LISA RENEE on “The Return of the Divine Feminine”

“May we bring our single-minded focus upon the knowledge that there is a divine female presence that has been denied on this planet, that is now emerging to show us the path of higher wisdom and love that is the true path of Sophianic consciousness. During the Eieyani Massacre, the female high council members and females that had higher DNA codes were taken to Nibiru by Thoth and Anunnaki for forced breeding. These females were chained, and were continually forced into having children until they died. This made the females hate themselves as well as hate their own children and wanting to kill them. This was a huge trauma to Divine Feminine and many females on Earth hold some part of this trauma. Hating themselves, feeling not good enough, or hating their own children were some of the problems, and the rest manifest in the forms of issues around the female reproductive systems. As a result of the destruction of the Cosmic Mother principle and disfigured sound body templates blocking passage and connection to the Cosmic Monad, the NAA believed that the Mother and her Sophianic embodiment would never return to be physicalized on this earth and reclaim her children. They were wrong. Whether we are in a male body or female body, we have the female principle born within us that represents our relationship to the divine and spiritual worlds, in which we access through our Sacred Crystal Heart.”

~Lisa Renee