KIM GOGUEN & SUNNY GAULT: “Nov 2, 2022 News Update”

Join Sunny and the Field Messengers for the Real News! Kim’s portion of the news segment begins @ 29:10 (simply tap the markers shown at bottom of video to fast-track and navigate to desired segment).

0:00 Field Messenger Reports:
Australia – Cleaning Waterways
Melbourne Roads
Harissa Recipe

8:36 Wellness Wednesday: Essential Oils for Insomnia

11:16 Sunny Gault News Update:
Saudi Arabia High Alert: Iran Ready to Attack?
Israel Netanyahu Back? – Netanyahu Exit Poll
Brazil Lula Defeats Bolsonaro
Foxconn China Deaths?
Shanghai Disney Visitors Trapped
Walensky COVID positive
Atlantic: Pandemic Amnesty
Malcolm X Acquittals
Pelosi Attack Charges
YouTube WHO Partnership
Twitter Blue Check
Elon Musk Halloween Costume

29:10 Kimberly Goguen News Update:
Police Protect Who?
Bloodline Families
Iran Boogeyman?
Project Lincoln Logs
and more…


~via United Network News (UNN)


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