KIM GOGUEN & SUNNY GAULT: “Nov 16, 2022 News Update”

Time for the Real News! For those who need to hear it AGAIN, Kim reminds us that Black Suns political puppets Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are both DEAD (Trump dead 2 years, Putin dead 7), yet the deep state keeps “parading around dead people” for illusions of control and power to further their agendas (I posted related article links at the bottom of page). I love Kim’s statement to the collapsing cabal in this video: “You CAN’T fight God’s Will and you can’t fight Nature. Nature always wins.”



From Benjamin Fulford

‘PRESIDENT WITH TWO FACES’ ~ Benjamin Fulford on Donald Trump’s Skin Cancer & Clone Double

From dead Putin’s former wife Lyudmila…

LYUDMILA PUTIN: “My Husband Has Been Dead For A Long Time” — Did The CIA (Central Israeli Agency) Kill Vladimir Putin And Replace Him With This ‘Chabad-Lubavitz’ Supremacy Cult Clone?

~via United Network News (UNN)


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