‘MUST-SEE’ VIDEO! ~ “Human Cloning 2022 Narrated by Donald Marshall”

Don’t miss this video about the truth about clones and cloning, from the very knowledgable Donald Marshall, who himself had been cloned without his consent as a child. Some of the reference clips get a little drawn-out (such as the talk show excerpts) but be sure to view in its entirety.

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KIM GOGUEN & SUNNY GAULT: “Nov 4, 2022 News Update”

Join Sunny and the Field Messengers for the Real News! If you like Lisa Renee, don’t miss ‘Guardian’ Kim’s report on this one, as she talks about the importance of remembering we are all LIGHT ANCHORS for the planet that can transmute negative energies and change the ‘reality’ of the planet (this is why more and more Twin Flames are reuniting now, since their powerful love force creates a protective light shield which anchors in the ley lines and earth grids, capable of encompassing and healing the entire planet!). Kim mentions the futileness of ‘voting’ since the fraudulent voting system is the Negatives’ way of ‘stealing your consent’ for their always-selected, never-elected ‘talking-heads’. Also discussed is how our planet has more benevolent ET assistance than ever, especially through the November 5-12 time frame. Kim’s report begins @ 29:31 (simply tap markers shown at bottom of video to fast-track to desired segment).

0:00 Field Messenger Reports:
Homemade Dishwashing Powder
First Time Gardener
Song of Peace

12:17 Sunny Gault News Update:
Pakistan Protests
Brazil Election Protests
UN on Climate Change
UN rejects Biolab Probes
Russia National Unity
Ethiopia Peace Deal
Rare Earth Minerals are Not Rare
Israel Netanyahu Wins Election
Biden on Election Results
Fed Raises Interest Rate
Opioid – Pharmacy Lawsuits
Congress – Daylight Saving
Twitter Investors Revealed

29:31 Kimberly Goguen News Update


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KIM GOGUEN & SUNNY GAULT: “Nov 2, 2022 News Update”

Join Sunny and the Field Messengers for the Real News! Kim’s portion of the news segment begins @ 29:10 (simply tap the markers shown at bottom of video to fast-track and navigate to desired segment).

0:00 Field Messenger Reports:
Australia – Cleaning Waterways
Melbourne Roads
Harissa Recipe

8:36 Wellness Wednesday: Essential Oils for Insomnia

11:16 Sunny Gault News Update:
Saudi Arabia High Alert: Iran Ready to Attack?
Israel Netanyahu Back? – Netanyahu Exit Poll
Brazil Lula Defeats Bolsonaro
Foxconn China Deaths?
Shanghai Disney Visitors Trapped
Walensky COVID positive
Atlantic: Pandemic Amnesty
Malcolm X Acquittals
Pelosi Attack Charges
YouTube WHO Partnership
Twitter Blue Check
Elon Musk Halloween Costume

29:10 Kimberly Goguen News Update:
Police Protect Who?
Bloodline Families
Iran Boogeyman?
Project Lincoln Logs
and more…


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JAMES CORBETT w/ JAMES EVAN PILATO ~ New World Next Week: “Build Back Butter”

Welcome to New World Next Week the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:


“Why are ‘Smart Cities’ inhabited by stupid people?
I can’t watch this anymore. We are fucked. I get it. Enjoy every day.”

~Comment from the thread

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“A FINE CLONEMANCE” ~ Starring ‘Old Clonies’ Donald Trump & Vladimir Putin

“Putin is a genius. He’s wonderful. I know him very well. Very, very well.”

~Donald Trump, 2-23-2022


It is widely rumored that Donald Trump, after a 1980s visit with Vladimir Putin, returned to the U.S. as a clone. So just how many DJT clones are there or were there? Who knows. Well-known cloning center whistleblower Donald Marshall can’t stand any version of him, claims he stole an invention of his and fired a gun at him in attempts to kill him. Ah yes, the wonderful sold-out Illuminati born-and-bred controlled-opposition agent/political puppet Donald Trump. His wife Melania had allegedly come from similar shady origins, as a child-trafficked young “model” then MK-Ultra Beta sex slave. It has been mentioned through many sources that Donald actually met Melania through the trafficking sex ring services of none other than Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. As for Vladimir Putin, he was apparently killed in a plot by the CIA and MI6 and replaced with a body double who still leads Russia. His former wife Lyudmila Putin said this to a German newspaper in 2015:

“Unfortunately, my husband has been dead for a long time. I have to admit this publicly, because I can no longer see what is happening on his behalf. And then he completely disappeared. At night some people came to our house — I knew some of them, I saw some for the first time. They dug everything upside down, reviewed all the papers, knocked on all the walls in the house. They told me only one thing: “If you want to live, be silent.” All questions about my husband were briefly answered that he would come soon, that he had an important visiting conference and that in the interests of national security I should not discuss this with anyone. A few days later, his first body double appeared. Later I found out that the murder of Vladimir was being prepared ahead of time, he was eliminated when the first double was almost ready to take his place. Outwardly, of course, he was very similar to Putin — I was amazed. But this was a completely different person. These are terrible people. They will stop at nothing. I am afraid that now they will kill me and my daughters just as they killed him.”

~Lyudmila Putin

Read the full article here:

LYUDMILA PUTIN: “My Husband Has Been Dead For A Long Time” — Did The CIA (Central Israeli Agency) Kill Vladimir Putin And Replace Him With This ‘Chabad-Lubavitz’ Supremacy Cult Clone?

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