MUSIC FOR THE MOMENT ~ “Calling You” (Triple Play)

Only 5 minutes into the movie Bagdad Cafe (1987) which I’ve never seen (it’s on pause)… I remember this song I’ve always liked…

Jevetta Steele’s original soundtrack version…

Barbra Streisand’s version…

And the songwriter’s version (Bob Telson)… 




ASCENSION AVATAR: “Walking In The Shade… Merging With The 5th Dimension” (Slow-Motion)

When I made this video I was still unaware the ‘5th Dimension’ is actually the completely hijacked False Ascension Matrix! But really, I was just ‘tuning in’ to my Higher Self… 🙂



ENERGETIC SYNTHESIS: “Crickets by the Creek — Relaxing Meditation Sounds — Tibetan Bowls”


This video is intended to aid in your own daily meditations.

Relaxing music and sounds intended to aid meditation.

Sit beside a creek, listen to the water flow, with some toning bowls and low key strings to help de-stress. Loop it and leave it playing in the background. My plants love it. It’s also great to help with sleep.

The music is designed to create inner peace, release tension and residual emotions.


Music, pictures and video by Tomás F Calvo.



ASCENSION AVATAR: “Doing A Folk Dance With Some Cool Rays…” (Fast-Motion)


Recorded August 31, 2015 – Just having fun with light. I have no idea what this singer is saying, so I hope there are no Spanish language ‘Parental Advisory’ violations here! 😁