JOACHIM BARTOLL: “Auto-Hoaxing, Staged Events, False Flags and Psy-Ops — What Is Real, What Is Fake?”

I’ve touched briefly on this several times in various articles. Still, there seem to be a lot of confusion about all these scripted events presented by the media.

First, any event that is being covered by the media can either be totally fake, as in made up by the police and government officials, it can also be staged, like a drill, using police, military, and crisis actors. And finally, it can all be real using a patsy who is part of CIA or other agencies Mind Control programs. However, whether they are real (people die) or fake (crisis actors), they are all pre-planned, ritualistic and done by the numbers. And that is what I and other truthers expose. We expose the ritual, the symbolism, and the numbers behind it. We expose the fact that they are planned and carried out by your government, by officials, and the secret societies behind them. That is all.

In other words, I can not tell you with 100% certainty if an event was staged by actors (most of them are,) or if it was carried out by a mind-controlled agent and people actually got hurt or died. Most of the time you can see it from the bad acting if video footage is available, but you can never be 100% sure not even if you were there and saw it.

However, you can be 100% sure that it was pre-planned and carried out by the numbers, as they never lie. There is no such thing as an infinite number of coincidences in every single event. Not possible.

So, with all that in mind, I prefer to “auto-hoax,” that is, I prefer to think that any horrific event was staged by using crisis actors and that no one got hurt or died. I prefer to stay as positive as possible in this wicked world. On the other side of the spectrum, you have people who get offended when you take that stance, as if they want people to get hurt and die; that all horrific things in this world must be real. That is a terrible way to live and look at things.

Again, I prefer to think that most events are staged theatre until proven otherwise. And from what I and other decoders have seen, at least 95% of everything in the headlines are staged by actors, and all serve their rituals and agendas.
All we do is exposing the lies, the deceit, and the rituals behind them. How you interpret that information, and what you do with it, is up to you.

~via Joachim Bartoll Official