DONALD MARSHALL: “Putin Is a Pedo”

“Vladimir Putin and the ‘priest’ on his left in this picture rape children regularly at the cloning center. Usually young males. Vlad likes martial artist boys… clones em… keeps em for pets at the zone… HIS copy. Putin is a Pedo… don’t fall for deception, look at the news… how Vladimir seems to be doing everything right… ‘Vladimir against Monsanto and GMO’… ‘Vladimir is ousting the Rothchilds’… ‘Vladimir is castrating pedophiles’… ‘All hail Lord Vladimir’. No no no… Vladimir is unlike other world leaders… He is more evil than they are… he is also mentally impaired. Just don’t fall for the nice guy Vladimir thing… He is one of the Prime evils. He’s worse than you can imagine. You are being psychologically conditioned to think that Vladimir is a nice guy. You are all in grave danger. Vladimir Putin is one of the worst people in the world.”

~Donald Marshall

Ascension Avatar note: The Russia/Ukraine ‘war’ is about the NAA fighting for the preservation of underground child/human trafficking network tunnels which connect to several countries to underground cloning centers and adrenochrome harvesting labs. If people could stop getting distracted by the left/right/good/evil controlled narrative, they would see the actors are chosen to appear as separate characters when they are just a cast reading a script, for the purpose of creating and maintaining the grand illusion of the ‘World Conflict’ drama, in futile attempts to hide the NAA’s dirty deeds, so the world doesn’t CATCH ON to the TRUTH. It’s always been a SCRIPT… it’s always been a STAGED SHOW. Recently Trump has been glorifying Putin, saying he knows him “very, very well.” Well, he probably DOES. They were both ‘manufactured’ at the same cloning center, according to whistleblower Donald Marshall! See Guardian Host Planetary Protection to better understand what is actually happening currently.

~ via Astral 7ight Blogspot

DONALD MARSHALL: “Q & A on “The Satanic Knife-Wielding Clone Known as Betty White”

QUESTION: Does Betty White attend these cloning centers?… I’d be heartbroken if you witnessed her torture little kids.

DONALD MARSHALL: You don’t wanna know. Betty White isn’t a dumb and sweet little old lady like her character on the Golden Girls. That is a character she emulates.

QUESTION: Is Betty White at cloning? What do you know about her, what is her demeanor and behavior there? Does she partake in the abuse or say things to you as a clone?

DONALD MARSHALL: She’s been there, she’s actually pretty mean.

QUESTION: Really Donny? How is she mean?

DONALD MARSHALL: Well as a kid I watched Golden Girls a lot with my grandmother… I thought Betty White (Rose) was the nicest person… I open my eyes at cloning one night and she’s staring in my face in the arena, I said wtf Rose??? I thought she’d be nice… she looked at me mean and said “You’re going to die, mother f*cker”. It was quite a surprise… wasn’t expecting it from her. I didn’t even know what to say after she’d said that I was dumbstruck for a couple seconds. But in the show she was playing a character… In real she isn’t like Mary Poppins… Looks like she’d be good natured and nice… lol not true… lol not true… She’s not saying “Rock” on here…

QUESTION: Damn Donny, I used to watch GG too with my grandma. I love Betty, I dunno if I can handle this one.

DONALD MARSHALL: it was a shocker.

QUESTION: Have you ever seen her physically hurt anyone or yourself?


QUESTION: What was her method of inflicting pain upon you, Donny?

DONALD MARSHALL: Don’t wanna re-hash it, it makes me think of the details and makes it fresh in my mind, then I’m in a subconscious bad mood all day wanting to strangle an old woman, lol…

QUESTION: And how long ago did she partake in physical attacks the 80s 90s?… I assume she too old now even in clone form to do anything anymore other then just sit in the stands and cheer the younger celebs on in hurting you.

DONALD MARSHALL: No no, she can still swing a knife…


Betty plays the part of ‘Satan’s Mistress’ as a nude model for this cultish 1943 deck of playing cards.

DONALD MARSHALL: “Illuminati & Cloning Centers Exposed”

Well surprise, surprise… By the way, our President Trump is a series of CLONES… Do you support a soulless, mind-controlled Illuminati-owned PUPPET as a leader? I didn’t think so… 


“Vladimir, Elizabeth and High-up Chinese people pretty much run the cloning center and no-one talks down to them.”

~Donald Marshall