JOACHIM BARTOLL: “More on the Staged War and 48 — The Number of Propaganda”

We have covered 24, 42, and 48 in previous decodes, especially the one I made on the day of the staged invasion of Ukraine on February 24. That decode show you, without a doubt, that the whole staged and mostly fake war is done by the numbers, as they always do. It’s scripted.

Russia Attacks Ukraine – All by the Numbers, and ‘Z’ Explained

At least, that is what media says as they follow the script written by The Jesuit Order. Reports of explosions in several cities across Ukraine came early morning on February 24, exactly 20 weeks and 1 day after Vladimir Putin’s birthday on October 7. Russian Invasion = 201. The Jesuit Order = 201 (the order writing the script). February 24, is also the day leaving 225-days until Vladimir Putin’s upcoming birthday on October 7. Interestingly, … Continue reading

Russia Attacks Ukraine – All by the Numbers, and ‘Z’ Explained

As for their third big number, 48, all you need to do is to search the web for keywords such as ‘Russia,’ ‘Ukraine,’ and ’48.’ Let’s take a few examples and see how they are ALL coded.

So, let us explore this vital number and how they use it.

First things first.

Ukraine Invasion = 223.

223 = 48th prime number.

War began on February 24, 2022. 2/24/22 = 2 + 24 + 22 = 48.

Propaganda = 48

Hollywood = 48 (this is a “Hollywood” movie production, all CGI and Crisis Actors)

Trust the Plan = 48 (Trump and Q, as in CIA, propaganda for the weak-minded)

Donald Trump = 48 (Jesuit puppet, as all “presidents”)

Russia = 48

Belarus = 48

World War = 48

February = 48 (war started in February)

#StopPutin = 48 (first trending hashtag on Twitter)

Blue & Yellow = 48 (Ukrainian colors, but also the Jesuit colors!)

Mariupol = 48 (been a lot in the news, since it matches the numbers)

Let’s move on.


“Trump says Putin is ‘having a lot of trouble’ invading Ukraine because he thought it would be a ‘48-hour’ deal”

Look at that, a 48 in the headline and with Trump, whos’ name reduces to 48. And notice those single quotation marks, that is always important!

‘Having a lot of trouble’ = 223, the 48th prime number!

Donald Trump = 48


“Russia bombs 48 schools and a psychiatric hospital in recent days Ukraine officials say”

48 schools? What a coincidental number, wouldn’t you say. You know they love their ‘56’ hoax code, but did you know that 48 is ‘56’ in the Duodecimal system with a base of 12? Early English had a duodecimal counting system – which is why the “teens” start at thirteen, and eleven and twelve have non-derived names. And, when spelled out, ‘Forty-Eight’ is actually ‘56’ in Reverse Single Reduction. That’s gematria for you, the language of letters and numbers used by ‘the elites’ since the dawn of time.

Russia = 48

Bombs = 48

48 Schools = 56 = 48 in Duo (that’s actually a double ‘48’)

Forty-Eight = 56

“US warns Ukraine of full-scale invasion by Russia within 48 hours”

Within 48 hours, and most of that headline sums to 48…

US warns Ukraine = 48 (Chaldean)

Invasion by Russia = 48 (Chaldean)

Invasion = 48 (Jewish Reduction Cipher)

Russia = 48

48 Hours = 48


“Russia will ban Instagram in 48 hours”

Short and sweet, yet heavily coded.

Russia = 48

Instagram = 48

48 Hours = 48

Ban Instagram = 56 = 48 in Duodecimal


“Ukraine issues horror Chernobyl warning to Russia: ‘48 hours until nuclear disaster’”

Holy crap, that was 5 days ago. I guess that didn’t happen as well. Nice fear propaganda, you bastards. Still, it was done all by the numbers as all their fabricated “news.”

48 Hours = 48

Chernobyl = 48

Russia = 48


“SpaceX launches 48 Starlink satellites amid Ukraine crisis”

48 of them fake satellites? What a peculiar number. And ‘broadband Internet?’

Broadband = 56 = 48 in Duodecimal.

Internet = 48

Elon = 48 (Kabbalah ciphers)

Ukraine Crisis = 56 = 48 in Duo

Forty-Eight Satellites = 72 = 48 in Hexadecimal


“Volodymyr Zelensky: Director who made 10 movies with Ukraine’s leader describes working with him”

Director David Dodson, eh? That’s a clear 48. Heck, even his initials “DD” is 48.

David Dodson = 48 (also 666 in English Sumerian cipher)

Hollywood = 48

Propaganda = 48

DD = 48

Ten Movies = 48 (Jewish Reduction cipher)


And just look at all those people mentioned that happens to be 48-years-old.

This is just scratching the surface. And remember.

Propaganda = 48

Fake News = 48

Hoax = 48

~via Joachim Bartoll Official