LISA RENEE on “Defeating the 9D AI Machinery Kronos”

Melchizedek Logos Universal Ankh Body (art by Sequoia) / Elaysa Melchizedek (art by Elizabeth)

AI Sentinel Program Kronos is identified as the 9D master AI Alien Machinery used to reinforce the Checkerboard Mutation and the Wall in Time that was used to build the Nibiruian NET’s in order to trap the Melchizedek Logos, thus preventing the return of Elaysa-Melchizedek, the Emerald Order Universal Logos principle of our Universal Time Matrix. The third stage of the Cosmic Dragon Awakening during the Summer Solstice of 2022 addressed the ancient 9D Essene Tribe Tibetan Buddhist gateways being controlled by Nibiruian NET’s in the Wall in Time, that were being administered by the top levels of the 9D AI Machinery program Kronos. Further, this 9D AI Machinery Kronos was functioning as the master control programming for the multidimensional systems of Sextant Matrix and Fallen Angelic Timekeeper mechanisms that are used by the NAA for the management and manipulation of timelines. Segments of this master AI control system were being administrated by the highest level Thubanites in the Draco constellation and their subordinate AI hybrid factions of the Orion Group located in Orion’s Belt. The victorious event of defeating the 9D AI Machinery and enforcing NETs in NibiruWormwood finally freed the original Universal Melchizedek Logos in his Maharaji Blue Crystal Human body, which began the series of actions required for the emergence of Elaysa-Melchizedek and the Elaysian Sun. The Cosmic Twinned Universal Melchizedek Suns are the organic consciousness Divine Counterparts and the original God Parents that created the Threefold Founder Flames of the Solar Rishi that make up this Universal Time Matrix. As the victory of the release of the Melchizedek Logos from his bondage in these distorted NETS has finally come to an end, the Melchizedek Deception and their Cloned Identities used to power up the Anti-Human Agendas will no longer be made possible. The Maharaji Sirius B lineages have reached the momentous event of restoring their Universal Melchizedek Logos in the Milky Way, and the spiritual realization of eons of painful strife and toil that has brought the victory of God’s truth in the light!”

~Lisa Renee

~via Orion’s Belt / Melchizedek Logos