LISA RENEE on “White Horse Stargate”

Photography: “White Horse” by Ascension Avatar

“The reclamation of the Christos Mission serving the return of the Emerald Order, continues onward. There has been a major exodus occurring in many of the dimensional fields impacted by astral reconstruction, as massive amounts of souls are being moved, and this has involved a lot of activity of negotiating, transiting, and clearing of assorted karmic-miasmatic debris in the collective consciousness. This is heavily involved in the ongoing gridwork to prepare for the complete anchoring of King Arthur’s divine counterpart Merida-Guinevere-Brigid, as a type of cosmic celebration is transpiring already in some of the higher dimensions that herald the return of Universal Rod and Staff holder, to reunite the Universal Rose Lines and end the War over the Roses. The Albion holds the most important key in comprehending the purpose of human consciousness evolution and spiritual Ascension in order to become an initiated Cosmic Christ, anointed by the Holy Father and Holy Mother in order to express their divine will and be embodied as God-Sovereign-Free. The knowledge and alchemy held within the Albion’s alembic chamber to co-create the Cosmic Christos intelligence via Rainbow Rounds of liquid plasma light, is the key in understanding humanity’s divine purpose and ultimate mission upon the Earth. From the first levels of recon available at the Vale of Pewsey near Avebury, Stonehenge and the Eight White Horses, it appeared that the 19th dimension is where Elaysa-Melchizedek and many other Emerald Order Azurite Ascended Masters were trapped and frozen in place, as their body parts were strewn across the Universe and hijacked by assorted AI networks and NAA entities. This began the phase of expanding into the next dimensional triad in the Vale of Pewsey, White Horse Stargate and Alhambra Palace that brought in the Hara Krysta Chamber, which is required for correct vertical to horizontal integration of the dark matter template instruction sets of the Rashala tri-matrix in order to gain access to the eternal spirit body, known as Eire-Adonis. In order to host their triple solar female rishic consciousness (Solar Reisha) and Elaysa-Melchizedek Mother on the planet it required the opening of 19D-20D-21D. To reseat the Emerald Order Holy Father King Arthur with his beloved counterpart White Sun Dragon Queen Merida-Guinevere in the Albion, the 11D dragon templar controls located in Thuban and underneath the island of Malta would need to be returned to the Emerald Founders. Followed by evictions in the underground caverns in the island of Malta and Vatican, then into the land of the Eight White Horses in Wiltshire, England and under the holy lakes in Bam Tso, Tibet and Aral Sea, Central Asia. This placed the highlight upon the Vale of Pewsey, where the Tri-Matrix of the Cathar solar coding for the coronasphere was anchored, and there was another expansion into the next complete triad of the harmonic universe that unlocked and extended out into 19D, 20D and 21D. The expansion into these three new bands of Cosmic God Source field creation have now been integrated within our Universal Time Matrix, which allows direct contact and communication from many of our Kristos spiritual families that reside within several different creation matrices located in the God Worlds. As many of us may be sensing, the transmission of the intergalactic plasma waves from the Source field into the Grail point and the Planetary Stargates, is greatly accelerating now. The planet’s lowest density dimensional frequency bands and their energy vortices are gradually rolling up and dissolving into the Grail point. As the energetic contents that had existed in the lower three dimensions changes its location and frequency level, it is reconfigured or it is processing through the Grail point. The Grail point in our personal body resonates with the sexual organs and sacral areas, and it holds the unprocessed content of our Pain Body. This is similar to saying this cycle constitutes the separation of the wheat from the chaff, as the debris or lower energetic constructs in our pain body and unconscious mind are being dissolved, then harmonized, and what remains is shifting with us into the next Harmonic Universe. Thus, we are given by divine right the ability to grow the liquid light plasmas of the sophianic flower gardens of every variety, roses of every hue, from out of the Holy Grail Cup that exists within our baptized loving heart, purified sex, and prepared mind and body dedicated to serve God. It is said that our minds are carried upon wind horse, the vital energy of life. Wind also refers to inner wind, as in Windhorse which are similar to Chi or Prana forces. Thus, sacred breath wings flowing through our anointed lungs are purging out the shadow imposters and are replacing all that was distorted and inverted from anti-life black sun formations, filling our body with the vital essences of organic life force. And now we are blessed with the Starry Night Dark Firmament which appears as vast night skies holding the time-space fabric together between all of the cosmic constellations of star essences; the sun star maps of the cosmos that are all found here and are being linked in the Albion Lightbody. The Celts and Druids left their knowledge and wisdom in the stone circles they built for this purpose, to retain the original language and codes of the Essenes, for those that would need them to awaken the Albion in the future. These are the direct Christos lineages and vernacular of the Hierogamic coupling of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere, in which the seed of the Celtic language and its related dialects activate the cellular memory of the Diamond Sun genetics and the archetypal Christos-Sophia forces rising into this area. The awakening Albion and Rise of Arthur to find his beloved counterpart, the Triple Solar Goddess Queen Guinevere (Brigid), Meri-Scotia and Mary Sophia, informs us how humanity was seeded here from the stars in twin aspects, and why the divine mind of God has chosen to express in this manner. For the Essenes, Christos Templars, all of the Christos people, our true heroes are found in the King and Queen archetypes of our past. Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, Michael and Mary, King Arthur and Queen Guinevere. The Cosmic Elohei Rose Grail lines are joyous in the sacred marriage crowning of King Arthur and Meri-Guinevere-Brigid, which brings on the restoration of universal knowledge that can be transmitted to the matter realm. This year’s Paliadorian Activations have been especially relevant to the Maji Grail King Arthur Timeline, as those in his team were the last of the Christos Essene Templar representatives on earth that had direct knowledge of the Arc technologies to open Stargates. Many of these Krystic beings are Starseeds and Indigos that came to earth, to remember to do this geomantic work, and to anchor cosmic energies on the planet at the end of the Ascension Cycle. However, with the Pillar of Power activation, which includes the inner Rod and Staff lightbody configuration of perfect inner male-female balance, comes the living consciousness potentials of the Godhead that is embodied during Krystic Hierogamic Union, in which the outer Arc tools are no longer necessary. Further, the Cosmic Mother can travel unhampered through the Pillars of Cosmic Grace, in which her holy spirit emanations from her Cosmic Womb transmit healing and reconfiguration to all grail structures, from macrocosm to microcosm. The microcosm grail in a human body is our sexual centers and gender principle functions, in which all of the human body parts are designed and organized in either a male or female principle that seeks to be unified and made whole. The Albion Lightbody is the Diamond Sun template of humanity’s world soul from Tara as the Christos incarnate masculine-feminine identity, and it holds the instruction set of the Paliadorian Covenant which is the future record and destiny of all humankind to return back to their original spiritual home.”

~Lisa Renee

~via Reseating King Arthur and Queen Guinevere / Elaysa-Melchizedek / Planetary Gates / Planetary Stargates / Krystal Star / 19D, 20D and 21D


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