MATEO SOL: “Why Our Political Instability Will Continue, And Crisis Is OK”

“Genuinely wise, balanced, whole, and mature politicians are rare. Too many leadership choices are motivated by greed and fear and enabled by immaturity, paranoia, and lack of moral development. The politicians we have today are spiritually stunted and immature, yet despite this, they continue to get elected.”

~Mateo Sol


Recent events seem to show our world being turned upside down. With political, ecological, economical and religious stress everywhere, we’ve been experiencing one crisis after another, with no end in sight.

Can anything good come out of this?

Although there is currently a wave of change occurring at a global scale, the natural state of human beings is one of crisis.

We are the only living beings (that we know of) that are aware of our own existence, of the changes we go through internally and externally, and how we expect the world should be. We are constantly in the process of going from the known toward the unknown, the familiar towards the unexpected. It’s no surprise that we are constantly in crisis, the crisis of being alive. We feel this crisis in our perpetual states of existential anxiety, tension, and anguish.

Why is Crisis Necessary?

Our basic spiritual desire to answer the questions “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” are born from the crisis of being alive and not knowing what on earth to do with ourselves.

At a fundamental level, we’re wired to dislike change because it is something we (the ego) can’t control. But our resistance to growth keeps us stranded in a state of stagnation. As a result of this inner stagnation, many of us try to fill this void with all kinds of distractions: work, material consumption, travel, food, socializing, movies, video games, and much more.

The truth is that this abyss within us is always here. But many of us refuse to face this void until we’re forced to, usually through a crisis of sorts.

Every great change in history has occurred in a period of crisis. From Martin Luther King’s revolution and Gandhi’s movement to the French Revolution, the most effective changes have come from the most intense periods of dissatisfaction.

And we’re in such a period right now.

With political and social instability on the rise, we’re starting to see the wide-reaching impacts of chaos and the way it breaks apart our old patterns and paradigms.

Have you ever noticed that when everything is static, we as a collective feel socially indifferent to any particular view? As a result, not much change is possible. But when chaos arises, change is not only inevitable, it is destined.

This is why crisis is actually a necessary force. Without it, we would be stuck rotting away in our ingrained habits, beliefs, and structures.

Rethinking our system and structures is expensive, and there are a whole bunch of people who are invested in preserving the status quo. This system is protected by wealthy elites armed with the power of law, privately owned media, large multinational companies, propaganda, the police force, and the army.

The only way that we, as the other “99%” can make a real, soulful change, is through the force of crisis. Crisis is the only thing that can motivate us enough to change the way we think, feel, and behave.

We have come to a point where a new vision is needed. It has never been needed as much as it is now. Not only is our Earth in an ecological crisis due to our abuse of it, we’re also experiencing a severe political crisis with untold future repercussions.

For these old foundations to dissolve, we must lay new foundations. But for the new to be born, there must be some birth pains. That’s what the crisis we currently face really is.

Why Our Political Leaders Are Immature

The history of politics in Western civilization is full of stories featuring power grabbing or, at best, well-intentioned but psycho-spiritually immature leaders.

Genuinely wise, balanced, whole, and mature politicians are rare. Too many leadership choices are motivated by greed and fear and enabled by immaturity, paranoia, and lack of moral development.

Perhaps our political system is a reflection of our society and education systems that teach us to contribute to the “common good” through self-interest. In our society there is little consideration or exploration of what the “good of the whole” might mean or exploring the primordial questions: “How should I live?” and “How should we all live together?”

Yet when we trace back to the origins of politics we realize how divorced it is from its original Socratic intention as the search for the ideal “good life.”

The good life for Socrates had two primary aspects: what he called “the improvement of one’s soul,” and on the other hand, there is the improvement of one’s society. This sort of Socratic knowledge was what he called wisdom.

This pursuit of wisdom cannot be simply legislated or bureaucratically enforced. The government is only an institution, human-made, and cannot provide the wise society that we seek.

Instead at the center of such a cultural and consciousness revolution must be a spiritual, intellectual and moral rebirth of ourselves as individuals; what Socrates disciple Plato referred to as “Periagoge,” or “a turning around of the soul” toward truth, beauty and good.

Why We Desperately Need Mature Action Right Now

The politicians we have today are spiritually stunted and immature, yet despite this, they continue to get elected. In the end, our leaders are a reflection of us as a society, and as a planet at large. Therefore, our social and ecological health are entirely dependent on our capacity as voters to do some intense soulwork, and go through a genuine process of human maturation.

Only once we have more matured Souls on this planet will we realize that “self-interest” actually includes the concern for other people because we are all interconnected.

