot of forward moving energy. This is because all the major planets are now shifting direct.

When planets are in a direct motion, it creates a lot of action and energy, and allows us to push forward at a great speed.

It also allows us the power to use all energy offered from each planet, which grants us access to all the beautiful bounties of the Universe.

Having a transfer of power under this astrological configuration indicates a huge shift of energy. This is not just going to be a “peaceful” transfer, this is going to be a massive transfer that is going to shift the grid.

This shifting of the grid is going to help bring about a mass awakening and many people are going to be starting their spiritual awakening process in the early part of 2017.

Seeing that 2017 is a year of new beginnings, it also seems fitting that one of the most powerful countries in the world would be appointing a new leader.

You could say that the stars are very much aligned for this transfer of power to take place. So much so, that when you look further ahead you can see why perhaps this all had to happen.

For a few years now, the planets have been preparing to enter into a revolution and this energy is going to be building for the next 5 or so years.

The Universe has perhaps witnessed that change is needed in order to realign, rebalance and more recently this planet for the future and is starting to prepare us for this.

In order for a revolution to occur, it has to start with the people. No leader, no government and no politician is going to create a revolution, it is a collective act of the people.

And what forces the people to act? What forces the citizens of the world to rise up and say enough?

In the past, wars have done it. Dictators have done it. Famines have done it. Oppression has done it. Financial crises have done it.

Who is to say what is going to cause this next revolution, but it is coming and it seems like all the pieces are starting to fall into place for it to occur.

This is nothing to fear or worry about, for like all things in this Universe, there is a Divine synchronicity to it all.

This peaceful transfer of power is paving the way for something much bigger and perhaps when you start looking beyond and into the bigger picture, you may see it too.

Whatever your political beliefs may be, at the end of the day you are the leader and creator of your own life and the Universe is always on your side.


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JAMES GILLILAND: “Incoming 6th Dimensional Ascension Waves To Peak Around January 14th”

ascensionwaves 2 (3).jpg

I have observed some beyond realistic behavior on a grand scale unfolding on every level and if we are going to survive the days to come we are going to have to get back to basics.  We are also going to have to do our own research and develop our own inner sensitivity or what some bluntly refer to as the BS meter.  Our last administration did bring transparency.  What was transparent is the corruption and double talk; which has been epidemic.  The BS meter was and still is in the red.  Humanity is waking up and what the controllers did not count on is the soul awakening and the Internet both of which are instrumental in their demise.  The Fake news or lame stream media owned by the corporations; just several men gave rise to alternative media because of its failure to tell the truth.  The double speak is to accuse the alternative media of being the fake news.  Almost everything coming out of the past administration was double talk.  All the accusations of others defined exactly what they have been and are now doing.

The sad thing is a large portion of the masses is gullible and believe in the propaganda delivered daily by the lame stream media.  They are being led like lemmings to participate in their own enslavement and eventual demise.  They are rioting and marching to a tune played by the very people whose behavior they detest but cannot accept.  It’s like a bad marriage where one mate refuses to accept the obvious.  It is getting so ugly denial is not an option.

The ascension waves are bringing all of this up for everyone to see.  We are still in the middle of one of these waves it ends on the 11th.  The good news if you are on the path to enlightenment another wave begins on the 11th and lasts for 7 days.  The peak of this wave is right around the 14th;  which many are screaming it is the end of the world.  The world did not end with the last waves nor will it end with this one.  There is a planetary alignment where all the planets are participating.  If you understand the electric universe this will explain the incoming energies yet what many are not aware of is the higher dimensional beings take advantage of these planetary alignments.

This new wave is coming in from the 6th dimension. Light and energy is conscious.  This wave will carry with it Universal law, Healing energy and a golden opportunity to take a quantum leap in consciousness.  Love heals and the most powerful energy in the Universe is Love.  It is a formidable force and to try to stand against it will traumatize those who wish to continue with the tyranny and enslavement.  As if they are not already going insane as demonstrated by their actions.

This is what is being acted out in your political arena and social consciousness.  Their consciousness and energy grid is collapsing.  Their unseen overlords are being removed and they are like gangsters without a boss.  They are also fighting among themselves for power and wealth completely unaware that the rug is being pulled out from underneath them.  They cannot and will not function with the increase of consciousness and energy.  They are not frequency specific to the Earth and her ascension process.  As the prophecies foretold the beast is consuming itself.  You will see the beast come forward in the elite families, the banksters, the politicians, the movie industry, religious institutions almost every disempowering organization designed to enslave the masses.

Fasten your seatbelt because this ride is going to get crazy.  Your bodies are going to go through all kinds of challenges.  Your past is going to come forward, with some it is feelings of sadness others anger.  Many will be processing at night with vivid dreams of past events.  Some may get a peak into the future.  It might be a rollercoaster of illness followed by feeling great, sadness followed by bliss.  The prophecy I can give you with 100% accuracy is there is going to be a lot of change.

Be well,

James Gilliland

ECETI Official YouTube Channel



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