LISA RENEE: “Diamond Anointed Sunship”

“In this meditation we will intend to connect with the corrected staff alignment into the Krystal Cathedral of eternal living Spirit in the diamond heart matrix of Aqualasha, to request the anointing of divine sunship and divine daughtership, to prepare our body to become an eternal living light vessel for the krystal diamond sun body and to activate the krystal diamond heart within.”

~Lisa Renee


Beloved Family of RA from our Andromedan Krystal Host Aurora Platform, please reflect the Krystal Mirror to our inner central channel to escort us or glide us all the way though the vertical staff that leads into the heart of the God worlds, into the diamond heart of Aqualasha, to remember our true divine Sunship and divine Daughtership, to reclaim our silver seed and reveal the origin and purpose of our inner spirit within the Krystal worlds.


In your mind’s eye the Krystal mirror will reflect within your permanent seed atom the perfected radiance of the complete crystal lotus diamond heart, the manifestation of your heroic probability here and now.


This is the sacred space of the diamond heart that we commune with our true Holy Mother of God and Holy Father of God presence, in the Krystal Cathedral of Eternal Holy Spirit, where the sacred essences of the God World Eternal Light Rays exist.


Each of the three drops of eternal essence given from the Krystal Cathedral of Eternal Holy Spirit of Life, have a tiny crystal seed that exists within your Permanent Seed Atom.


Feeling the Teardrops of essence moving down your spinal column, see each of the essences slowly fill in three crystal seeds that are inside your permanent seed atom within your higher heart or thymus gland.


The small essence drops are shaped like teardrops, see each of the three teardrop essences fill your brain and move down your spine to fill the tiny crystal seed inside your Permanent Seed Atom.



~via Ascension Glossary