The current state of our world brings great despair and anguish to all of us, this is especially true for the old souls with mature hearts among us who feel the rape of society and torture of the earth more intensely.

Mature action involves preserving and protecting all that is left while simultaneously exploring our inner selves and reconnecting to our Souls.

Whether it be political or charitable action, mature action must come from an inner place of humbleness, rather than from a place of “needing to do good” which can easily be tainted with all kinds of needs, such as self-gratification, power, and control — as is the case with so many politicians today.




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GREGG PRESCOTT: “The Psychology Of Control Freaks”

The Psychology Of Control Freaks

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.

Why do people feel the need to control others and what lessons can we learn from both sides of this dilemma?

Controlling people generally fall into the Type A personality classification. These people are controlling, very competitive, self-critical, experience a constant sense of urgency, can be easily aroused to the point of anger, thrive on attention, and are generally extroverts.

Type B personalities are generally laid back, relaxed, easy going, reclusive, and are generally introverts.

We’ve all known that Type A controlling personality at some point in our lives. For me, my mother fits into this category. Despite her controlling ways, I love her with all of my heart. I know that ultimately, she only wants the best for her children. At a young age, my mother lost her mother to cancer, so she really didn’t have a role model to guide her. She became “the woman of the house” for my grandfather, who expected my mother to cook, clean, and do all of the household chores. My grandfather’s expectations of my mother are most likely the reason why she’s a Type A personality.

In just about every relationship I’ve had in my life, women were mostly controlling.

Enter, the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction constantly brings us what we need in our lives so we can spiritually evolve. For me, it was controlling women. In my last marriage, the Universe played a funny trick on me. Not only did it send me a Type A controlling woman, she was born on the same exact day as my mother (which is why I shy away from Virgos!).

My ex-wife is a Registered Nurse and has psychic abilities. When she was little, she would get visions and sometimes, they weren’t so nice. She was raised in a Southern Christian family, so these visions were most likely not accepted or were an embarrassment to her and her family. Additionally, they scared her and she ended up suppressing her ability only to find solace within the box of conformity and has remained there ever since. I can’t help but think about how many people she could be helping (or saving) by using her psychic abilities as an RN.

So, here I am married to (basically) my mother!

What the Law of Attraction was ultimately trying to tell me was to confront my mother.

One time, my sisters and I all met at my parent’s house. My mother, who my sisters and I loving call, “The Agenda Queen,” had mapped out every minute we were there. My sisters and I just wanted to relax and make plans on the fly, but my mother already had everything planned out. That’s when I finally confronted her. I told her that we just wanted to enjoy each other’s company without any time restrictions, plans, schedules, etc.. and if we end up doing anything, WE will decide what we do. Surprisingly, my mother backed down as it was the first time any of her children stood up to her controlling tendencies.

When people try to control others, it generally shows a projection of some sort of insecurity within themselves. In other words, some part of their life is out of control. It’s very similar to when someone calls you a derogatory name. When they do this, it’s generally that which they fear within themselves. For example, if someone calls you an “idiot”, being called an idiot is probably their greatest fear, so they deflect the attention away from them, and project it onto others. Similarly, control freaks are projecting some sort of insecurities within their own lives.

Despite their need for control, control freaks have some positive attributes in a strange way. For example, we are always being led and guided to life lessons that end up being for our highest good. Sometimes, these lessons are given by control freaks. When this happens to you, try to look at the lesson from the standpoint of an observer and SEE what Universe is trying to show you because chances are, there’s a lesson in there that will help your spiritual progression.

Try to see the reason why someone is controlling you. Take an honest look at yourself and see if there’s any part og you that’s being mirrored back at you through controlling behaviors.

For example, (and we’re all guilty of this at some point in our lives) have you ever told someone, “You really need to watch this movie (or video)?” I have, and I bet you have too. No one likes being told what to do, even if it’s in our highest good and comes from a loving heart. As for myself, I rebel from anyone who tries to control me.

Let’s take the same scenario. What if someone said, “I just saw a really great movie that I thought you might enjoy.”

No demands. No control. The ball is in your court.

If someone is controlling you, there may be controlling aspects about yourself that are being projected, so if you catch yourself saying, “You need to ______” to anyone, you can thank the control freak for mirroring something that can help you in your spiritual progression.

If you are a controlling person, try using tact and/or give options instead of demanding or controlling others. Also, try to find the areas in your life that are out of control and address them with love and without fear.

The fear of SOMETHING is why some people control other people. Once you can eliminate the fear, you can eliminate the control.

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