‘AN ENTIRE GENERATION OF WOMEN ON BIRTH CONTROL’ ~ ReallyGraceful: “The Game’s Afoot” / Episode 2


Comments from the video thread:

“Doctors look at us as crazy when we tell them otherwise like we can’t read and research for ourselves.”

“This makes me feel so much better. I thought something was wrong with me because I couldn’t tolerate the pill. The symptoms are horrible.”

“There’s a reason, my dear, that you are seen as dangerous by the pharmaceutical companies and the doctors that push this agenda. You are not an idiot and I know you know why. Your channel is growing and people are listening to what you are saying. You do your research and don’t spread disinformation. I believe you genuinely care about your fellow man (and woman) and bring valuable information about many topics. Keep up the great work, Grace. You’re making a difference or no one would care so much.”

“You know you’re doing something right when the powers that be try to silence you for wrong think!”

“I started birth control in my early 20’s. Having been stable emotionally all of my life, I knew something was wrong when I started feeling enraged and crazy for no reason.”

“The pills made me crazy when I was a teenager, I would bash my head into the wall, I had uncontrollable rage…”

“I love this woman’s channel. She’s a first time mom too. Her delivery… calm, cool, collected… and then the velvet sledgehammer of truth.”

“If you are stupid enough to trust pharmaceutical companies or government regulators with your health, you’ve made your own bed.”

~via reallygraceful