DANE WIGINGTON: “Hurricane Manipulation: Weather Makers Exposed”

Climate engineering operations are the crown jewel of the military industrial complex. A quiet weapon for silent warfare. A weapon with which entire populations can be brought to their knees without ever even knowing they are under siege.

Is hiding the climate intervention programs from the public a top priority of the power structure? You decide.

If global populations were to discover that their governments were waging covert weather warfare, a shockwave would ripple around the world. The paradigm would shift. This 3 minute video provides evidence of hurricane manipulation.


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DANE WIGINGTON: “Graphene Skies?”

What aren’t we being told? Is the highly toxic and controversial element graphene being seeded into our skies as part of the ongoing covert climate intervention operations? Is climate modification the only motive behind the elements being utilized for atmospheric aerosol spraying programs? Are other agendas also being carried out? Do the weather makers and their controllers consider the consequences of their actions? Or is it possible that many of the consequences are, in fact, part of the agenda? Please review the attached 5 minute video report for input and answers.


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Photo by Ascension Avatar (2-27-2020)

“Unhappy Trails… Again”

RYAN CRISTIAN: “‘Scientists’ Now Want Lithium In Your Water” / “Lebanon’s 9/11 Being Ignored By The MSM, Why?”



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ADAM GREEN: “Beirut Explosion Caused by Israeli Missile?”



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Aside from the mispronounced ‘Johnson’ and ‘Mandela Effect’ theories… this video is actually quite revealing. The comment I’ve included below is a summation of the “Matrix of lies” and re-writing of history our wicked world controllers have been so reliant upon to fool the masses… but unfortunate for them, people are waking up fast…

“It exposes not just that Jackie killed JFK, but everyone who was involved in the assassination who helped and enabled her to do it and then covered up the truth afterwards. I seek to understand that world, the real world behind the false world that has been put up for us to believe in. Only the real world matters. The false world is just a mask to hide the real world. The false world is just a Matrix of lies that has been purposely created to conceal the real world hidden underneath. They provide the lies and each of us creates a false world consisting of those lies inside of our own minds. See beyond the lies to the truth. Imagine if you can, the power of those who live in the real world behind the Matrix. It is their secrecy and ability to hide behind an illusion that gives them all their power. Strip away the illusion and you strip away their power. The same can be said of 9-11. 9-11 could not have happened the way it did without a lot of people working together to make it happen/allow it to happen, including those who were present to document the event. The same people were involved in both. This exposes a very deep corruption that exists not only within the U.S. Government but also outside of the U.S. Government within the United States. It existed in 1963 to be able to kill JFK. It existed even stronger in 2001 to pull off the 9-11 scam. What is the nature of this corruption and how deep does it run? How many people who appear to be innocent are actually corrupt and are just putting on a show to fool the public? Forget the Mandela effect, which is just a concept created by the corrupt to confuse people and hide the truth. They will hide behind anything to keep people from seeing reality, and that reality is that some very bad, corrupt people are in control of the USA. Even as early as 1963 (and probably before) this was true. JFK was surrounded by snakes and did not know it until it was too late. His own wife, Jackie, was one of those snakes.”

~Commenter on YouTube video thread



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