JAMES CORBETT: “Exploring the Oxford-AstraZeneca Eugenics Links” — with Whitney Webb

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Even some in the independent media have bought into the hype surrounding the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID vaccine and its “non-profit” nature. But once you peel back the layers of obfuscation you quickly find not only the profit motive hiding underneath, but the dark specter of eugenics. Whitney Webb of Unlimited Hangout joins us to discuss her recent article, “Developers of Oxford-AstraZeneca Vaccine Tied to UK Eugenics Movement.”



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Above photo: ‘COVID-19’ vaccine recipient Shawn Skelton as she convulses in an Indiana hospital. She posted this photo on her Facebook page. Benjamin Fulford proved “COVID-19” is a registered trademark name virus by the satanic Rothschild family, years before this manufactured ‘virus’ was unleashed upon the masses (actual virus or not). It stands for “Certificate Of Vaccination ID 2019“.


Video 1: Nurse Passes Out on Live TV After Being Injected With COVID-19 Vaccine



Videos 2-3: Woman Warns Others Not to Get Moderna Experimental COVID Vaccine — Posts Video of Herself (and Her Tongue) — Convulsing



Videos 4-10: COVID Vaccine Reaction Videos January 2021



‘JENNIFER’ THINKS SHE GOT COVID FROM ‘THE TEST’ ~ “After COVID Test, My Symptoms Took A Drastic Turn For The Worst”

By Jennifer

For months I have been working overtime — exhausted, I was always on the verge of getting sick with a flu of some sort — so I would double down on vitamins and just limped along — preventing a full blown flu.

I decided to get some general overall blood tests in December 2020 — just to check.

My blood tests came back good except that my thyroid and adrenals were off a bit. I had classic burnout.

Then in early January 2021, a close friend got very sick and was diagnosed with COVID and my Naturalistic Doctor really insisted that I take the COVID test too.

Now I had heard the COVID test were not reliable and that the COVID test could be tainted.

But my Doctor is also an Anti-Vaxxer and she assured me that her COVID Tests were safe and that I could swab my nose myself and that I did not have to stuff it all the way to the back of my brain.

Under extreme pressure and my Doctor telling me that unless I got the test she would not see me again nor could I come back to her clinic — I caved and took the COVID Test. I lightly swabbed both nostrils about an inch in.

About a week after my COVID Test. My symptoms took a drastic turn for the worse and I lost my sense of smell and my sinuses become inflamed and just will not heal.

In hindsight, what I found odd is that the COVID Test Q-Tip was in a vial in a wet solution. I did not put a dry Q-Tip in my nose it had some moist solution on it.

What was in the solution?

I think I got some sort of toxic COVID bioweapon from the COVID Test. Even though my doctor thinks it is safe COVID Test. How would she really know — she does not know. My doctor doesn’t make the COVID test kits. She, like everyone else is just relying on someone else — that they think they can trust. It is insane.

Right after I did the COVID test, I asked for an alcohol wipe — and I wiped both nostrils — but whatever it was, it absorbed right into my body.

This COVID thing I have is not like a regular flu where your nose is stuffy then you have a temperature and then you blow your nose — get everything out then heal.

My nose is just swollen and inflamed but nothing to blow out. My temperature goes up and down — start to feel better then feel like crap.

My friend is also still sick. He met people at a special COVID treatment clinic, they have been sick for 2 months, NO improvement.

Did your hear the video from COVID bioweapon exposer Celeste Solum? She said — once tagged by the COVID Test or Vaccine, this COVID Bio weapon slowly destroys people and they do not get well. Solum said probably not all COVID Tests are tainted — only some.

I am so mad at myself for getting tricked into taking that COVID test — and I should have known better — but what threw me off is the fact that my doctor is an anti-vaxxer — Now I am thinking “They” are sure to know that — she is probably targeted — she goes to protests with Robert Kennedy Jr. the big anti-VAXXER. So “They” have probably targeted her — Ug : ((((



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JAMES CORBETT: “Dancing for Doctors!”

From the 4th Annual Fake News Awards, a commercial for a product that will help doctors with their most important struggle during these difficult times: improving their TikTok dance routines.



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HENRY MAKOW: “Adverse COVID Vaccine Reactions Are Being Hushed Up”

Since the mass media have betrayed us to Big Pharma, we must rely on anecdotal evidence that taking the COVID vaccines is very risky. Here are two reports sent by readers.

From a reader who works in a nursing home:


“Someone I know personally has a friend who works in a large hospital in a Democrat state in the US. This hospital employee was convinced by a doctor at the hospital that the vaccine would be safe for people like themselves with no severe allergies or medical conditions and has scheduled an appointment to be vaccinated the same week.

