ONNABUGEISHA Gives ‘The Rockefellers’ UFO Disinfodouche’ Steven Greer a ‘Happy Birthday’ Greeting…

“The Rockefellers’ UFO disinfodouche Steven Greer, born 28 June 1955, reaches the age of 66 years and 6 days (666) on the Fourth of July. So having UFOs appear in the sky that day would have been a nice Satanic Birthday present for the little guy. Happy birthday, Jacka$$!”


P.S. “To understand why Greer is such a disgusting douche, read The UFO/ET Con.”

~via RedefiningGod.com

RT NEWS: “Have The Men In Black ‘Got To’ Trump?”

Or maybe it’s mind-control from NAA sickos ‘Galactic Federation’ and ‘Ashtar Command’?


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The Truth…Isn’t Out There? Trump Had Meeting On UFOs But ‘Doesn’t Believe’ In Them


~via DavidIcke.com