TULSI GABBARD: “No More Presidential Wars”



~via Tulsi Gabbard

TULSI GABBARD: “Stupid Wars Suck — Literally”




Recorded April 18, 2016

The sweet soothing sound of birds singing always brings a sense of hope, peace and joy… Is there a new hope in the sky? Will the spraying of chemtrails cease? Just call upon the New Elemental Earth Command, to kick chemtrail booty! Go to Energetic Synthesis at http://www.EnergeticSynthesis.com and look up “New Elemental Earth Command” in the Ascension Glossary, or scroll down for my article below… NEEC does their job well! : D

ASCENSION AVATAR: “Hello, Sweetness”…

Recorded August 16, 2014

This was recorded the same day I had to put one of my cats down… Arriving home from the euthanist… my eyes literal swollen slits from crying… Higher Self guided me to go to the pet store, pronto… as this new little gem awaited me to take her home… : D