THE LIMITLESS MINDS: “They Radiate Negative Energy: 7 Basic Characteristics Of ‘Bad’ People”

Some people give out negative energy and we feel bad in their presence, so we can call them ‘toxic’. These are the seven basic signs that warn us of those people which are best to avoid.

1.Nothing you ever say or do is good enough. Sounds familiar?

2. They have the urge to point out even the slightest mistake because they think that everything has to be perfect. Who gave them that right?

3. They are always mentioning your past and don’t let you change. It’s really low and manipulative.

4. They will do anything to make you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. After you part ways you feel exhausted, dull and impassive. They don’t care about your feelings, and they feel well when you don’t. It’s an obvious sign of psychic vampirism.

5. They always criticize everything, they want to be in control and don’t think of other people’s needs. This gives out their emotional stillness that sucks energy out from other people.

6.They invade your personal space and they never accept ‘no’ for an answer. Immediately put an end to such a behavior without any excuses.

7.  Their needs, thoughts and feelings have to be the center of attention. Does it ring a bell?