JUSTICE BELLUCCI: “How To Find Your Discernment” (Double-Play)

Justice explains how to find Discernment through activating your heart chakra. We are in the middle of a Spiritual War over our Consciousness and DISCERNMENT is Key in order to Ascend.

Video 1:

For best quality playback, click the settings icon and select the 720p option in ‘Quality’ settings.

Video 2:

Scroll to bottom right of video to unmute. Please note that with Instagram — to watch a video uninterrupted — you must not attempt to scroll the page or click a link. Once you do, the video will cease playback and the page will reload! So — once you have the video playing in full view on the page — leave the page alone let the video play! This is a good one!

~via Justice Bellucci / Justice Christ


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