PAUL ROMANO: “JoJo Magoo Unhinged”


Comments from the thread:

“Dont be upset, the president is a joke position with no power and he is proving how they are all puppets. It’s a revealing of what people should have known for years.”

“I’m beginning to think reptilians are a real thing. His licking of lips and lip smacking is becoming more noticeable. It’s sickening”

“OMG, that lip smacking has been so noticeable to me too! It’s not a normal behavior and it’s creepy. He’s creepy!”

“I’ve been thinking the same thing lately. Whenever I see one of Jojo’s minions, and even a lot of media personalities, I get this weird vibe that they’re not like us at all? It’s in their eyes.”

“His neck keeps bulging and pulsing as if he swallowed a live mouse while the camera was not looking.”

“That and the beady blank eyes. Sometimes they’re black. Strange.”

“Serpent spirit. Demonic”

“No way he’s human.”

“The old fart is demon possessed”

~via PocketsOfTheFuture

DEEPFAKERY: “Joe Biden as Buzz’n Frog from Wrongfully Accused”

Ascension Avatar note: Can you see the ‘pro-Joe-type’ template used for this was a less recent Biden’ clone or robot, as they endlessly change?

“Far too with it to be Biden lol”

~Comment from the thread

…And now, a ‘real’ cloned version of ‘Jojo Magoo’…

JOE BIDEN: “My butt’s been WIPED” versus “My butt’s been WAXED” (YOU Decide. . .)

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LISA RENEE on “The U.S. Outrage Culture/Political Correctness Psyop”

Outrage Culture is depicted by dramatic outbursts in which people claim their moral superiority and crave public recognition. The western value system in the United States has been deeply mired in the effects of the Outrage Culture, building momentum through targeting the youngest minds to enforce classifications of Political Correctness for the purpose of censoring free speech and aggressively shaming people into submission. The orchestration of the Plandemic along with the economic devastation of Americans, the utter destruction and anarchy in major cities, informs us of the intended direction of the current Globalist Agenda. Which is to destroy the American Constitution through spreading hatred and continue to demoralize its citizens in any way that they can, in order to attempt to stage their coup d’état.”

~Lisa Renee, via Outrage Culture