LISA RENEE on “Artificial Imposter Identities Being Used as a Holographic Mask to Manipulate Groups of People”

Many people are unaware of how to test the energies of cloned or false identities and their messaging. Previously, this has been referred to as dark entity manipulation using red cube clone imposters false or cloned identities that have been projected through AI machinery, which is used as spiritual warfare against the awakening population to fracture their minds through imagined or imaginary scenarios that are believed to be real. That shadow content also includes false identities of the ego mechanism and false identities of the artificial intelligence projections of false-light holograms sent by anti-human forces as spiritual warfare. This is an extension of MK-Ultra based targeting of the awakening population to be derailed into consciousness traps, using many tactics of information warfare, psychological warfare and spiritual warfare. Because in this fractured state, we are vulnerable to the sophisticated and advanced levels of mind control technology being targeted to humanity, which includes an assortment of red wave weaponry and artificial cloned holograms which further run victim-victimizer mind control. Most people at a lower stage of embodiment are not able to handle interaction with other identities from different timelines, because they are unable to distinguish the real identity from the artificial imposter identity being used as a holographic mask to manipulate and use groups of people. If we don’t understand what we’re processing, and we’re exposed to something or we don’t understand what we’re looking at or what is expressing through us, we can become confused and easily manipulated as our original intentions are hijacked. If we are fixated on an identity, that means we’re being attached to an egoic personality, and we’ve got to learn to go inside into our heart and develop the direct relationship with God, the direct relationship with ourselves, and hold observer in order to discern energy signatures. It is extremely critical to have discernment of these forces at this time. Learn how to observe, master your mind, master your connection to your inner God Spirit what is artificial and what is natural, does it have manipulation signature? What it does inform us is that we are internally directed, and we are connected to our spirit, to God, without an intermediary, and that means removing false identities, cloned identities and false Gods that steal our power away from achieving personal autonomy and spiritual self-sovereignty.”

~Lisa Renee

~via Pitfalls of Artificial or Cloned Identities


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