“A couple days later the same doctor approached this person and said to forget everything that was said about the vaccine being safe and not to take it under any circumstances. Apparently several employees at that hospital had died shortly after being vaccinated, in addition to others that had non-fatal reactions of varying severity. According to this doctor, the US government does not want any of this reported and it is being hushed up.


(Google, DDG suppressing this image)


“Seeing as two people died and four people got Bell’s Palsy in the Pfizer trial and it was deemed to be unrelated to the vaccine, this doesn’t surprise me at all. There are a few vaccine-related deaths reported in Israel, but I don’t expect to hear about this in the mainstream news in North America. Likely all we will get is more anecdotes like this.

“Almost nobody at my workplace is willing to take the vaccine. One manager claims to have had it and I am aware of three employees who say they are going to take it but everyone else is refusing. In the coming weeks, the government is supposed to vaccinate the residents with the Moderna vaccine.

“I think that healthcare workers might actually be one of the least willing groups to take this vaccine because at the very least they understand the basic idea that drugs and vaccines need to be tested for safety and not only were these COVID vaccines not properly tested. The Pfizer and Moderna ones are using new technology which has never been approved before.

“People who believe in the mainstream news and politicians might think that adverse reactions are only a rare occurrence, but in reality we only have a glimpse of what happens immediately after being vaccinated and no idea of the long term effects.”




From Marcella Piper-Terry Tuesday on Facebook at 12:50 PM:


Karl D—– is a frontline healthcare worker who “did his own research” and decided to get the COVID vaccine. This is what his wife, Jennifer, wants you to know about their experience…


“The last 8 days have been incredibly challenging. I had little interest in sharing the details of our lives publicly but through our experience, it has become clear that information to help those suffering from the COVID Vaccine is minimal.

“Public groups to share experiences with the vaccine have been actively deleting posts describing my husbands experience as it doesn’t follow the message they want you to hear.

“Before jumping in, I’d like clarify that my husband is a frontline worker in healthcare and has been serving his community in various ways for 10+ years. I’d also like to say thank you to every single individual who has reached out to my husband and I to offer comfort and support. We appreciate you.

“On December 26th my husband received the Moderna COVID Vaccine. Shortly after, he developed a slight fever and general exhaustion. The following day came with incredible challenges that resulted in my husband being bedridden. Whole body exhaustion, incredibly high fevers, chills, headaches, nausea. He could barely pick his arm up…


(Do you suppose we’re being conned?)


“Enter Monday, 12/28. On 1,000mg of Tylenol and 800mg of Motrin (ibuprofen) he was throwing temperatures higher than 104. I brought him to a local emergency room where he was told to treat his symptoms like Covid until proven otherwise… they gave him IV fluids and sent him on his way…

“While waiting for his ultimately negative results (he does not have COVID) I called numerous urgent care centers who refused to see him, on-call doctors for ECHN who refused to provide medical advice over the phone to an ECHN patient (isn’t that their job?!

“Said doctor also informed me 104 fevers were not dangerous and the ice packs and cold cloths we were placing on his body were “only going to make me feel better and won’t do anything for him”.)

“We were left alone with minimal guidance from professionals in the field my husband has been working in for over a decade…

“You may be thinking, why didn’t you call the vaccine hotline? We did. It was our first call. They picked up and said to report symptoms online for tracking purposes and then hung up. There was no guidance for treatment, no recommendations for who to seek help from… nothing more than “I hope you feel better”.


“Fast forward a bit. Symptoms continued to worsen and I ultimately brought him to a private highly-regarded emergency room in Hartford CT for further care. Without sharing specifics, I’ll share that my husband was and continues to be so incredibly ill, the hospital has been testing every potential cause for his symptoms which has included 20+ tests and counting: – Countless X-rays, – Multiple Ultrasounds, – Spinal taps for meningitis, and – Regular ongoing blood work for blood bacteria, to name a few.

“Doctors and nurses from Infectious Disease have been consulting with each other to try and best identify potential trial treatments to see what works and what doesn’t. For now, he’s been given anti-bacterial medication in an attempt to relieve his symptoms.

“My husband after four days still remains in the hands of caring, interested and well researched professionals who are the ONLY professionals who have taken a general interest in helping, researching and trying.

“At the end of the day, I am beyond thankful for this private Hartford based hospital but am very concerned about how little is being shared in regards to COVID vaccine symptoms and their severity. Two days ago I saw a big push to get the vaccine on the news with a tempting promise of a “normal fall” if we all get vaccinated… please take our experiences into consideration as you decide what is best for you and your family.

“And if you’ve taken some time out of your day to read through this, please SHARE. There is little information available for those suffering. And if for any reason you become increasingly ill, please seek help from the best hospital you can as soon as you can.

“If you have any questions regarding my husband, his experience or mine, please reach out. I want you to be armed with information about ALL side effects from the vaccine so you can make the best decisions for you and your families.

“With every wish that you and yours stay safe and well, Jen.”


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