KIM GOGUEN & SUNNY GAULT: “Jan 2, 2023 Full Situation Report”

Join Sunny and the Field Messengers for The Real News! Kim’s report begins @ 38:40. She talks about the physical health consequences of “The Jabs”, the fall of “private corporations” such as the Federal Reserve and the Military, and the failing fight for control between the Order of the Black Suns and the Black Dragon families. She finishes up her report on our current ascension process — and progress!

“Talking about ascension — so the ascension process essentially was completed by last weekend, just a couple of days ago — 24 hours ago. What does that mean? That means that there was enough of the DARK essence on the planet earth, GONE. Your energy field will be able to speed up and you’ll start that connection with our Creator more and more. That’s what it means. We (Guardians) are not going to ascend you. That’s your job. We have done our part in cleaning and clearing out all the damage that had been done over thousands of years. That was our job. It is your job to do the work. Now, if you still have emotional wounds and things like that, that can also hinder you. You have belief systems of how you think things are going to happen, how you think you’re going to get paid, how you think your projects are gonna go, how the world should be structured, and it’s not going your way, and you’re getting angry — you’re stopping your own process, because you’re not having faith. The Creator’s plan is ‘The Plan’. I am just a small part of that, that’s it. And so are you. We have to do ‘The Plan’. If you don’t do ‘The Plan’, things go horribly awry, and that prevents you from fully being able to travel back and forth between third density and ninth density. You can do that at any time, and come right back. For myself, it’s almost like having one foot here and one foot there — so I can look ‘there’ and I can look ‘here’. It’s like, standing between your dining room and your dining room — you’ve got one foot in each, and you can see what’s going on in the living room and you can see what’s going on in the living room — but you’re not ‘officially’ in either place. The planet is also ascending, itself. So it’s cleaner, it’s clearer, the connections are better, the planes of existence are all moving around. It’s gonna speed up and get faster and faster and faster so all of it’s coming together in perfect timing.”

~Kim Goguen, The Office of the Guardian

~via United Network News (UNN)

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