LISA RENEE on “Evolutionary Journey” (Starseed Session)

“The planetary body would give birth to consciousness, to the consciousness forms of life that would inhabit the planetary body. And at that point the consciousness in the planet and the planet itself as a consciousness, all were aware of each other as a single harmonic tone. That tone was a note. They came in, they saw the harmonic tone and note of the creations in here, and these tones were operating at levels they didn’t want to operate at. And namely I think we’re talking about the Draconian races and the races that have been the ‘bullies’ of this system. We could say that the life forms inhabiting in this system, were still resonant. I don’t want to say they weren’t at complex levels because they were. But there weren’t discordant notes or tones. And that’s when they started to take over. Because what happened when we had something from another world come into ours, this moment that this new tone came in, this discordant note became a part of this creation. Even though they were not developed consciousness, their presence in our system corrupted it like a virus. Even though they couldn’t understand the higher realms of consciousness that existed in this universal system, their very presence in it corrupted it in both directions. The progenitors of the human race and of others, saw this issue and it was growing and it was spreading like a virus does. But they couldn’t see quite the implication of what that would mean. It would take millions of years to understand how that was going to impact this creation. It’s almost like an organism outside of the natural organic source of the universe, is creating itself and it’s expressing, and all of the sudden there’s a ‘foreign object’ introduced. That object, whatever it was in terms of the Draconian races or the races that were ‘anti-Christ’. We could call this the Draconians and their agendas. So they land here somehow and they start corrupting our system. This is what happened. And further because of the technological advancement of those levels of beings, even though they were not spiritually or emotionally connected, they manufactured and replicated a tremendous amount of life that became like a machine. It’s almost like down here in this creation then, it became a mixture of robots and organic creations. The creations became threatened because the original intentions of those harmonic notes and tones were being destroyed. In a sense it’s the self-realization of God consciousness, even at that level as all of its little fragments are playing out its holographic dream. Dreaming the dreams in the dreams that are made through the hologram, through all these permutations through all these mirrors of consciousness. Well somehow the mirrors got broken. And the decision is okay, the mirrors have now detached and they now believe that they are their own identity. They now believe that they are physical density rather than the connection into the God consciousness light. So its like a danger happened during that period of evolution, because the creation now believed it was the creation only. Because outside of connection to the Living Light Source, becoming identified with the physical structures created, there is nowhere to go but digression and further fragmentation. There was nowhere else to fragment except into minimization consciousness, it’s basically like going backwards instead of forwards in the evolutionary scale. Yet we’ve seen it grow larger and larger like a cancer if you will. And if it maintained that level of belief it would have nowhere to go but to destroy itself. The first part is how do we synthesize and integrate harmony back into this big discordant note that’s been dropped into the center of the universe? So the question then became from a logos perspective that has created universes and created souls at that level of consciousness, what do we do with this? Do we annihilate it and shut it down? Or do we attempt to rehabilitate it? The decision was to rehabilitate rather than close down the creation. A very painstakingly intricate, I don’t know what to call this, is it a rescue mission? Is it a rehabilitation mission? It’s all of these things. We granted this gift to all creation to actually experience itself in the many fragments that it is, to come back into the cohesive whole at some point in its evolutionary journey. And we did this in the natural organic expression of pure joy and unconditional love.”

~Lisa Renee

~via Magnetic Anchor